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  1. "Price per piece at 10k min order, USD",Vendor,Link
  2. 0.74,"Shenzhen Yonsuno Technology Co., Ltd.",https://yonsuno8888.en.alibaba.com
  3. 0.8,"Shenzhen Sharphy Electronic Co., Ltd.",https://sharphy.en.alibaba.com
  4. 0.8148,"Shenzhen King Joining Tech Co., Ltd.",https://kingjoining.en.alibaba.com
  5. 0.82,"Shenzhen Heng Hong Tong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.",https://szhenghongtong.en.alibaba.com
  6. 0.82,Hong Kong Ri Xin International Trading Company,https://ri-xin.en.alibaba.com
  7. 0.84,Shenzhen Jinxinda Technology Co,https://jxdic.en.alibaba.com
  8. 0.852,"Shenzhen ZhongYiYingTong Technology Co., Ltd.",https://zyyttrading.en.alibaba.com
  9. 0.9,"Wuhan Am Semi Tech Co., Ltd.",https://am-semi.en.alibaba.com
  10. 0.92,Shenzhen Jeking Electronic Corp.,https://jeking.en.alibaba.com
  11. 0.925,Shenzhen Xiangguang Elec. Ltd.,https://aacasic.en.alibaba.com
  12. 0.925,"Shenzhen BST E-Technology Co., Ltd.",https://bstint-ic.en.alibaba.com
  13. 0.985,Shenzhen KaiSa Technology Co,https://kaisamlcc.en.alibaba.com
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