BFQuest - Starflare Stats

Nov 27th, 2012
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  1. Sword-Class Frigate "Starflare"
  3. >Stats
  4. Command: 35 [+5 for battlefield heroics]
  5. Navigation: 35 [+25 Warp travel for Experienced Navigator]
  6. Tactical: 35
  7. Perception: 35 [+5 for Augur Array]
  8. Engineering: 35 [+20 for Elderly Techpriest]
  10. >Weaponry
  11. Dorsal: 2x Sunsear Laser Battery (Long-ranged and powerful, but power-hungry. Reliable.)
  12. Turret Rating: 2
  14. >Critical Components
  15. Bridge type: Combat Bridge (Laid out and equipped with combat in mind. +10 to repair as long as undamaged.)
  16. Plasma Drive: Jovian-pattern Class 2 (Standard plasma drive for frigate-class vessels.)
  17. Warp Drive: Strelov 1 Warp Engine (Standard Imperial warp drive.)
  18. Gellar Field: Mars Class 1 (STC-pattern gellar field. The baseline Imperial gellar field.)
  19. Void Shield: Mars-Pattern Void Shield (STC-pattern void shield. The baseline Imperial void shield.)
  20. Vitae-pattern Life sustainer: Standard life support unit.
  21. Augers: Deep Void Auger Array (Best sensors in the Imperium. +10 to ship's Detection.)
  22. Voidsmens QUarters: Standard Voidsmens quarters.
  24. >Supplemental Components:
  25. Extended Supply Vaults: Allows for greater time between resupply.
  26. Reinforced bulkheads: Reduces damage to the hull.
  27. Reinforced Prow: Not a true armored prow, it still provides a measure of protection to the fore of the ship. Deals extra damage when ramming.
  29. >Past History: Vessel of the Fleet
  30. A proper Battlefleet warship is measured by far more than the strength of its guns. Though accuracy is appreciated in the Imperial Navy, obedience, discipline, and honour are watchwords prized above all else. The Imperial Navy perseveres and triumphs over its enemies through its adherence to duty and tradition, and this ethos is said to be absorbed by the very fibre of the ships they serve aboard. (+10 to command tests, may make a Challenging command test to ignor effects of being crippled.)
  32. >Complication: Wrothful
  33. The ship’s spirit constantly smoulders with anger. In battle, it explodes into a berserker fury, straining and exhausting its systems. During combat, the ship gains +1 Speed and +7 Manoeuvrability. Out of combat, the ship suffers -1 Speed and -5 to Manoeuvrability and Detection.
  35. >Biography
  36. The Starflare is a relatively young ship, built in the shipyards of Ferrum Tridentus a quarter-century ago. Commissioned as part of Battlefleet Victorum's rebuilding following its losses in the Peripheral Wars, it was part of a batch of new, long-range patrol vessels built to meet Victorum's new deployment strategy. Aggressive, far-ranging patrols led by vessels like Starflare were intended to alert the Imperium to emerging threats and destroy them, while more traditional warships would act as a mobile reserve and continue standard Naval duties. Despite a series of setbacks, particularly the loss of the Starflare's sister vessels Brander and Daggerblade to Dark Eldar raiders, it appears that the strategy is sound, and more vessels of the Starflare's design are being built.
  38. In its time with the Navy, the Starflare has seen more than its fair share of battle, and has always emerged victorious. She has a reputation as a "lucky" ship, surviving battles that should have destroyed her and taking down targets many times her size. Among her many battle honors is the destruction of the Wildstorm's Blade, an infamous pirate reaver that was the target of a year-long hunt amidst the dense nebulae of the Cliffs of Roland, and the recapture of the Pilgrim of Terra from Eldar corsairs that had sought to use the vessel in some devastating attack against a fledgling colony world. Most recently, the Starflare has been sent into the depths of the Mylas Cloud to investigate reports of increased Ork raids, as well as escort a convoy of troop ships to the world of Oxydas 9.
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