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Jul 30th, 2020
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  1. -
  2. RDPWraper
  3. Easy and automatic termsrv.dll patcher for Windows 10 1909 version 18363.959 - with updated ini file. To install First make an exception in Windows Defender and your antivirus for the executables and dll (IT WILL PICK IT UP) then make a "RDP Wrapper" directory in Program Files, Copy all those files inside then disconnect internet and in Command Prompt window execute "RDPWinst.exe -i"
  5. The goal of this project is to enable Remote Desktop Host support and concurrent RDP sessions on reduced functionality systems for home usage.
  6. RDP Wrapper works as a layer between Service Control Manager and Terminal Services, so the original termsrv.dll file remains untouched. Also this method is very strong against Windows Update.
  8. Executables were taken from and were in no case altered / modified: you can verify yourself, I am not trying to infect you.
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