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  1. I have these roles defined:
  3. <?php
  4. return array(
  5.     'sponsor'=> array(
  6.         'sponsor_home',
  7.         'sponsor_dashboard',
  8.     ),
  9.         'guest'=> array(
  10.                 'login',
  11.                 'login/authenticate',
  12.                 'sponsor_login',
  13.                 'sponsor_login/authenticate'
  14.         ),
  15.         'users' => array(
  16.                 'home',
  17.                 'dashboard',
  18.                 'dashboard/default',
  19.         )
  20. );
  22. When I set $userRole = 'guest'; and when I call sponsor_login, I was able to see login page. But when I changed $userRole = 'sponsor' and called same sponsor_login page, page says The page isn't redirecting properly. What's wrong here. As per my requirement. It should be redirected to sponsor_home page. Could you please suggest something.
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