7 year old constipation

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  1. 7 yo boy with stool impaction
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  3. Dr. Jena Peterson
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  6. Hello all
  7. I have a 7 yo boy that has chronic constipation.  he is on miralax to stay regular  An x ray last summer showed significant constipation.  At this point, we would like to help clean out the bowel for him, and I am looking for some kid friendly options, a child that does not swallow pills.  His last doc had him on miralax, which he has been on for almost a year now, and while we can use miralax to do the job, I would like to choose other options if possible. Any suggestions to help with a clean out, while we use that time to diagnose why he has the constipation in the first place?
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  9. Jena Peterson ND
  10. seattle
  14. Emily Kane
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  17. Jena
  18. Some say there are 2 major flavors of constipation. Flaccid if rectal tone is loose and spastic if anus is tight.   Exercise and pro motility agents like prune juice would help for former. Sitz baths and calming nervines like scutellaria glycerine for the later. Is abdomen protuberant? Could he have an extra long or prolapsed colon?  I think a third flavor is food sensitivity which sucks up extra water to dilute offending food.
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  20. Emily Kane ND
  21. Juneau AK
  26. Erica Zelfand
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  29. Milk of magnesia mixes well with pudding and works well.
  31. Electrolyte drinks alternating with plenty of water can help too.
  33. Miralax as you are, or magnesium citrate.
  35. I agree with the logic of having a couple of days of "clean out" and then doing it again 1 week later. Just had a kiddo in my practice who did so much better after we cleared her out.
  37. Constitutional hydrotherapy can also be quite helpful.
  39. Best of luck!
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  44. Dr. Erica Zelfand
  45. Family Physician, Medical Writer/Editor, Health Educator
  50. avwcdrgrp
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  53. We initiated a program of optimizing hydration, d/c dairy, and 500mg Magnesium each morning in apple sauce when my daughter had a similar, but more situational issue. We also added a bedtime component of breathing/relaxation, which helped with a peripheral stress aspect.
  56. Gary Piscopo, ND, LAc
  57. East Wenatchee,  WA
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