Long Overdue Update is Long | (01/12/2019)

Feb 3rd, 2020
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  1. Long Overdue Update is Long | (01/12/2019)
  3. Decided it's about time I made an update to the News page considering I've been silent for an entire month now and I don't want to leave people hanging.
  5. So, where the Hell have I been? Short answer is Australia, long answer is well.. Long. I've largely been dealing with a whole bunch of stressful visa bullshit for my Australian waifu, dealing with moving to a new house now we're back in the UK, dealing with job hunting, dealing with other personal stress, and the list goes on. This isn't to say that this pile of stress is finished yet (because you betcha' it isn't), but as of late, I just haven't had the time to sit down and work on Peelopaalu despite wanting to several times over the last few weeks.
  7. So, what's happening with the site? A lot, actually. It's just that most of what's being done is very much behind the scenes and under the hood type stuff. For example..
  9. Rebuilding the entire goddamn website:
  11. In case you didn't know, the directory is made (pretty much entirely) out of (badly put together) HTML tables - The website is essentially duct-taped together. I never really expected Peelopaalu to even go online, let alone grow to almost 500 links, so I never thought that this would prove to be an issue. I was wrong. This is proving to be an issue when it comes to updating the directory given that Neocities page editor just about has a stroke when I need to add more links. The solution to this is to do-away with the current system and completely rewrite the directory to make it less of a ball-ache to work with. RSA is currently chipping away at this so I don't lose my marbles with everything else that's going on, so big thanks to him for that one.
  13. Working on a randomiser:
  15. So, given that the userscript I spoke about on my Neocities feed is apparently something people want as an actual feature, I figured that should be something to work on. This is currently in the works and will be added in a future update when I get around to it. You can read more about the userscript in question by clicking here.
  17. Working on the next directory update:
  19. The next update to the directory is still currently in the works and is steadily being worked on, but naturally, due to my free time being about as rare as a Tasmanian Tiger recently, I just haven't had time to add to the list. I still get the odd suggestion from friends here and there but getting around to adding stuff to the live website is another thing. This shouldn't be an issue for too much longer hopefully, and I can start work again digging stuff up and adding it to the list at least somewhat more frequently, but it's currently a slow process.
  21. I hope this has been sufficient to fill you in on everything, and I apologise profusely for the massive tl'dr nature of this news post, but I feel somewhat responsible for making sure anyone visiting this place is at least kept somewhat in the loop about what's going on. If you want to know any details, or just want to email me to say hi, you can do so by dropping me a line here
  23. - Snooper
  25. P.S: I've also recently created a personal webpage over at if anyone wants to check that out.
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