Henric and Alex Part VI (v1.3)

Feb 3rd, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, non-consensual fingering
  2. Special thanks to anonymous for the idea that I’ve turned into mint-moss.
  5. Sir Henric slept in, and his squire was happy to abandon him.
  7. Alex would have wanted to sleep as well, but if it came between sleeping in the same room as Henric or being outside in the cold alone, she'd choose lonesomeness.
  9. The air around the barracks was cold enough to turn Alex’ ears and nose red and damp enough to make her short hair frizz and stick out in every direction. She wiped her nose often on her sleeve when she took breaks from slashing her wooden practice sword at one of the dummies. She always imagined that it was Henric now, but couldn’t bring herself to imagine truly slaying him after all the blood she had seen at the cave.
  11. She chose instead to imagine that she was pummeling him with the wooden sword. It was a happy fantasy. More even than hurting his body, she came to wish that he would see the world through her eyes and understand how he made her feel. She thought: If any good person realized that they had made someone feel the way he makes me feel, they would stop. But he wasn't a good person, and she didn't know for sure how he'd react if he knew her feelings.
  13. “Alex!” Came Sir Cyrus’ deep voice from across the field. She was certain that the sound was muffled by all the water in the air, and she turned to look at him.
  15. “Yes, sir?” She called back respectfully, jogging toward the older man and his squire Glenn. Sir Cyrus was a war hero known by most citizens, and was well-liked and respected by every knight. Was the sort of person who never seemed real when you heard stories about him, who lived his life like the protagonist of some story, except that he was completely real. Alex was fuzzy on what the specific accomplishments of Cyrus' career had been, but she knew he'd been involved in the slaying of at least one evil dragon.
  17. What was more remarkable about him than his military record was that he seemed to Alex to be a genuinely kind person. He wasn't sick, he wasn't boring, he wasn't mean. He was nice to everyone, and he was the man she wanted to be when she grew up. Everyone liked him.
  19. Except Henric of course--Henric hated Cyrus on principle and had tried to impress upon Alex that the old man was nothing but a phony who craved attention.
  21. “Where is your knight, boy?” Sir Cyrus asked her.
  23. “I don’t think he’s feeling well today, sir,” Alex told him with a shrug. It wasn’t much of a lie. Henric had certainly been out of sorts the night before. “He told me to just do what I wanted today.”
  25. “And you came out to work anyway, good lad. Good.” Cyrus thought, and looked to Glenn. Glenn was a blonde boy from low nobility, and he was very kind-hearted and empathetic as far as Alex could tell, and she had the sense that when he was older, he'd be one of those knights that all of the girls in the towns liked to fantasize about. Cyrus and Glenn were the portrait of a perfect knight and squire duo.
  27. Alex shrugged. There wasn’t much else to do but practice.
  29. Cyrus said, “I have errands to run but I want Glenn to work on parries. Stay here with him will you, and practice? Good lad.”
  31. “Yeah, of course,” Alex said, nodding between Cyrus and Glenn. If the cold hadn’t already made her cheeks pink, she would have blushed that Cyrus already thought she was doing well enough to have her be helping with swordplay.
  33. Like all boys left to a task without supervision, Alex and Glenn alternated between work and play, and spent as much time joking and telling stories as they sparred with their wood swords as they actually spent focusing on their craft. Despite their responsible natures and desire to do what they were told, they shared a love of socializing that they couldn’t quite ignore, and laughter punctuated the wooden clacking of the swords.
  35. Glenn parried her again, again, again when she ran through drills with him, and changed topics away from horses and jumping to something Alex wanted to avoid: “Where were you and Sir Henric the last few days, anyway? Sir Cyrus said Sir Henric said you two were going camping. How was it?”
  37. “Boring,” Alex lied to make Glenn talk about something else. Their swords clacked loudly whenever they met. “There was a lot of walking and nothing.”
  39. “Damn shame. I always thought Sir Henric seemed like a more exciting guy than that.”
  41. “He’s uh, he’s something,” Alex said. “He and I don’t see eye to eye very often.”
  43. “That’s a shame too then.”
  45. “Yeah.”
  48. Ellis found them before lunch, but Micah and Sir Cuthbert were busy somewhere. Sir Isaac was absent as well.
  50. “Are all the knights busy today?” Ellis asked out of exasperation.
  52. “They’re grown-ups, they do what they want,” Glenn shrugged.
  54. “So are we,” Alex complained. “Almost. People our age get married in some places, we’re basically adults. We’re just students as well so we have student responsibilities.”
  56. “He’s got a point,” Ellis said, and indicated Alex with his wooden sword and a smile. “When I was a page we were doing jobs the adults were doing. I was born a peasant but I can read and write fine now, that’s not kid stuff.”
  58. The discussion consumed the day. Too often, when it wasn’t Alex’ turn to talk she found herself just watching Ellis and failing to listen.
  61. At night, when everyone else but a few guards had gone to sleep and Alex could barely keep awake, she went back to the room cautiously. Henric was sitting up in his bed in casual woolen clothes, and he looked down at her condescendingly. “Ah back from an exciting day?”
  63. She shook her head no and scratched the base of her neck. “Just… practice and talking.”
  65. Henric muttered something vile under his breath and started to get up. “Well before you sleep we’ve work still. When was the last time you bathed?”
  67. “I don’t know…” she responded. Not since she’d been caught by Henric had she bathed. In the mean time she had been washing her face and hair with buckets of water from the rain barrels.
  69. “Mhmm, that’s what I thought,” Henric told her. “We are both in need of some thorough cleaning and you cannot be trusted to bathe without getting caught, so we’re going together tonight.”
  71. “Are you going to--”
  73. “It’ll depend on how many stupid questions you ask,” he snarled in anticipation of her question.
  75. She shut up and leaned against the wall to breathe slowly and fend off fear. Henric seemed calm but distant, walking around the room barefoot and grabbing a few things from his bags. A large misshapen bar of soap was first, then a vial of rose-colored liquid that Henric spent a few moments regarding with his brow furrowed. Then the expression melted into an imaginative smile, and he grabbed a jar of something blue next, and a small cloth bag filled with something that rustled.
  77. Henric added, “Do you know how to clean clothes?”
  79. “Yeah,” she said. “They make you do it when you’re a page.”
  81. “You’re cleaning our clothes soon then,” Henric told her with a severe finger wag. “Then you’re cleaning my armor.”
  83. “Yes sir,” she said. As always, it didn’t bother her to be ordered to do things any squire would be ordered to do. She welcomed an average chore. They relaxed her more than anything else.
  85. The knight looked up and out the small skylight window at the dark sky. Their room was lit by lanterns at this time of night, and he blew them out, gathered up the things, and beckoned to Alex. “Come.”
  87. She had to coax her legs into obeying him, taking halting steps out of the barracks up the dirt trails to one of the springs. It was the same one that Alex had first chosen, and she was absolutely certain that Henric had picked it on purpose, making her look at it grimly now. He set down the things that he’d brought and undressed himself unceremoniously.
  89. “Come on, young one,” he told her when he saw from the corner of his eye that she had made no move to undress. “Get in the water or I’ll have to strip you down and pull you in myself.”
  91. Alex didn’t want that again. She didn’t want fighting. He hadn’t been awful with her yet tonight… maybe he wouldn’t be? She took off her clothes very quickly and shyly, giving almost no time for her pale body to be exposed to the cold before she hopped into the water with Henric. As she slid into the pool, she saw the reason that he had probably wanted to bathe: on his arm where she had bitten him a few days ago, the wound looked swollen and pink. It needed to be cleaned, but she didn’t want to look at it.
  93. Her breasts ached. The last time they had been free had been the night she had been drunk, and Henric had squeezed them and pulled at her nipples. In the warm water she turned her back to the knight and shut her eyes to rub the aches out of her sore, sore chest.
  95. “Come closer,” Henric said with the bar of soap firmly in one of his hands, “So I can get at that wound and clean it.”
  97. "You can see it just fine," she mumbled. Her back was already to him, what more did he want? But she stepped back in the water somewhat. When she stood, the water was just up to her chest, and the gash that ran between her shoulder blades was exposed to the air. She’d thought it had scabbed over fully, but feeling the water lap at it she realized that it had not, that parts of it were still raw and exposed. The squire grit her teeth, knowing that he was likely to make this uncomfortable for her.
  99. One arm grabbed her firmly, holding her in place. "Try not to fight it. You'll just make it worse." With his good arm holding her tightly against him, his other hand ran the soap across her cut.
  101. She made an annoyed, indignant sound as he pressed her up against him and washed her back. "You didn't need to move me, I was fine just standing still with my back to you and you know it!" She cringed as he rubbed her wound, but made no pained sounds. With her panic stifled she was able to keep calm by reminding herself that if Henric had wanted to just take her out here to rape her, he would have done it already. All there was now was the hope that he didn’t want to take her body tonight.
  103. He wiped her wound roughly until soap bubbles covered most of it. "Now rinse." He pushed her from him and began to look to his own wound.
  105. She rinsed by ducking under the water and then stood again.
  107. "Sir," Alex said, looking at him over her shoulder, disgruntled by the sight of him naked. Seeing his body like that frustrated her. Such an evil man did not deserve such an attractive body, and she hated that she had to admit to herself that handsome even though she despised him. His muscles were well defined even in the low light, and while he had hair on his chest it was short, thin, and straight. Her eyes flicked over him, and then with a jolt Alex turned away from him because she was ashamed at herself for looking.
  109. For the most part she knelt in the water to keep the reflected moonlight on the surface as a shield for her nudity. She asked, "May I have the soap for a bit?"
  111. He dipped the soap to the water to shake off some of the suds. "Of course." He handed her the soap with a wicked grin.
  113. She took it, covering her chest as she did so before she turned away from him again and started to cover herself with the soap, letting Henric only see her pale back. Henric merely stood and watched her lather up, his cold eyes looking her up and down. He held out his hand silently awaiting the soap again.
  115. She passed it back grimly when she had finished. "You don't have to stare," she growled. "I can do it on my own."
  117. "I'm not doing so because I have to." He snatched the soap from her hand. "I'm doing so because it's too rare to see you out of those boyish clothes. I like to take in the sights while I can." He chuckled and began cleaning the rest of his body.
  119. "Fuck you," she said under her breath, but wishing she had the courage to speak louder. Courage only came in bursts of panic. Courage was indecisive, not steadfast.
  121. Henric watched her idly, but finished his duties first. He lathered himself up then tossed the soap to the shore. His body slipped beneath the waves to rinse and he moved behind Alex silently.
  123. She heard him only because the water, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She was angry, frightened, full of loathing, she found a sharp piece of shale from the bottom of the pool and broke it off in her hands. Alex didn’t know what she meant to use it for, only that holding it made her feel powerful. The squire thought of the knife in her boot that Yorick had given her.
  125. Henric snatched up her wrist from behind in case she decided to try something stupid. "I'm not here to hurt you." His other arm was wrapped tightly around her so that she couldn't use the sharp rock. "You are safe for now, but do not doubt I may change my mind if you persist in being such a pain."
  127. She let go of the shale grudgingly and watched it sink to the bottom of the pool. "What to do you want?" she growled, bucking weakly against his body as he held her there. "You're always there trying to hurt me."
  129. "Your pain is not my concern. I am taking what I want from you, and you're just too weak to stop me." He released his grip from her and swooped around her front, dragging a finger beneath her chin. "And I will take what I want, whenever I wish, so you had better be ready for it at all times."
  131. She glared at him still, her short hair plastered to her head by the water as her eyes bored into him like blue daggers. She started groping in the water for her fallen piece of shale again. "What do you want? To torture me? Because I was born luckier than you?"
  133. "Right now? I want you to get cleaned up because you are a filthy little girl." He pulled away from her and looked downhill at the barracks. "But, if I decide I have needs, I will take from you what I want."
  135. She wanted to ask, ‘What about my needs? I need to not be raped, I need a knight who won’t beat the shit out of me. I need a knight who isn’t a murderer and who doesn’t want me to be a murderer either!’ But she didn’t speak.
  137. Henric fished for the bottle of blue liquid from where he’d left it at the shore. He uncorked the stuff, which smelled of flowers, and poured some over Alex head. She whimpered from fear until he said, “Relax you idiot. It’s soap. I can’t imagine you didn’t have this, being as disgustingly rich as you were.”
  139. She didn’t dignify that with a response, and only reached up to massage it into her hair. Of course she’d had shampoo. Of course he had to be right and assume that she’d had something nice that he probably only had because he had a knight’s salary.
  141. His fingernails sank into her scalp and scratched the shampoo in, pushing her own hands away. “Hold still,” he told her.
  143. Quietly, Alex submitted. Continually the words 'as long as he isn’t hurting me' repeated in her mind to try to justify her complacence.
  145. "Tell me," his tone was unlike anything she had heard before, "Do you honestly think that everything I do is to hurt you?"
  147. It dawned gradually on the squire that this new tone might be sincerity.
  149. "Either emotionally or physically in one way or another, yes," she said flatly. "You've given me no reason to think otherwise, and you clearly enjoy it when I'm in pain or miserable."
  151. "I enjoy satisfying my needs and nothing else!" His voice flew quickly to a hissing rage. He took a few deep breaths and fell back to a more calm demeanor, and he took a few steps back from Alex and let her dunk underwater to rinse her head off. With his arms crossed, he only spoke when she came back up to breathe. "I aim to make you strong. I want you to become a great knight, but you will not do as you are now. I must tear down your frail structure and rebuild you as a true knight."
  153. A true knight? These words baffled Alex and her tongue snapped like a serpent before she even thought about what to say. Ah, the fickleness of courage. "Well maybe you should ask yourself why you feel the need to hurt me and treat me like shit. I am not frail. If I were frail I would have run away or killed myself, I would not be talking back to you right now, I would not have talked back to you those nights ago when I got drunk, I would not have bitten your arm. I will be a great knight, I promise you that, but clearly I will have to do so by myself, because you are the worst knight who has ever lived." She turned around to look at him, the two of them standing in the water while the chilly air whipped at their upper bodies.
  155. He scowled and uncrossed his arms, for she did not understand his motives. He was training her for the worst of the worst, and the stupid girl saw nothing. "You will be a great knight, and like it or not it will be because of what you learn from me. Those other knights would never show you the truth of the world like I will. They will only continue worshiping our idiot king and doing everything that he tells them to do.”
  157. Alex spread her arms, rage giving way to incredulity and confusion. “The king is a good man! He’s smart too! I have met him! He is fair, he is kind! People love him for a reason.”
  159. Henric pointed directly at her. “If the king is so just and fair, why doesn’t he let girls become knights? If he is just and fair, why do you have to live a lie?”
  161. “He’s, he’s trying to protect people,” Alex sputtered. She had never thought of this before, and had no defense.
  163. “So you deliberately disobey him. Do you think that you are somehow more worthy of being a knight than other girls? Do you think you know better than your king?”
  165. “I,” Alex struggled with her identity. “I’m a girl, of course I am, but, but I’m a boy at the same time! I’m Alexander, I grew up doing boy things and being… everyone calls me a boy. My dad calls me a boy. I can and should be a knight!”
  167. Henric came closer to her and grabbed one of her hands, pulling her in close for a bear hug. He whispered to her, “If the king is such a good man, such a wise and smart man, where is he to protect you from me? You even know him personally and he’s nowhere to be found when I’ve stripped you naked in the middle of nowhere.”
  169. She had no response, and waited with bated breath until Henric let go of her. He grabbed from his things the small bag, and opened it. Alex craned her slender neck to see.
  171. “This is mint moss,” Henric said, showing her a handful of the wiry green plant. She knew what it was immediately: it was expensive, but left a person smelling like mint. “How much do you think I paid for this?”
  173. She looked at the handful. “Five rocs?” she suggested, a very high price.
  175. He shook his head. “That would be on the low end if I were buying it. I picked this myself. It grows out here, Alex. And the rich masses pay the poor to climb up these hills and collect it for them off the trees. Sit up on the edge of the pool now.”
  177. “Why?”
  179. “Because I told you.”
  181. Casually, she grabbed the piece of shale that she had dropped before on her way up, hopping up onto the side of the pool so that only her shins and feet were submerged. She was cold, but her hand held a weapon.
  183. Henric got the moss wet, crumbled it in his hands into a paste. It smelled overwhelmingly of mint, to the point that Henric’s eyes almost stung. He approached Alex and put one hand on each of her thighs as he stood between them. His squire was already quaking, and not from cold. She wouldn’t look at him as he spread the slippery slime that the wet moss exuded all over her.
  185. Oh, her skin was so soft. Like always. As much as she acted like a boy when she was around other people, Henric knew who she really was underneath, and he knew that she was so feminine once he breached the shell. His rough hands smeared mint on her hips, then up the concave curves of her waist to her ribs and her breasts.
  187. He dwelled there, pawing at her chest for a moment before he leaned in. His face quite close to hers now, and one of his hands, covered in the light green slime, lifted Alex’ jaw. Her grip tightened on the shale so hard it cut into her palm very slightly.
  189. He said, “Spread your legs, rich girl.”
  191. The hand with the shale was up, stabbing for his side as fast as she could, as hard as she could. There was no thinking, only striking. By the time she realized what she had done, he’d caught her hand. His much larger hand held her smaller one, which in turn held the shale, and he was squeezing.
  193. Alex felt it digging more deeply into her palm.
  195. “Will you behave? Or do you really want me to beat the shit out of you again? Do you want to spend all of tomorrow in the room recovering from wounds instead of seeing your friends?” His hand loosened on hers, and she dropped the shale back into the water. A red blush rose up her chest to her face in shame.
  197. “Good girl,” Henric said to patronize her. “Spread your legs for me.”
  199. “Please no,” she whispered. He forced her knees apart for her.
  201. “Oh, Alex. You do need to relax. You’ve been good this evening. Mostly good. You weren’t the disgusting failure you were when we saw the goblins--you had the guts to try to murder me just now, didn’t you? That takes guts.”
  203. He took another fistful of moss and wet it to generate more of the slippery slime, and his hands ran up and down the insides of her thighs to her vulva. She shut her eyes and tilted her head back.
  205. He kept talking. “I killed the knight who trained me. He was a rich ass who wanted to save the world, and one day I saw an opportunity to stab him in the back. You remind me of him sometimes. But I killed him in his sleep, and I blamed it on a sorcerer friend of mine.” The knight’s fingers ran over her labia and up to where there were a few short pale hairs above her slit, making everything slick around her entrance. He parted the lips, waiting for his squire.
  207. The moment that she asked, “Why?” was the moment his lubricated fingers penetrated her, and the one-word question melted into a whimper.
  209. While his fingers pumped in and out of her with too much force, his response was prepared and enthusiastic with malice: “Because he was awful. He was an idiot who believed in doing good for the sake of doing good. He saw no flaws in the separation between the rich and the poor and he worshiped the ground the king walked on. I learned everything I could from him and after that he was useless to me. So if you think that you’re cute trying to stand up to me, if you think I won’t do whatever I want to your sweet little ass, you are mistaken, slut. You are mine, body and soul and I own you, because I know your secret and because you are my squire.” His other hand fell to her shoulder and held her in place, and he felt her hands grabbing his shoulders for stability, and perhaps to try to push him back. Her lips had started to try to beg but the only sounds coming out of the squire now were subdued moans and cries.
  211. Her unhappy sounds didn’t fool Henric. Her own lubricant joined the stuff already on his fingers and he spread it over her clit with his thumb, pressing down and rubbing the erect pink nub to make Alex arch her back.
  213. “Oh, good girl,” he praised wickedly. “Looks to me like you’re learning to like it.”
  215. “N-no,” she assured him unsteadily.
  217. “No? Alex, remind me again: which slutty little girl is getting wet when I stick my fingers into her? Which girl is clamped down on my fingers so tight I’d be hard pressed to force a third one in? Which girl is on the verge of an orgasm?”
  219. Her eyes were as wounded as ever when he forced the orgasm onto her, making her twitch and shudder and gasp. He wiped the mint moss-cum mix on her cheeks, then pulled her back into the water. “Rinse.”
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