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DDO Beginners Guide

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Feb 19th, 2016
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  1. DDO Beginners guide
  2. You get 3 wakestones every day at 12pm pacific from the woman who issues daily bonuses by the temples rift stone, and an unlimited amount if you pay for a 30 day pass. Although if you have leftovers from another day like 2 or 1 it will always fill to 3 and end the number you get for that day so make sure you have exhausted them first
  4. Partying with an element archer or a priest will allow them to expose monsters weak points. Hitting them in those spots are faster than pulling depending on where they are, and even faster if hit with the corresponding element
  6. Although you can play the game solo its more beneficial to take at least one real person with you so that you can pick each other up when you die and minimize deaths
  8. Partying with someone outside of your level range will give you a penalty that increases the more they outclass you. This also applies to quests that you either out level or are too high for you as well as bosses. Do quests and stick with people around your own range.
  10. Although the world is immediately open to you and almost every area is open off the bat some areas can only be accessed when others are leveled up. Additionally some vocations are only unlocked upon leveling up the area their teacher is located in and completing the required quest
  12. Blue quests on the world map respawn, and are the best option for exp. For maximum exp you can farm area bosses repeatedly. An area and its quests will always respawn upon entering an inn
  14. It costs money to recreate your character so ensure you're comfortable with its appearance the first time
  16. While there are several benefits for paying such as increased multipliers for exp quests, raid quests, and blood orb rewards you can acquire everything without paying, and can access the end game armor by farming raids
  18. Quests cycle every week, and some quests change what level they are. Additionally what raids are available cycle weekly as well
  20. The lestania news will be your most important asset. Each week a quest will generate a guaranteed reward on one completion, and then random rewards for each subsequent completion. This extends to end game mats and ingots. In addition it'll also tell you the levels that each quest has become weekly.
  22. Hunting for mats and raiding are your best options for money which becomes a non issue in later levels. While early game mats can be found for 20-40k gold the later mats will sell for 40k-99k.
  24. Your gear should be around your level for maximum effectiveness against enemies. At the same time you should be crafting your gear and crafting new gear repeatedly instead of buying them. Mats for this can be found on the bazaar.
  26. You can dye any equipment piece as long as you have the corresponding dye and at least one enhancement level in it.
  28. Your RC is used to provide your pawns with JP outside of the one they get for leveling up. The exchange rate is around 10RC = 1JP.
  30. In order for your pawns to learn skills above level 5 and extend to 6+ you have to learn that skill rank yourself by playing the same class that they currently are.
  32. Your blood orb tree will unlock gradually as you complete main quests. These provide you with boosts to hp, stamina, and attack/m.attack. While most blood orb monsters are found in dungeons don't prioritize farming them until later levels where you'll receive 500-1000 BO per run
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