EG CYOA #4 Harem:2 Party at Pinkie's

May 21st, 2013
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  1. >The sound of pop music assaults your ears before you even reach the door
  2. >These kinds of parties aren't exactly your cup of tea, but you didn't want to disappoint Pinkie again
  3. >You make your way up the steps and reach out for the door handle
  4. >"ANON!" Pinkie shouts as she opens the door, her signature smile plastered on her face
  5. >"Hey Pinkie"
  6. >She jumps forward and throws her arms around you in a big hug
  7. >"I'm so glad you came!"
  8. >"I'm also glad I came," you say. "Anything to allow your smile to brighten my day!"
  9. >You flash her a warm smile and return the hug
  10. >"Aw, you're so nice, Anon!"
  11. >Pinkie bounces back into the house
  12. >"Come on, aren't you gonna par-tay?!" she says, extending a hand out towards you
  13. >You take her hand, and she pulls you into the house
  14. >"WOO! Come on Anon, now it's a REAL party!" she says
  15. >The music in the house ceases for a split second as it switches from one track to the next
  16. >Pinkie jumps up in excitement, and begins dancing off into the house
  17. >You'd like to follow her, but as for right now, you have plans a bit more devious than that
  18. >Shimmying through the crowded halls, you find the party's food
  19. >Laid out on the table are an assortment of candies, foods, and-
  20. >Ah, there it is, the punch bowl
  21. >You slowly walk over to it, peering over your shoulders
  22. >Everyone is occupied, either dancing, talking, kissing, or whatever else it is the partygoers are doing
  23. >You reach into your pocket
  24. >You take a small vial of LSD and pour it into the punch
  25. >Darting your eyes about, you think you got away with it
  26. >This will definitely be interesting to see unfold throughout the night...
  27. >"Anon!" you hear
  28. >Before you can turn around, you feel Pinkie's arms wrap around your neck
  29. >"Where did you go?! C'mon, let's dance!"
  30. >"Seems like you've been doing a lot of dancing already. Aren't you a little tired, Pinkie?" you ask
  31. >She puts her hand on her chin, tongue sticking out, as she thinks of a response
  32. >"I think you might be right, Anon."
  33. >"Here, let me get you a drink," you say
  34. >You turn around and grab one of the nearby cups, pouring the spiked punch into it
  35. >Handing it over to Pinkie, she smiles and quickly gulps down the whole thing
  36. >"Phew! Okay, now can we dance? Pleasepleaseplease! C'mon, Anon!"
  37. >You cannot wait for the effects to set in, and you chuckle to yourself as you think about it
  38. >You take Pinkie's hand and run over to the laptop hooked up to the house's sound system
  39. >A few moments of google magic later, you find what you're looking for
  40. >"We are the Bears Shufflin' Crew, Shufflin' on down, doin' it for you."
  41. >"Ooh! This is my jam!" Pinkie shouts
  42. >"Me too!"
  43. >Instantly, the whole house begins dancing in unison, as if pre-choreographed
  44. >Once Mike Singletary's part comes on, you jump up onto a table and begin belting out your lines
  45. >"I'm Samurai Mike I stop'em cold. Part of the defense, big and bold, I've been jammin' for quite a while, Doin' what's right and settin' the style!"
  48. >Someone pulls out a saxophone and begins jamming along
  49. >The song begins to fade out, finally ending
  50. >Everyone cheers as the song comes to a stop, and the next begins
  51. >"That. Was. AWESOME!" Pinkie yells
  52. >"Da Bears. Can't get enough of 'em," you say
  53. >"I kno- woah!" Pinkie says
  54. >Her eyebrows rise as she begins staring at the wall
  55. >As you look around, you see that a few at the party have started to look a bit out of it
  56. >"Hey, Pinkie, you don't look so good"
  57. >Pinkie turns to you, and stares at you for a few seconds before giving you a big grin
  58. >She leans over and gives you a big hug, rubbing her face against your shirt
  59. >"Uh, Pinkie..."
  60. >You try to pour another glass of punch
  61. >"Here, I think you should drink this," you say
  62. >She takes the punch from you and begins to drink it
  63. >"Mm, I'm not super-duper thirsty..." Pinkie says, and she places the drink back on the table
  64. >"You're really soft!" she says, running her arms about your body
  65. >You put hands to Pinkie's sides and begin tickling her with vigor
  66. >Pinkie begins laughing, hard
  67. >You tussle up her hair, though it doesn't do much as he hair is so large and rather tussled already
  68. >Pinkie collapses to the floor laughing, bringing herself to the fetal position
  69. >She laughs and laughs, uncontrollably, rolling on the floor
  70. >You walk away, finding yourself laughing as well
  71. >You turn back around and look for Pinkie
  72. >Maybe you shouldn't get so caught up in the moment, like you were a little pig-owning 12 year old or something
  73. >You find Pinkie, who is intently studying the carpet at the moment, still giggling to herself
  74. >"Hey, I think we should head over to my place. It's getting a bit... Weird here," you say, looking around at all the others who'd drunk the punch
  75. >"I need to find the answers, though, Anon. They're in the carpet! Come help."
  76. >You roll your eyes and pick Pinkie up
  77. >"Come on, we should probably go."
  78. >Pinkie begins pouting, giving you big puppy dog eyes
  79. >Those eyes shift from cute to curious as she begins examining your face
  80. >"Fuck it", you think
  81. >You grab a cup and pour yourself a drink, downing it as fast as you can
  82. >You don't feel anything at first, and just stand there as Pinkie rubs your face with her hands
  83. >"Anon! ANON! The carpet!"
  84. >You look to the carpet, and the colors begin to fade in and out, swirling about and melting into one another
  85. >"We have to get on the magic school bus! C'mon Anon!" Pinkie shouts as she dives under the punch table
  86. >Without hesitation, you follow her into the bus
  87. >"Woah! It's Liz!" you shout, pointing to Gummy
  88. >The two of you, on all fours, stare at the carpet
  89. >It seems as if the world around you is growing, and you're just another speck of dust among the hairs of the carpet
  90. >You turn to Pinkie, the colors of her skin and clothes seeming as if they would wash over you
  91. >Your eyes slowly move across her body, taking in every inch
  92. >As you come across her skirt, your mind races
  93. >You knew something was in there... And you had to find out
  94. >It was time for another episode of daring and discovery on the Magic School Bus
  95. >You crawled over to Pinkie's rear, flipping her skirt up
  96. >"Anon?" you hear Pinkie say
  97. >She begins repeating your name to herself, and laughs
  98. >The words seem to bounce off your skin as you let your fingers stumble around her striped underwear
  99. >Your fingers clasp at the edges, and begin gradually pulling them down her plump bottom
  100. >Her panties hug her legs as you slide them down, revealing her pussy
  101. >You feel your heart pounding in your chest as you stare at her
  102. >The only thing on your mind is, what does it taste like?
  103. >Gradually, you bring your face forward, making sure to keep your balance lest you fall into the carpet
  104. >"P-Pinkie... Do you know what this tastes like?"
  105. >Pinkie doesn't respond to you, and instead sticks her tongue out and licks the carpet
  106. >"Tastes like purple!" she spouts
  107. >You turn your attention back to Pinkie's slit
  108. >If you had to hazard a guess, it looked like it would taste like cotton candy
  109. >You stuck your tongue out, placing it lightly against against her clit
  110. >Slowly you run yourself up her pussy, fanning your tongue out
  111. >"Oh~" Pinkie moans
  112. >When you reached the end, you stopped, and rested your head against Pinkie's soft cheeks
  113. >"Yes, cotton candy," you thought to yourself
  114. >Taking Pinkie Pie by the waist, you turn her over
  115. >She rolls onto her back and looks at you with a dazed look on her face
  116. >You bring mouth between her legs, licking up and down
  117. >Pinkie begins to moan, squeezing her thighs against your head as you continue
  118. >You wrap your arms around her legs, going faster and faster
  119. >Her toes curl, and she lets out soft gasps
  120. >"Anon~"
  121. >You lap up Pinkie's juices as she becomes more aroused, and feel sweat running own your neck as the area under the table warms up
  122. >Bring your focus upwards, you begin swirling your tongue in a circular pattern around Pinkie's clit
  123. >She shifts from side to side, her pants becoming quicker
  124. >"A-Anon!" she shouts, her whole body tensing
  125. >Her legs press against your face, bringing you in closer as her whole body shivers
  126. >As her orgasm subsides, her whole body falls flat against the floor
  127. >Pinkie begins spreading her arms and legs about, as if making a snowangel
  128. >You look at your hand
  129. >Where once were fingers were now carrots
  130. >For a while, you just stare at your hand
  131. >"Anon~" Pinkie coos
  132. >She sits up and takes your hand, guiding it between her legs
  133. >Pinkie gasps as she sticks one of your fingers inside her, and falls back, rubbing the carpet with her hands
  134. >You begin to move your fingers in and out
  135. >Leaning forward, you lay yourself down on top of Pinkie
  136. >She moans deeply, and you can see a flush of red wave over her face
  137. >Pinkie slides her hand under your shirt and begins running it over your skin
  138. >"Mm... Anon... You're so soft~"
  139. >"Man, that punch tasted a bit funny... Wait, what's going on under he- EEK!"
  140. >"Twilight!" Pinkie shouts, "Join us in the Magic School Bus! Woah! You're getting so small..."
  141. >Twilight quickly throws the cloth down, a frightened look on her face
  142. >You continue to finger Pinkie Pie, and she starts to laugh
  143. >She wraps an arm around you and begins to rub her face on yours
  144. >The cloth around the table is lifted again as Twilight takes a peak
  145. >You look over to Twilight
  146. >She's staring at the two of you, blushing
  147. >You wave your hand in her direction, and hit her on the face
  148. >Twilight yelps, and falls on all fours, the front half of her body within the confines of the table
  149. >"Hey!" Pinkie says, pausing for a few seconds
  150. >"Wait. No, yeah, don't hit my friends Anon! That's so mean..." she says, letting the last syllable hold for a while
  151. >You try to pull your pants down and roll on top of Pinkie, but she pushes you off
  152. >"Apologize first!"
  153. >"Okay," you say as Pinkie's face begins to contort in impossible ways
  154. >You lazily roll over to Twilight, apology ready
  155. >When she comes into view, her's eyes are widened to heir fullest as she stares at you
  156. >"I'm sorry," you let out
  157. >Twilight doesn't seem to hear you
  158. >She crawls over, and lays herself on top of you
  159. >You reach your hands under her skirt, pulling her panties off to the side
  160. >Slowly, you lower her onto your cock, resting the tip on her hole
  161. >Twilight then pushes herself down on top of you, taking the full length of your manhood
  162. >"Ngh~"
  163. >You lie back, and Twilight sits up as far as she can, craning her neck to fit under the table
  164. >She begins grinding herself against you, her outstretched arms gripped onto your shoulders for support
  165. >"Yay!" Pinkie says, hugging Twilight
  166. >Pleasure swathes your body as Twilight's tight pussy moves up and down your cock
  167. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see something
  168. >You turn to find Sunset Shimmer, crawling along the floor, examining the carpet in awe
  169. >Oddly, you find she's already completely naked as she continues crawling into the space beneath the table, eventually bumping her head against you
  170. >Twilight stops and looks to Sunset, and Pinkie then pulls down Twilight on top of her
  171. >They smile, and Pinkie plants a deep kiss on Twilight's mouth
  172. >You hear their moans as they begin taking off the rest of their clothes
  173. >Sunset is already rubbing her hands all over your body, her soft breasts rubbing against the side of your chest
  174. >Taking your hand, you guide Sunset's head to your crotch, and she immediately places her lips on the head of your cock
  175. >She slowly brings your whole length into her mouth, her tongue writhing against your shaft as she does so
  176. >As Sunset's mouth continues to go move along your cock, you take your hand push her head down forcefully
  177. >Panic sets in within Sunset Shimmer as you hold her down, her lips at the very base of your dick
  178. >You ease up and she pulls back, gasping, but goes right back without hesitation, moaning
  179. >Beside you, Pinkie and Twilight have already fully undressed, a strand of saliva connecting their tongues as Twilight rears up
  180. >Twilight turns herself around, and spreads Pinkie's legs open, one of her legs partially leaving the borders of the table
  181. >She begins to lick between Pinkie's legs, and Pinkie returns the favor
  182. >Beads of sweat drip down Twilight's legs as the air around you becomes warmer and warmer
  183. >Your whole body goes stiff, and you press Sunset's head down on your cock once more
  184. >Bliss passes over you as you cum, shooting your load deep into Sunset Shimmer's throat
  185. >As you finish, you let your whole body fall limp, and Sunset comes up for air, mascara running down her face
  186. >"Anon~" she lets out as she rests her body on top of yours
  187. >Beside you, you hear Twilight and Pinkie gasp loudly in ecstasy before Twilight plops down on top of her friend's body
  188. >As you stare up at the table's bottom, it seems to move away from you as you sink into the floor
  189. >Suddenly, you see Pinkie's face come into view, and she puts her delicate lips against yours
  190. >She moves towards your cock, holding her ass above your face
  191. >You feel her tongue slide up and down against you, and then another as Twilight joins in
  192. >Sunset Shimmer follows their lead and flits her tongue across your cock
  193. >The three of them begin to moan loudly, their tongues passing over your shaft
  194. >Every once in a while, their tongues meet and they stop to kiss, running their tongues against each other, before returning to you
  195. >You try to take your hand to fondle Pinkie's breasts, but find that she has pinned your arms down with her legs
  196. >"Pinkie" you say, the word seemingly swirling around in the air as you speak it, "Could you move your legs?"
  197. >After a few moments, Pinkie lifts her legs off of you, and moves to the side
  198. >The girls all stop what they're doing, and turn to each other
  199. >They smirk
  200. >Immediately, Twilight and Sunset Shimmer pounce you, each holding down an arm
  201. >You try to move, but the two of them outmatch you
  202. >Pinkie crawls on top of you, and, with one of her hands, moves your cock to her anus
  203. >"Ah~"
  204. >You feel yourself slip in, and your whole body tingles
  205. >Pinkie begins bouncing up and down, rapaciously sliding your cock in and out of her ass
  206. >Pinkie stops, sliding your cock out of ass, eliciting a long moan as she does so
  207. >She turns around, and sits herself on your face, rubbing herself against you
  208. >The world swirls above you, colors melting into one another, forming colors you can't comprehend
  209. >Twilight and Sunset Shimmer seem to morph and shift, and you begin to panic as what seem to be cocks grow between their legs
  210. >You panic, shaking yourself about, trying to get free from under Pinkie's weight
  211. >Once more the world seems to shift around you, colors becoming brighter and bolder
  212. >As you look back to Twilight and Sunset, they look as they always have, their shapeshifting subsiding
  213. >The two of them sit by your feet, and Pinkie crawls off of you, setting herself by your feet as well
  214. >You sit yourself up for the first time in a while
  215. >Pinkie leans forward and begins sucking you off, the warmth of her moist mouth enclosing your cock
  216. >You can feel pressure build up as she goes on
  217. >Twilight and Sunset Shimmer lean back, rubbing themselves, presenting themeselves to you
  218. >You feel yourself go over the edge, and Pinkie swiftly moves back and spreads her legs
  219. >You cum, spraying your load onto their exposed bodies
  220. >Their gasps and moans pass through your ears as they begin rubbing and fingering their cum covered pussies
  221. >You feel your stomach rumble, and begin to make your way out
  222. >You feel a hand on your ankle, and turn to see SS
  223. >"Don't go Anon," she begs
  224. >The others follow suit, groping at you, begging for you to stay
  225. >You mull it over in your mind as the world bends around you
  226. >Sunset Shimmer brings her face to yours and plants a kiss on your lips
  227. >She pulls you down on top of her, running her hands along your body
  228. >You lightly insert your cock into her, and begin to thrust in and out
  229. >"Oh... Anon~"
  230. >Pinkie and Twilight begin to kiss passionately, fondling each other's breasts
  231. >A dark, round shape begins to push itself under the table
  232. >At first, you can't tell what it is as it slides forward
  233. >It then stops, turning upwards and facing you
  234. >"This is a highly unsafe environment. Semen can transfer dangerous STDs, and you just ejaculated onto three women. A very poor choice of action, Anon."
  235. >And, as suddenly as he had appeared, Magic Johnson disappeared
  236. >The girls paid no mind, and you couldn't tell for sure if it had really happened at all
  237. >You turn back to Sunset Shimmer, and kiss her deeply
  238. >Her face reddens as she moans, your dick sliding in and out of her
  239. >"Anon... What about us?" you hear as hands tug at you
  240. >You pull out of Sunset Shimmer and three girls all get onto their hands and knees, asses in the air facing you
  241. >You start with Twilight, sliding your dick in and out, her pants becoming heavier and heavier
  242. >You pull out and quickly move on to Pinkie, her wet slit dripping from arousal
  243. >Again you move, to Sunset Shimmer now, who gasps at your touch
  244. >The girls begin groping and kissing each other as you fuck them, sweat covering their bodies as their moans mesh together under the table
  245. >Finally, you feel yourself nearing the edge towards orgasm one last time
  246. >You hold back as long as you can before releasing a huge load, moving from girl to girl even as you cum
  247. >Finally you fall back, exhausted
  248. >They all lean their bodies against you, panting, and you draw them into a hug
  249. >"Boy am I going to love having all three of you as my wives!"
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