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  1. Item #: SCP-XXX
  3. Object class: SCP-XXX-01: Safe
  4.               SCP-XXX-02's: Euclid
  5. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-01 is to be kept in a standard Humanoid containment cell with standard furnishings. These furnishings must not be made of cloth, wool, linen, polyester, cotton, etc. Plastics, metals, woods, etc are allowed into the cell. The entryway to the cell should contain a steel door with an electronic keypad for access. Any and all instances of SCP-XXX-02 are to be kept in a standard inanimate-object lockers. These lockers are to be locked at all times, and may only be unlocked by a level 5 personnel. The personnel who knows the code must never come into contact with SCP-XXX-01. SCP-XXX-01 may be allowed out of the containment cell once per week, but must remain under constant surveillance. It may also eat at the canteen if out at meal times. Detainee must undergo a full cavity search before returning to cell. (see incident XXX-1)
  7. Description: SCP-XXX consists of two parts. SCP-XXX-01 is a African male human with brown hair and brown eyes. It's occupation before apprehension was one of a voodoo doll maker. As soon as SCP-XXX-01 is finished creation of a voodoo doll (known as SCP-XXX-02) all damage suffered by either the represented individual or the doll are reversed. Additionally as long as the instance of SCP-XXX-02 is cared for, the represented individual will not die of natural cause, however mortally wounding them appear to work just fine. As soon as the represented individual dies, the doll disappears. Whether the doll just disintegrates, or goes into a different dimension is unknown. SCP-XXX-01 either cannot, or will not create multiple dolls per person represented. It can only create SCP-XXX-02's of people It has seen.
  9. Addendum XXX-1: Upon testing, it is found that if represented individual is within contact of an instance of SCP-XXX-02 that represents said individual many side affects occur. These affects differ per individual, but the most notable is that the individual, as well as the instance of SCP-XXX-02 become invincible to all damage.
  11. Addendum XXX-2: Pictures presented to the Subject are efficient enough for him to create an instance of SCP-XXX-02.
  13. Incident XXX-1: SCP-XXX-01 was found to be smuggling cloth type materials back into Its cell. It appears to have a strong desire to create instances of SCP-XXX-02.
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