WarioWare Twisted 100% Route v0.2

Aug 9th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. == WarioWare Twisted 100% Route ==
  2. Goal: Unlock All Stages and All Souvenirs
  3. - Do normal Any%. Take note of certain microgame preresiquites for souvenirs:
  4. - Mona:
  5. - Sew Easy (Sew!)
  6. - Jimmy:
  7. - Stab in the Dark (Disarm!)
  8. - Self-Defense (Deflect!)
  9. - Road Work (Don't drop!)
  10. - Kat & Ana has none.
  11. - Dribble & Spitz:
  12. - Beat Down (Pound!)
  13. - Crygor has none.
  14. - WarioWatch (irrelevant during Any% section as you get all WarioWatch microgames before the souvenir grind):
  15. - Micro Golf (Cup in!)
  16. - Orbulon:
  17. - Guitar Solo (Play!)
  18. - Boomerang! (Boomerang!)
  19. - 9-Volt & 18-Volt:
  20. - Metroid-Morphball (Get missile!) and Metroid-Samus (Shoot!)
  21. - Mario Bros. (Get up!)
  22. - Excitebike (Avoid!)
  23. - Wrecking Crew (Explode!)
  24. - Kid Icarus (Avoid!)
  25. - Balloon Fight (Deliver!)
  26. - Warioman:
  27. - Wario Hockey (Return!)
  28. - Wee Wario Blast (Save!)
  29. - Cyclone Kick (Kick!)
  30. - TODO: figure out if you can reset after beating Warioman (probably)
  31. - Score 50 points in WarioWatch to unlock Speedier Spin. Recommended to get three souvenirs in the stage (57 points, 7 points from the target score.)
  32. - TODO: figure out if you need to have your score registered to unlock Speedier Spin (probably)
  33. - TODO: figure out if continuing WarioWatch to grind souvenirs is faster than losing and using Tower. (unsure, depends on above TODO)
  34. - If you don't unlock all WarioWatch microgames, then you suck Kappa (go unlock the rest of them).
  35. - Score 25 points in Skyscraper to unlock Tower. Don't score any more than 25, wastes time (although might be useful to unlock Fronk's microgames, probably not)
  36. - SOUVENIR TOWER GRIND (See Souvenirs and Tower Souvenir Grind)
  37. - Once the Souvenir grind is done, you will need to unlock all stage-specific microgames (Except WarioWatch).
  38. - Generally, you should lose to the bosses to save time.
  39. - Jimmy might be an exception, depending on how many microgames tied to souvenirs need to be registered.
  40. - Exit the stage if you have one life remaining (since beating the boss wastes time)
  41. - Exit the stage and move onto the next stage once all character souvenirs have been unlocked.
  42. - If you register a microgame that is a preresiquite to a souvenir, then you can either do one of two things:
  43. - Continue playing until you have one life remaining, or all character souvenirs and microgames have been unlocked.
  44. - Play until the next souvenir. If the souvenir from the Capsule Machine is the microgame specific souvenir (and you haven't unlocked all of the stage's character souvenirs), continue playing. Otherwise, exit the stage, grind for that souvenir, then go back to the character stage you were playing and continue grinding for the character souvenirs (and their levels, if any remain). The reason for this is that you might waste time grinding a non-character souvenir on a character level, and it's slower to grind souvenirs in all character levels.
  45. - Certain stages have twice the amount of character souvenirs to unlock (Kat & Ana, Dribble & Spitz, 9-Volt & 18-Volt, and Warioman).
  46. - It might be faster to exit and retry the stage once the level 1 souvenir is obtained (once the Capsule "Drop" sound is played, or maybe when the Capsule lands), as it seems that the stage speed is reset for each level (depends if the remaining time of the Souvenir cutscene + the short "Level Up" cutscene is slower than restarting). I'm not sure how this would affect unlocking levels, though.
  47. - TODO: How to grind out Fronk's microgames if you don't have all of them by the end of the Character/Souvenir grind.
  48. - Once all Capsule Machine souvenirs, and all microgames are unlocked, clear all microgames (yuck).
  49. - See Boss Microgames and WarioWatch Microgames for optimal strats
  50. - TODO: actually list the point requirements here.
  51. - Time ends on the Congratulations message.
  52. - Alternative "Time End Schemes":
  53. - If the last thing unlocked is a souvenir from the Capsule Machine, then time ends once the stage is exited and the main menu music plays (less anti-climatic ending this way, as opposed to ending on build-up music for the next music that plays)
  54. - If the last thing unlocked is a stage, then time ends on the first frame that the newly unlocked stage is blinking.
  56. == Souvenirs ==
  57. - There are 139 souvenirs total in the game (English version, JP has 141).
  58. - 7 are received automatically as part of Any%.
  59. - 36 are only unlockable in the character stages.
  60. - 21 require registering certain microgames. With the current route, at most 19 are unobtainable during the Souvenir Grind.
  61. - Wario Hockey [Microgame] -> Eternal Wario Hockey [Game] -> Spitz Hockey, Ana Hockey, Unfair Hockey [Games]
  62. - Micro Golf [Microgame] -> Mega Micro Golf [Game] -> Batting Practice [Game]
  63. - 2 are not obtained through the Capsule Machine, rather by registering all microgames (Pyoro S) and clearing all microgames (Warioware Twisted)
  65. == Tower Souvenir Grind ==
  66. - In the current route, you'd have unlocked 4 souvenirs by the time you get to the Tower (3 from WarioWatch, 1 from Skyscraper)
  67. - This means you'd be able to unlock at least 71 souvenirs through the Tower, in addition to the souvenirs obtainable from the certain microgames unlocked during Any%.
  68. - In my testing, I unlocked all the microgames (except Fronk's) before souvenir grind and I got none of the character-exclusive souvenirs. Therefore, it is better to unlock the character souvenirs WHILE unlocking their microgames, and after unlocking all the generic souvenirs via the Tower, as the game will be forced to give character-exclusive souvenirs on their stages as there would be no more souvenirs to give.
  69. - The first Tower level (microgames before souvenir) takes ~1:18 without Tiptoe Titan, subsequent attempts take ~1:10
  70. - There is an unknown variable affecting timing for subsequent levels, either recalibrate time, lag in the emulators used, or some unknown lag in general.
  71. - Note that Tower only stays on Level 1 (thankfully)
  72. - First level takes 19 microgames before receiving a souvenir, subsequent levels take 20 microgames (but are faster).
  73. - Only timeloss here is getting Tiptoe Titan (8sec giant microgame from Warioman)
  74. - Once you start seeing Phone Numbers, quit the stage, check if there are any more souvenirs to unlock, if so then try again (sometimes you can get a Phone Number when you're close to unlocking all possible at the time souvenirs, this might help)
  75. - You must register your score (25 or above) at least once to unlock Mansion
  76. - Possibly register your score on a very good attempt (i.e. when you're in a very focused state and you won't lose easily), this way your lives are lost in the least efficient way possible.
  77. - Possible strat: once you lose all lives (earliest point where you know you lost all lives, e.g. the moment you lose a microgame with one life left), exit the stage and try again (might be faster than waiting for the Game Over cutscene)
  78. - Learn when to cut your losses and restart, to avoid situations where you beat microgames for nothing (e.g. after unlocking a souvenir, you beat 8 microgames, but then lose all lives without getting the next souvenir, therefore the time it took to beat the 8 microgames is lost)
  79. - Not all microgames are available in the Tower! Below are rough keywords referencing the microgames in the two videos used as a reference.
  80. - Most seem to be from a small selection of each stage, except Orbulon who's microgames do not appear at all
  81. - Sample scenario: Runner is able to get four Souvenirs at a time and doesn't get Tiptoe Titan on the first level for all attempts. They need to unlock 72 Souvenirs (easy to divide number). It would take ~1:26:24 to get all 72 Souvenirs (whoof!).
  82. - TODO: figure out if preresiquites are only counted when the stage is exited, or they're counted as soon as you obtain them.
  83. - E.g. Butterfly Piano is a preresiquite of Moon Piano, if you unlock Butterfly Piano during the current runthrough can you unlock Moon Piano?
  85. == Boss Microgames (Except WarioWatch) ==
  86. - All bosses (except WarioWatch) take 5 points to clear the high score
  87. - For bosses with levels that take the same amount of time, there is a safe and risky strat.
  88. - The strats are:
  89. - Safe (extra chance if you accidentally fail):
  90. - L1/L2/L3: Win 1 out of 3
  91. - L1/L2/L3: Win 2 out of 3
  92. - L1/L2/L3: Win L1, L2, Fail L3
  93. - Risky (must win all successful attempts):
  94. - L1/L2/L3: Fail all three
  95. - L1/L2/L3: Win all three
  96. - L1/L2/L3: Win L1, L2, Fail L3
  98. - [Mona] Skyway Highway:
  99. - Equal Time Strat
  101. - [Jimmy T.] One Step At A Time:
  102. - Winning is super quick, therefore, just hope that you get 5 points with 4 lives. Note that there might be something with L2 that makes it harder to get a fast win.
  104. - [Kat & Ana] Nose Dive:
  105. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Fail, Fail
  106. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail
  107. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail
  109. - [Dribble & Spitz] Basic Training:
  110. - Equal Time Strat (note that it might be faster to fail on L2 or L3 since the first obstacle is closer)
  112. - [Dr. Crygor] Stumblebot:
  113. - Not extensively tested, but it seems that all three levels are about equal. L1 and L2 might be faster because there are more flat places to tilt forward. Assuming this, the strat would be:
  114. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Fail, Fail
  115. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail (L3 has a lot of bumpy terrain)
  116. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail
  117. - EDIT: unscientific comparsion by Greenalink, 2 is much faster, however this doesn't factor in tilting for speed.
  119. - [Orbulon] Crossing Guard:
  120. - L3 is slightly faster than L2, but L3 is also faster to lose on. It hasn't been timed which strat for Speed 2 is faster:
  121. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Fail, Fail
  122. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Fail, Win OR Win, Win, Fail
  123. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail
  125. - [9-Volt & 18-Volt] Super Mario Bros.:
  126. - I really suck at this microgame, so I haven't been able to gauge which is faster. For people that suck at this microgame, just try to win with all lives. Otherwise, the following strat is ~probably~ the fastest.
  127. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Fail, Fail
  128. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail (L3 has some tricky platforming)
  129. - L1/L2/L3: Win, Win, Fail
  131. - [Warioman] Wario Mambo:
  132. - Equal Time Strat
  134. == WarioWatch ==
  135. - Ideally you'd want to hit 30 seconds before hitting the point requirement, but most microgames can't hit that limit
  136. - Winning as fast as possible is faster because the idle time to lose once you hit the point requirement would be faster
  137. - Human strat is to clear all WarioWatch microgames, then do Kat & Ana's Nose Dive to rest your hands.
  138. - There was probably something else I wanted to mention here but I forgot
  139. == Extra Notes ==
  141. - Mona stage 1-3 timing comparisons (
  142. 0:07
  143. 2:10 | 2:03 (earliest possible time to get souvenir)
  144. 2:15 | 2:08 (After souvenir music ends)
  145. 4:28 | 2:13
  146. 6:40 | 2:12
  148. - approximation of how long it would take to get a souvenir in mona's stage (from werster's wr video, a few seconds off since he has to beat the level)
  149. 2:54.33
  150. 1:18.67
  152. - Tower timings
  153. Timings are +-1 second at most (used YouTube time stamp as a reference lol)
  154. These are recordings of mobile emulators which may be 60fps which could affect timing.
  156. 0:39
  157. 1:57 | 1:18
  158. 3:07 | 1:10 (with wario giant)
  159. 4:15 | 1:08
  162. 1:17 | 1:17
  163. 2:24 | 1:07
  164. 3:32 | 1:12
  165. 4:41 | 1:09 (with wario giant)
  166. 5:49 | 1:07
  168. == Abridged Tower Microgame List ==
  169. candle
  170. sushi
  171. trip
  172. asteroid
  173. donkey kong jr
  174. hang glider
  175. stab in the dark
  176. earmuffs
  177. airplane
  178. blow up balloon
  179. crocodile
  180. boat rescue
  181. sheep
  182. extinguish
  183. force feed
  184. basketball
  185. cross bridge
  186. birthday
  187. swimming
  188. mario golf
  189. flip him
  190. pop bubble gum
  191. dog door
  192. wario giant
  193. cliff rescue
  194. situps
  195. iron
  196. tennis
  197. shoot fruit
  198. corn slide
  199. fence in
  200. wave
  201. ignite
  202. deflect (Self-Defense)
  203. cyclone kick
  204. get him
  205. hammer
  206. key
  207. scrub
  208. fill my cup
  209. soccer
  210. don't move
  211. balance unbrella
  212. metroid morphball
  213. pick from teeth
  214. punch drops
  215. follow him
  216. avoid dinosaur
  217. swat ants
  218. strike out
  219. gulp
  220. avoid red things
  221. who's first
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