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  1. void DlgOption::SubGlobal::initSupportInfo()
  2. {
  3.         static const SupportInfo Infos[] = {
  4.                 {
  5.                         _T("MetaContacts"),
  6.                         LPGENT("Create statistics for meta-contacts and their subcontacts"),
  7.                         LPGENT("The following information are only relevant if your already use MetaContacts. In case you do please use version or above.\r\n\r\nHistoryStats perfectly integrates with MetaContacts and is able to collect the data from the meta-contact as well as from the subcontacts. It is able to intelligently merge all subcontacts histories and more. You can configure MetContacts integration in the \"Input\" options."),
  8.                         LPGENT("MetaContacts Plugin"),
  9.                         _T("")
  10.                 },
  11.                 {
  12.                         _T("Updater"),
  13.                         LPGENT("Automatically get updates of HistoryStats"),
  14.                         LPGENT("Use this plugin if you'd like to be automatically notified when a new version of HistoryStats is published. This plugin can install the updated version, too. As always, be sure to use a recent version though this shouldn't be a big problem with this plugin."),
  15.                         LPGENT("Updater|Updater (Unicode)"),
  16.                         _T("|")
  17.                 },
  18.                 {
  19.                         _T("IcoLib"),
  20.                         LPGENT("Easily exchange icons in HistoryStats' user interface"),
  21.                         LPGENT("Use this plugin if you'd like to customize most of the icons HistoryStats' user interface. Please be sure to use version or above. Otherwise HistoryStats won't show up in IcoLib's options. If you're running Miranda IM 0.7.0 alpha #3 or above you don't need a separate plugin for this."),
  22.                         LPGENT("Icons Library Manager"),
  23.                         _T("")
  24.                 },
  25.         };
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