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Willpower perks, 2/16/16

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Feb 16th, 2017
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  1. 1984 (A Minority of One)
  2. 40k Imperium (Shield of Piety)
  3. ASCR (Motivated)
  4. Alpha Centauri (Transcendent)
  5. Actraiser (Through the Valley of Darkness)
  6. Animorphs (My Name is Jake!)
  7. Aquaria (Wrathful Protector)
  8. Asura Cryin' (Unbreakable)
  9. Avatar the Last Airbender (The Chase)
  10. Babylon 5 (Iron Will)
  11. Banner Sage (Valka)
  12. Basilisk (Divine Will)
  13. Bastion (Too Raw)
  14. Baten Kaitos Origins (Feathered Wings)
  15. Batman – The Dark Knight Trilogy (Incorruptible) (Why Do We Fall)
  16. Battlestar Galactica (Scrappy) (The Significant Seven - Six)
  17. Big O (Action!)
  18. Biomega (Single Minded Determination)
  19. Bioshock (Willpower)
  20. Black Lagoon (Repressed Anger)
  21. Blame! (Determination)
  22. Bloodborne (Steel Yourself)
  23. Boktai (The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow)
  24. Bomberman 64 Second Attack (Unshaken Will)
  25. Breaking Bad (Nerves of Steel)
  26. Buso Renkin (Willpower)
  27. Captain SNES (Am I Supposed to Be Impressed)
  28. CATastrophe (Fox's Cunning)
  29. Chronicles of Narnia (On Aslan's Side)
  30. Chrono Trigger (Only When Dead, Give Up!)
  31. Circle of Magic (Discipline) (Will of the Empress)
  32. City of Heroes (Adamant of Steel) (Willpower)
  33. Claymore (Great Drive) (Strong Heart)
  34. Commorragh (Just Another Day in the Life)
  35. Courage the Cowardly Dog (Courage)
  36. Dahak Chronicles (Determinator)
  37. Dan Vs. (Strict Vegan Diet)
  38. Dark Souls 3 (Seeker of Truth) (Blind Faith)
  39. Dark Souls (Duelist) (Unbreakable)
  40. DC (Mental Resistance)
  41. Dead Space (A Mind of Iron)
  42. Demons of Astland (Last D'Orc Standing)
  43. Demon's Souls (Simple Belief) (Faith's Reward)
  44. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I'll Never Stop Looking)
  45. Discworld (Inner Jumper)
  46. Dishonored (Determination)
  47. Disney Princess (Grit Your Teeth)
  48. Doctor Who (Mental Fortitude) (No More)
  49. Dr. McNinja (The Only Sane Man)
  50. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen (Call of the Arisen)
  51. Dresden Files (Tiger Soul)
  52. East vs West (Solid Judgement)
  53. Eclipse Phase Core & Firewall (Aptitude Enhancement Mod)
  54. Elona (More Concentration)
  55. Equilibrium (Call It Faith)
  56. Exalted- The Dragonbloods (Inner Self)
  57. Fable (Hero of Strength/Skill/Will)
  58. Familiar of Zero (Willpower)
  59. Farscape (Humans! Are! SUPERIOR!)
  60. Final Fantasy Type 0 (Adaptation)
  61. Final Fantasy VI (Uncrowned)
  62. Final Fantasy X (Frost Born, Iron Clad)
  63. Final Fantasy XIV (No Respite)
  64. Fire Emblem (Spirited)
  65. Firefly (Calm and Steady)
  66. Futurama (Would Move Stars)
  67. FTL (Telepath)
  68. Gargoyles (Unstoppable Guardian)
  69. Gear Up (Guts)
  70. GemCraft - Chasing Shadows (Stand Your Ground)
  71. Generic Creepypasta (And Then a Skeleton Popped Out)
  72. Generic Dungeon Builder (For the Greater Good)
  73. Generic Parenting (Do It For Them)
  74. Generic Virtual World (Self-Awareness)
  75. Generic Western (Heart Cold as Steel)
  76. Generic Zombie Apocalypse (Glimmer of Hope)
  77. German Hollow Quest (The Divine Comedy)
  78. Ghost Rider (Right Now, the Only Thing Standing Between You and the Rider is Me)
  79. Ghostbusters (Play Through the Pain)
  80. Girl Genius (FREEDOM AT LAST)
  81. Girlchan in Paradise (Hot Heat)
  82. Girls und Panzer (Polite Grace and Dignified Femininity)
  83. God of War (Gift of Hope)
  84. Golden Sun (Willpower)
  85. Gonzo Journalism (Getting the Fear)
  86. Gothic (Blessing of Adanos) (Blessing of Beliar)
  87. Gravity Falls (Dipper Depths)
  88. Great Detective (Lockjaw)
  89. Green Lantern: TAS (Indomitable Emotion)
  90. Gundam Advanced Generation (Maybe Gundam for Medicine was a Bad Trade)
  91. Gundam After Colony (Glory of Losers) (White Reflection)
  92. GURPS Monster Hunters (The Redeemed)
  93. Gurren Lagann (Punch Through the Heavens!)
  94. Halo (INDOC)
  95. Halo - Covenant (If They Came to Hear Me Beg)
  96. Harry Potter (Brave at Heart) (Dedicated)
  97. Heaven's Lost Property (Unforgivable!)
  98. Hellblazer (Mental Fortitude)
  99. Hellsing (Unwavering)
  100. Histories Strongest Disciple (Disciple's Discipline)
  101. Hotline Miami (Bloodhound)
  102. Horror Movies (Brave)
  103. HunterXHunter (Willpower)
  104. Iji (Survivor)
  105. In Nomine (Celestial Enhancement) (Servitor (Kyriotates) of Fatih) (Song of Self)
  106. Inheritance (Boundless Determination)
  107. Innistrad (I Will Do This My Way)
  108. Invader Zim (Determination)
  109. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Realis Phase)
  110. Justice League Dark (I Am)
  111. Kairos (My Love is Stronger)
  112. Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1 (Above the Influence)
  113. Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 2 (Never Gonna Let You Down) (Just the Beginning)
  114. KanColle (Role-Model) (Beacon of Hope)
  115. Kara no Kyoukai (Determination)
  116. Kill la Kill (Resolve)
  117. Kingdom Hearts (Last Chance)
  118. Kingsman (Honor Among Thieves) (Unflappable Manner)
  119. KND (Conversion Resistance)
  120. Kung Fu Hustle (I Am Unafraid)
  121. Kung-Fu Panda (Inner Peace)
  122. Last Exile (I Gave My Word)
  123. Legend of Galactic Heroes (The Freedom Not to Get Involved) (Screaming in Place of His Superior)
  124. Legend of Spyro (Unbreakable Will)
  125. Libriomancer (Well Adjusted)
  126. Light Bringer (True Name Will, You See)
  127. Lost Odyssey (Throne of the Gods)
  128. LOTR (Mental Fortitude)
  129. Lovecraft (Stoic)
  130. Macross (Shonen Syndrome)
  131. Martain Successor Nadesico (Black Phantom)
  132. Marvel (Brains+Toughness/Adamantium/Vibranium)
  133. Medabots (Fighting Spirit)
  134. Mega Man Classic (For E. Peace)
  135. Mega Man X (Stoic)
  136. Metalocalypse by Alera Anon (That's My Bread and Butter You're F***ing With)
  137. Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (Attitude)
  138. Mob (Fingerman)
  139. MOTHER (Calm Spirit)
  140. Muppet Treasure Island (Capital Fellow)
  141. Naruto (Genius of Hard Work)
  142. Nechronica (Undefeatable Heart) (Prisoner in Limbo)
  143. NGE (Flat Effect) (Soul Over Mind) (Metaphysical Biology, PhD)
  144. NGNL (Nerves of Steel)
  145. Nightmare Before Christmas (I AM THE PUMPKIN KING)
  146. NuTrek (Stubborn Ass)
  147. Obsidian Trilogy (Drive)
  148. One Piece (Will of D)
  149. Once Upon a Time (True Believer) (Destined Savior)
  150. Penny Dreadful (Man of Action)
  151. Persons of Interest (Captain America)
  152. Pirates of the Caribbean (Courage and Fortitude)
  153. Pocky & Rocky (Soaring Wind)
  154. Princess Bride (My Name Is Inigo Montoya)
  155. Project Freelancer (Competitive Mindset)
  156. PS238 (Strong Because I Need to Be)
  157. Psychonauts (Department of Paranormal Education)
  158. R-Type (Image Fight)
  159. Redwall (Stiff Upper Lip, Wot?)
  160. Riddick (Furyan)
  161. Rosario+Vampire (Above the Influence)
  162. Rurouni Kenshin (The Will to Live) (Warrior's Spirit (free!))
  163. Robocop (Buddy, I Think You're Slime)
  164. Samurai Deeper Kyo (Miracle of Effort)
  165. Samurai Jack (Indomitable Will)
  166. Sengoku Basara (Bravado)
  167. Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang (A Dream)
  168. Showa Kamen Rider (Steady Hands)
  169. Skies of Arcadia (Courage)
  170. Soul Calibur (No Remorse, No Pain)
  171. Space Pirate Captain Harlock (I Will Avenge My Father!)
  172. Splatoon (Levelheaded)
  173. Squirrel and Hedgehog (Mind of Iron)
  174. Sunless Sea (Fathomed Pages – Singularity)
  175. Super Robot Wars (Drive)
  176. Swat Kats (I Don't Deal With Criminal Scum)
  177. Sword and Sorcery (The Will to Live)
  178. Symphogear (I Won't Let You Do Whatever You Want!)
  179. Tales of Phantasia (The Dream Will Never Die)
  180. Terminator (It Doesn't Feel Pity, Remorse, or Fear)
  181. The Avengers EMH (Never Give Up, Never Surrender)
  182. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Don't Touch Me)
  183. The Legend of Zelda (Blessing of Farore)
  184. The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap (A Royal Will) (Hero of Men)
  185. The Matrix (We Are Free)
  186. The Skullman (Anti-Anti-Hero)
  187. Thief (Willful)
  188. Tomb Raider (Stiff Upper Lip)
  189. Toriko (Zen Food Meditation)
  190. Tortall (Ordeal-Tested)
  191. Traveller's Gate (Headstrong)
  192. Treasure Planet (Stiff Upper Lip)
  193. Twilight (Self-Control)
  194. Under Night In-Birth (Eyes for Madness)
  195. Van Helsing (Allons-y!)
  196. Warcraft 3 (Brilliance Aura)
  197. Warframe (Unairu)
  198. Warriors Orochi (Notions of Necessity)
  199. Weird Wild West (True Grit)
  200. Wheel of Time (The Oneness)
  201. White Knight Chronicles (Force of Will)
  202. World of Darkness - Mortal (A Light in the Dark)
  203. World of Warcraft (Will of the Forsaken)
  204. Xena – Hercules – The Legendary Journeys (In the Blood)
  205. Xenoblade (Dream of Money) (Zeal)
  206. Yu Yu Hakusho (Determination)
  207. Yusha Gojo Kumiai Koryugata Keijiba (Unshakeable Resolve)
  208. Zoids Legacy (Proof of the Hero)
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