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  1. Greetings Players and Administrators of Sassilization --
  3. Because of the high amount of sexiness your servers players seem to find acceptable, we have come today to take action ourselves. I'm bound to say you already have seen the recent fail attacks against your server over the last days or so, which will continue until you decide to reconsider allowing your players to be sexier than other similar communities to ones like your own.
  5. You have been told.
  7. Some of the players in no particular order:
  8. Blt - sexy beast
  9. Rokon - grumpy old Troll that lives under the bridge,
  10. Toni - hoss,
  11. Ryaan - bhap god,
  12. scoby do - amazing,
  13. Uncle Flerp Di Derp - just plain sexy,
  14. KaboomFoamtastic! - sexy overlord that rules em all,
  15. Enok - gud lookin
  16. Persious - lovely name
  17. Digital - sexay
  18. Wang - awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaa
  19. Arden - yup
  20. Travis - Travis rhymes with sexy,
  21. turtlekid - Superman
  22. Mrkrabz - Thanks for the tiny bit of sexy,
  23. Smithy311 - lover
  24. Babbaj - falsely being ugly
  25. Balverine - u kno he so sexy
  26. Fro Dough - fro all yo kno he is a god
  27. Jo The Shmo - jo the woah
  28. [S.V.R] Clan -sexier and godlier (is that even a word)
  29. QTesla - Tesla is the bessla
  30. Someb0dy40 - all around sexey
  31. jetleeskp - sexybadass lel
  33. Admin ass's ---
  34. Aaron - lovely dev
  35. Arco - sexi admun
  36. mozart - sexy badass
  37. giggles - sexy beast
  38. Kthnx.
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