Android 8 Quick Settings

antijingoist Sep 19th, 2017 (edited) 24 Never
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Ars Technica calls the design of the new Android quick settings "more consistent" than the previous version.

Sure, it's better than before. At the same time I could not go through every reason this design is poor in just one night.
I'll cover just one though, based on this screen grab from Ars.

Android 8 and Android 7 Comparison from Ars Technica

The old design from 7.1 is on the right. The rectangles are the area that the button part covers. It looks good, but the buttons, and their abilities are ambiguous. There's no way to obviously discover there's more options behind some of these buttons. Android 8 on the left fixes that.

Unfortunately, it looks like the hit targets for Android 8 are inconsistent. The labels have a wider target than the icon above them, and the icons have a smaller target. Two steps forward, two steps backward again.

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