shitty cuck poetry

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  1. His wife doesn’t know how he fucks me so proudly;
  2. She thinks he’ll be out all night long with the boys.
  3. Her neighbour am I, but by no means her equal
  4. As proven by all of this sweat and this noise.
  6. He thrusts with such force; I can’t help but cry loudly
  7. Which wakes the young cuck who was sleeping next door.
  8. She comes to her window – I know that my peak will
  9. Be better than anything she’s got before.
  11. Denial and shock have become her expression;
  12. Depression, obsession, and watering eyes.
  13. Her worthlessness, hopelessness, wholly disheartened;
  14. My body, with no hesitation, replies.
  16. I scream and I writhe; this long-drawn-out session
  17. Has brought me excitement I cannot believe.
  18. With each heavy thrust this stud tears me apart and
  19. With each second more does his cuckquean aggrieve.
  21. She knows that I’m better: by now could you really
  22. Convince yourself this wouldn’t happen again?
  23. His cum flows inside me, so thick and fulfilling;
  24. I’ll have to make sure I get more now and then.
  26. I lean up, I kiss him, I tell him sincerely,
  27. I’m glad that she saw him give all of his best.
  28. He opens his eyes nice and wide, shame instilling,
  29. And hurriedly leaves me to pleasèdly rest.
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