gummy dandelion mouth

Oct 12th, 2011
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  1. waiting outside the warehouse an old guy was walking by with some small flowers (mostly dandelions) in his hands. he turned to me and talked in that high pitched old guy voice where it seems like the wrinkles of his throat have squeezed and moved his voice box. exchanged some generic pleasantries and then he started a vague story about working in the past - cutting lawns for a few bucks so he could drink at the pub. he then opened his mouth... and inside his gummy mouth were dandelion heads. wow - the juxtaposition between his old sunken wrinkly face and then opening his mouth to reveal the dandelion flowers was big. I said, "wow are they good?", "TASTE ALRIGHT TO ME!" he said in a loud positive sounding whisper. we both laughed. and then he said bye, wished me a nice day and went down the street with dandelion heads in his ancient mouth.
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