Glow Skin

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  1. Glow Skin Method
  2. --------------------------------
  4. @iclwn
  6. 1) Get any emulator that can run the following devices: S7 Note8 Galaxy A9 A70 A80 A90 Tab S3 Tab S4 Tab S6
  7. 2) If you don't have a emulator that can run any of these, get an IMEI from a YouTube video that showcases one of those devices.
  8. 3) Next, you input the IMEI into Memu Play & restart the emulator.
  9. 4) From there, you want to make sure that the specific IMEI & Device setting is compatible with Fortnite and able to run it.
  10. 5) After you are able to confirm that it is, load into fortnite and let it download
  11. 6) Log in and go to the store section and glow skin should appear.
  13. This method does not work for you? No problem, there is another method.
  15. 1) Access another emulator from here:
  16. 2) Choose any of the compatible devices and request access. After you are in, do the same steps above leading from 5 & 6.
  17. * The compatible devices are listed above. Make sure that you do not do anything else as these are Samsung developer phones and can easily be disabled on your side and blocked from the website.
  19. Any further assistance dm ok Clownz#4200 on discord
  20. Sharing this method will result in link change and removal of your access to the method, along with a permanent ban on my methods and accounts
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