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  1.                                         Lulu's Diary: The Iron Lady
  3.         Date; July 11th, 2013
  5.                 Dear diary, today is gonna be fantastarific! Pix says that there is a new zoo opening in Piltover, I can't wait.
  8.         Date; July 12th - 2013
  10.                 Dear Diary, something has confuzzled me, yesterday at the zoo I saw a woman made of METAL just staring at the encaged void monsters for hours on end, her belly was not even attached to her legs! How bizzaro! I just HAD to talk to her, she was so pretty with how her the sun reflected off her (skin???????). We talked for a while, she didnt really have much to say LOL. I dont think she is very smart, but she is soooo nice - we are gonna have a playdate tomorrow!!! I am so excited!
  13.         Date; July 13th - 2013
  15.                 Dear Diary, today I went to the beach with the metal lady, I dont think shes used to the hot hot hot sun though because her skin started heating up SUPER fast. I went to ride on her shoulders but I burned my legs :(. I felt so bad for her, especially because she didnt seem to be reacting AT ALL to the heat. I just had to rush out to get her some water, but when I poured it on her she seemed to get really upset. Why :(?
  18.         Date; July 14th - 2013
  20.                 Dear Diary, I followed the metal lady home after yesterday to apologize. I waited in the bushes outside of her house until the next day. I felt really bad I just HAD to reconcile with her. I saw a really oddtabulous sight, a big steaming metal guy was at her door with a bouquet. I feared for her life so I turned him into a cute bunny. After that she came out, and we talked a bit - I got my apology off my adorable little chest and she seemed happy (I THINK!!! ITS HARD TO TELL LOL!!!) She even let me ride the ball, I was soooo happy. I needed some new friends, Pix was getting needy anyway ;)
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