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  1. Toonami Non-Alcoholic Drinking Game
  2. (because no human could survive WITH alcohol)
  4. Take a shot every time:
  5. -Toonami original content (promos, music videos, game reviews) finish
  6. -One of the following commercials airs:
  7.     -Gamefly
  8.     -Blake Griffin (two if it's Gamefly)
  9.     -Trojan condoms
  10.     -Upcoming/current video game
  11.     -Any commercial you feel out of place airs
  12.     -Sexual Innuendo Hot Pockets
  13.     -Random upcoming genre movie
  14.     -Any anti-smoking (two if it's REALLY annoying)
  15.     -Sonic shakes
  16.     -Steve Blum Fast Food/theme restaurant
  18. Dragonball Super:
  19. -The episode covers stuff from movies
  20. -Someone complains that it's not like DBZ
  21. -The jokes don't work
  22. -A character from Dragonball or another Toriyama work shows up
  23. -Goku is even more of an idiot
  24. - Super Spoils something from Buu saga
  25. -A powerful character from DBZ gets BTFO by a new enemy
  26. -Someone panics over offending Beerus
  27. -Someone promises Beerus food
  28. -A character from original DBZ is embarrassingly put down in Super
  29. -Goku fucks up another chance to resurrect King Kai
  30. -Yamcha plays baseball (2 shots if he gets wrecked)
  31. -Vegeta loses any shreds of dignity he has left
  32. -Flashback to DBZ Kai, with Kai's animation
  33. -Beerus and Whis react to Earth food
  34. -Whenever the whole Pilaf Gang show up
  35. -Future Trunks cries
  36. -"ZAMASU"
  37. -Dragon Ball callbacks
  40. Dragonball Z Kai
  41. -Two shots for Kamehameha
  42. -You see a dragonball
  43. -Someone uses an energy blast attack
  44. -The animation suddenly becomes passable for a few seconds
  45. -Someone makes an Abridged reference
  46. -Yamcha gets wrecked
  47. -A scouter is beeping
  48. -Roshi does something pervy.
  49. -Someone says "Dragon balls"
  50. -Vegeta acts like a whiny bitch.
  51. -Krillin gets owned (Physically or verbally).
  52. -Someone uses an attack they've never used before/will never use again.
  53. -Character mentions that they're actually evil/bad to justify their power
  54. -Someone does something stupid for honor-related reasons/just because they want to fight.
  55. -Fusion dance happens
  56. -A new fusion appears
  57. -Super Saiyan 3 happens
  58. -Vegeta's heel turn occurs
  59. -Gohan changes into Saiyaman
  60. -Buu turns someone into candy
  61. -Mr. Satan saves the day
  62. -Gohan/Videl take down low level thugs
  63. -Vegeta whines about his Saiyan Pride
  64. -Buu absorbs someone (2 if it's Gotenks)
  65. -Elder Kai says/does something lewd.
  66. -Someone dies (Liver Extinction Attack)
  68. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Part 2
  69. -Someone strikes a pose
  70. -Someone does something physically impossible
  71. -The first time someone who isn’t white/Asian shows up
  72. -A female character does something plot relevant
  73. -Bad things happen to a dog
  74. -A vehicle is destroyed
  75. -The anime uses a different name than the manga
  76. -Someone says a weird analogy in the middle of a battle
  77. -Someone gets a wound that would kill a normal person
  78. -A scientific fact is dropped into the middle of a fight
  79. -Colors change
  80. -The mask shows up
  81. -Speedwagon is afraid
  82. -Joseph asspulls a plan
  83. -Joseph says "The next thing you'll say is..."
  84. -Joseph says "OH NO!"
  85. -Awaken, my Masters (Down the bottle)
  86. -Chug when Nazis show up
  87. -Stroheim shouts
  88. -The Pillar Men show off a new ability
  89. -Stroheim brags about German engineering
  90. -Someone mentions the Speedwagon Foundation
  93. Gundam Unicorn:
  94. -Someone says "Laplace's Box"
  95. -Someone says "Full Frontal"
  96. -A new person with a weird name is introduced
  97. -Someone says “Newtype”
  98. -Unicorn switches modes
  99. -You hear the OP
  100. -You see someone from one of the previous Gundam series
  101. -Mineva acts cold towards Banagher
  102. -Zinnerman acts like a bro
  103. -you see a recap of the last moments of the 2nd episode
  104. -Angelo is a dick
  105. -Someone mentions the Red Comet
  106. -finish the bottle when Banagher reaches Earth
  108. Hunter x Hunter:
  109. -Kurapika mentions spiders
  110. -Leorio gets mad
  111. -Kurapika is angsty
  112. -Someone compares Hxh to Naruto/YuYu Hakusho
  113. -A character appears for the 1st time
  114. -A character reappears after missing 2 or more episodes
  115. -Someone is angry (2 shots if it’s not Kurapika)
  116. -Gon is hardheaded
  117. -Kurapika gets triggered
  118. -Killua is arrogant
  119. -Leorio gets flustered
  120. -Hisoka gets aroused
  121. -Rambling exposition lasts over a minute (2 shots for 2+ minutes)
  122. -Someone cries
  123. -An unnamed character dies
  124. -They say the word “hunter”
  125. -They explain how something works
  126. -A nen ability name appears on screen.
  127. -Kurapika’s eyes turn or flash red.
  128. -Someone uses a phone
  129. -Senritsu comments on someone’s heartbeats or footsteps.
  130. -Someone tells a lie (2 shots if it’s not Killua or Hisoka)
  131. -Two Ryodan members toss a coin to solve a disagreement.
  132. -Neon complains.
  133. -Someone comments how young Killua & Gon are/calls them kids.
  134. -Someone does something that should be impossible for a normal person
  135. -Buttshot!
  136. Take 2 shots when:
  137. -A named character dies
  138. -Leorio does something serious or useful
  139. -Someone gets punched in the face
  140. -Gon and Killua break a wall
  141. -The Genei Ryodan steals something.
  143. Naruto Shippuden
  144. -Sasori sleeper agent meeting flashback
  145. -Someone sighs or facepalms at Naruto's antics
  146. -Naruto mentions ramen
  147. -Sakura misses a chance to be useful
  148. -Somebody runs with their arms trailing behind them
  149. -There's a flashback
  150. -Jiraiya does something perverted
  151. -Sharingan activates
  152. -A rasengan is used
  153. -Someone gives a speech on friendship
  154. -A kunai, shuriken, or paper bomb is used
  155. -A nature based jutsu is used
  156. -A hokage is shown or referenced
  157. -A ninja walks on water, up a tree, or side of a mountain
  158. -Someone does/uses something overly impractical
  160. One Piece
  161. -Luffy mentions meat
  162. -Luffy is a retard
  163. -Zoro puts on his bandana or gets lost
  164. -Nami is greedy
  165. -Usopp lies
  166. -Sanji lights a cigarette
  167. -Chopper eats a Rumble Ball
  168. -Robin is morbid
  169. -Franky says Super or talks about his week
  170. -Luffy activates Gear 2nd or Gear 3rd
  171. -Sanji and Zoro argue
  172. -Someone talks about dreams, the New World, or a New Age
  173. -A future antagonist is foreshadowed or talked about
  174. -There's a DON or DODON
  175. -Someone does their signature laugh
  176. -Bullets or cannonballs are useless
  177. -A new Devil Fruit user shows up
  178. -Gol D. Roger, One Piece or the Pirate King is mentioned
  179. -"Overtaken", "The Very, Very, Very Strongest" or "Difficult" play
  180. -The weather is fucked up in the Grand Line
  181. -Brooke makes a bone pun
  182. -Brooke and Sanji do something perverted
  183. -Hancock starts gushing about Luffy
  184. -Sanji fawning over a chick, 2 if he uses "Nami my darling" or any pet names for the girls
  185. -Someone mentions "Pirate king"
  186. -2 shots whenever Zoro gets lost, again
  188. Ghost In The Shell SAC
  189. -You see all that CGI in the First Gig Intro
  190. -"Advanced" technology is crappier than smartphones.
  191. -They drop a title
  192. -You don't understand what was just said
  193. -Togusa uses his revolver
  194. -There's a gory gunshot wound
  195. -Anytime the Major's outfit makes her look less attractive.
  196. -Tachikomas say something cute
  197. -Togusa makes a comment about being pretty un-cyborg, or someone comments on his lack of cyborg
  198. -A philosophical discussion happens
  199. -The Laughing Man logo appears.
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