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  1. Yun Che’s chest moved up and down, and he said with a frown: "Tell me first, who exactly are you? You treat me like this. And for what? "
  3. He realized that he could not see Shen Xi clearly anymore.
  5. She could almost see him in front of her, his secrets, what he was thinking, what he was not aware of, she could always pierce. But when she took the initiative to reveal her true face to him, it made Yun Che feel like the mist around her body was growing denser and denser.
  7. "Master, you … Is what you said just now true? " He Ling’er’s face went pale. She felt as if she had heard the most unbelievable thing she had ever heard in her life.
  9. Shen Xi was forever indifferent and gentle. She slowly said: “You know my name ‘Shen Xi’, and should have heard of the name ‘Dragon Queen’, but you don’t seem to know, that in the eyes of the people of the world, ‘Dragon Queen Shen Xi’ is the complete name.”
  11. “…” Yun Che’s expression and eyes changed drastically at the same time, "You … It was … Dragon Queen!? "
  13. He Ling had heard from Dragon God that she would come to the Rebirth Forbidden Land once every two months and she was infatuated with Shen Xi … Moreover, it seemed to be a thought that everyone knew of, the thought of “Shen Xi is Dragon Queen” flashed through his mind, but that thought was immediately extinguished by him in the next instant.
  15. At this time, listening to Shen Xi personally say those words, within his shock, he still couldn’t believe it at all. He suddenly raised his head. Impossible! You clearly … The vital yin are still here, how could it be Dragon Queen? "
  17. the Dragon Queen Goddess. According to the legends, the two most beautiful women in the entire world had been taken care of by the God Realm. With Shen Xi’s beauty, if she was a Dragon Queen, she would definitely live up to her name, and it was not exaggerated at all.
  19. If not for yesterday, he would have believed it.
  21. However, the day and night that had just passed … How could he believe that Shen Xi was actually Dragon Queen!
  23. Everyone in the God Realm knew that the Dragon Queen was the wife of the number one person in the Primal Chaos, the Dragon God, after the Dragon God clan!
  25. Seeing Yun Che’s obviously twisted expression, He Ling timidly said, "Master, she … She … She really is the Dragon Queen. "
  27. Yun Che: “…”
  29. “You don’t have to be surprised. You don’t have to feel that you’ve done anything wrong.” Shen Xi gently said: “‘Dragon Queen’, is indeed what everyone calls me, but it is only a title, and it does not mean that I am after dragon race, nor after Dragon God.”
  31. “The ‘Dragon Queen’ that people think of has never existed.”
  33. “…” Yun Che was startled for a few breaths. Thinking about how He Ling said that Shen Xi had been bound here for some reason and was unable to leave, he had a vague guess in his heart, but when he thought about what he had done with her, his scalp felt numb. "You and Dragon God … What was their relationship? If … No… And why are you called ‘Dragon Queen’? "
  35. Shen Xi did not conceal anything and indifferently said: “It is only because you have given me the name of ‘Dragon Queen’ that I have been able to safely remain here for so many years. This is what he gave me in return, and what I wanted. As for the Dragon God, he has always been a junior.”
  37. "Later… “Generation?” This answer stunned both Yun Che and He Ling.
  39. “Three hundred and fifty thousand years ago, when I first met him, he was younger than you. He should only be around twenty.” Shen Xi slowly explained: "At that time, he was harmed by his own clan and abandoned in a wasteland. His entire body was crippled, and he could not even look at them.
  41. “At that time, I sympathized with him and saved him. I used the profound strength of light to restore his eyes, mouth, tongue, and even his profound veins veins.”
  43. She glanced at Yun Che and said, "The dragon is the ruler of the every living thing, and the Dragon God Clan is always the strongest and most sacred race in the God Realm. In the eyes of the world, they were proud, and they even had an extremely strong amount of dignity. They never looked down on despicable, ugly journeys. But what you don’t know is that the dragon race’s battle is perhaps even darker than the humans here, you just can’t see it. "
  45. Shen Xi’s words had indeed overturned all of Yun Che’s understanding of the dragon race. He did not expect that the current Emperor of the dragon race, who reigned over Under Heaven and was invincible, would actually have such a tragic past … Having his entire body crippled and both his eyes and mouth crippled, just thinking about it caused him to tremble in fear.
  47. "After experiencing despair, his temperament greatly changed. He, who was not ambitious in the first place, gave birth to an extreme amount of ambition out of hatred, and he was no longer merciful towards his own kind … Step by step, you will eventually become a Dragon God. "
  49. “In other words, without you, there wouldn’t be the current Dragon God.” Yun Che seemed to be muttering to himself.
  51. Shen Xi shook his head slightly, "From the moment I saved him, I felt that he was looking at me strangely, and I have seen far too many such gazes in my life. I thought everything would fade with time. But, hundreds of years, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years later, he was still the same as before. The day he finally became the Dragon God, he told me that he risked everything to become the ruler of the dragon race just to be worthy of me … Even though he knows that it is impossible for him and me to be together, he will never let it go. "
  53. She sighed lightly. “Back then, I saved him, but it seems that I have also harmed him.”
  55. She had never cared about the feelings Dragon God had for her in the past three hundred thousand years … But now that Yun Che had appeared, she had no choice but to pay attention to this matter.
  57. “…” Yun Che was silent for a very long time.
  59. Although Shen Xi’s explanation was short, it was enough for Yun Che to understand the gist of it.
  61. Given Shen Xi’s splendor, the number of admirers back then would definitely not be less than the current goddess. And with the name of the Dragon Queen, further listing this place as a forbidden ground, there would no longer be anyone in the world who could disturb her tranquility. This could be considered Dragon God’s repayment to Shen Xi … but it also didn’t contain the Dragon God’s selfishness and desire.
  63. Even though the Dragon God’s experience was more than ten thousand times that of his own … But Yun Che could understand the determination Dragon God had towards Shen Xi … Saved by Shen Xi at the time when he was the most hopeless and helpless of times, coupled with her dreamlike and dreamlike elegance, the scene he saw when he reemerged in front of his eyes would definitely deeply imprint itself onto the Soul and it would be something that he would never forget for the rest of his life.
  65. He was a Dragon God, but also a mortal spirit.
  67. Because of Shen Xi, in an entire three hundred thousand years, he had never tainted any woman … At least according to the rumors, there was only one “Dragon Queen” in his life. It was a rare occurrence in the world to be so devoted and persistent to such an extent.
  69. But facing the Dragon God’s obsession for more than three hundred thousand years, even if he had already become the ruler of the Dragon God, and the supreme Primal Chaos’s number one, Shen Xi had never responded in the slightest …
  71. Her complete existence of the vital yin was the proof of everything.
  73. Yun Che’s heart was in turmoil, and he was unable to calm down no matter what.
  75. Shen Xi was the Dragon Queen among the “Dragon Queen’s Goddess”! Although “Dragon Queen” was an empty title that had allowed her to live in peace for so many years, only she and Dragon God should be aware of this point. But, in the eyes of the world, she was the descendant of the dragon race … While he was still half awake and half dazed, he had actually chosen to use the “Dragon Queen”!
  77. Even though he was extremely infatuated with Shen Xi, he didn’t dare to have any extravagant hopes, and even more so didn’t dare to be disrespectful to her in any way. Maybe, in his eyes, Shen Xi was just a flawless dream … If he knew that this “dream” was tainted by a junior who was nothing but a piece of cake in front of him … His reaction was simply unimaginable.
  79. At the same time, he was even more unable to understand why Shen Xi, who only had an indifferent attitude towards him in the Dragon God, would treat him like this. Her words, her eyes, her actions, in the eyes of others, were something that no one could believe or understand … Could it be that ever since he entered the Forbidden Land of Samsara, he had been dreaming? Was it all real?
  81. Looking at Yun Che’s changing expression, Shen Xi said with a smile that was not a smile: “Are you afraid?”
  83. Yun Che: “…”
  85. “If you are afraid, afraid to face Dragon God, then …” Shen Xi’s gaze shifted away from Yun Che as he looked into the distance indifferently, "Do you think that what happened yesterday never happened? I can assure you that no one else will ever know. I will never speak of the things that I have said today again. "
  87. Yun Che exhaled several times, and his chest gradually calmed down: “You are the Dragon Queen, but you are not the Dragon Queen that the world is supposed to be. Which is to say, I have never done anything that would let down the Dragon God!”
  89. Shen Xi said softly: "I, Shen Xi, do not belong to anyone, only myself. What I’ve done to you and what you’ve done to me are all related to you and me. Of course you haven’t let him down. "
  91. “Then why should I be afraid, why would I not dare!?” Yun Che’s tone was stiff, but his tone was firm.
  93. “…” Shen Xi turned her gaze and nodded slightly. “You didn’t disappoint me after all.”
  95. "But, you must tell me the reason why you treat me like this … What exactly is it? " Yun Che said as he stared at her. It was unknown if it was because he couldn’t shift his gaze away, or because he was trying to find something within her star-like eyes.
  97. Shen Xi shook his head. "I can’t tell you. I have my own selfish thoughts, but please believe that I will never harm you. "
  99. “Why can’t you tell me?” Yun Che asked.
  101. “Because right now, you are too insignificant.” Shen Xi said straightforwardly: "The higher the level, the bigger the realm would be. The stronger they are, the more choices they have. With your current strength and level, if I were to tell you everything, I can indeed dispel your confusion, and at the same time, harm you. "
  103. She avoided Yun Che’s direct gaze and the light in her eyes became hazy: "I had originally thought that there was nothing ahead of me. All these years, all that I have been able to do is to get rid of this place’s restraints and search for a home in the boundless realm that might never exist … Until you show up. "
  105. Yun Che: “Me?”
  107. He Ling: "… …. “Huh?”
  109. “If you are unable to clear the doubts in your heart, then, you only need to remember one thing.” Shen Xi said softly, “Our destiny is one.”
  111. She hadn’t thought that the man who Xia Qingyue had brought to her from the Eastern Western Divine Region and she originally didn’t want to shelter, but was instead left behind because He Ling was crying, was actually the person she thought she would never be able to find.
  113. Moreover, it had appeared in front of her before she had even gotten out of the restraints.
  115. It was a very light sentence, and what it brought Yun Che was undoubtedly even deeper confusion. He was completely at a loss. "Besides the identities of Shen Xi and Dragon Queen, you … Who exactly is it? "
  117. He had only been here for two months and if not for the fact that he was brought here by Xia Qingyue because of the Wishing Seal, he would not have known of Shen Xi’s existence. Our destinies are one ", which he could not understand in any way.
  119. "If one day you can surpass the Dragon God, then you will naturally know everything. You can and must. It is only because of this, that you no longer need to fear anyone’s greed, and will no longer have to fear anything, so that you can truly face the Dragon God without any regrets. "
  121. “You have the Creation Gods’s power and …” Shen Xi’s words stalled for a bit, and she continued, “This is fate that you cannot escape.”
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