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  1. I'm literally typing non stop for the last two or three hours (I guess I'm a slow typer) and I can't get to all of you. This is literally your strategy, you outnumber your ideological opponents, inundate them with arguments, and then claim they aren't responding substantively to everything.
  3. It might not seem like it to you, but I think each of my posts through and proof-read everything I write. By the time I post this shit there will be several posts responding to my previous one, and then its pick my fucking poison time. If I respond to A, whooops! Wrong choice, B was the more difficult question and I'm obviously trying to ignore the really difficult question. If I choose B, well fuck me, it was A!
  5. I understand you guys are all about the collective, but GOD DAMN, do you guys even take a break and read your own posts. There is literally 0 disagreement. Take out the libertarian, and each post is a snarky one-liner high-fiving the last snark one liner or a paragraph tying together negative adjectives to libertarianism. The actual arguments have been fucking thin. All you say is libertarianism sucks and the cheerleaders go wild. This isnt a debate, its a fucking set up.
  7. Dont even fucking pretend you're arguing in good faith. "Taking posting holidays"? Are you fucking kidding me? I marathon this shit till your buddy mods ban me. Why the fuck would they probate me if I wasn't making them shit their pants I was gonna convert their dark little corner of the internet socialist safe haven into free thinkers who reject violence and coercion?
  9. No body, literally no body in this thread thinks, "you know what, I don't agree with libertarianism, but let me hear the other side." Before I even come in here, there are dozens of pages of people rephrasing this basic sentence: "Libertarianism is stupid." I don't even know why I'm doing this, not like I'm going to get a real debate going or change anything, like Helsing says, I'm fucking fodder. I could have typed out Shakespear here and it wouldn't matter. My existence on this forum is simply to validate your fucking "good faith" claim, which is utter bullshit.
  11. So yea, go on, point to this post and laugh about how much of nutty libertarian I am. When your ass is in jail indefinitely detained or when Obama puts you on his kill list, I'll be there voluntarily protesting for your rights. And don't think the government will spare you because you have covered its ass all these years. The Feds don't care about you, you are only pawns in their grand fucking scheme, fuck I am pawn too and this is a motherfucking chess game right now. Doesn't matter who wins we both lose and our government overlords win.
  13. I probably won't be back here so here's my final FUCK YOU to you guys. Treat KneelBeforeZog (old roomie who bought me this account) well. He was a good kid before you recruited him. I don't think he'll admit but he would probably take a bullet for the government now, he'd fucking take on a small army for this forum.
  15. This place is a lost cause. The cause of freedom will be better defended where people are not so terribly addicted to free government handouts. I wish I had the time, the energy and the backup cheerleading squad to rouse you to your senses, to turn you into self sufficient masters of your own destiny, but it seems, as always, the government has ruined the day once again and made you permanent slaves.
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