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Navako Mratis

ninjajermz Sep 27th, 2011 89 Never
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  1. Navako Mratis
  4. [img] http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/6164/navako.png[/img]
  6. [color=#990066]|[Not true…! …Maybe j-just a little…]|[/color]
  8. You are now Navako Mratis, of course! You are sort of famous, in a way! Well, admittedly this is because you are the next in line to be EMPEROR to the Imperial throne! However, due to the current EMPRESS being much more powerful and iron-fisted than you, you doubt that you will EVER get the throne at all! Then again, being royal-blooded isn’t without its OWN PRIVELEDGES. This includes being protected from the rest of troll society, safe in the FORTRESS OF TOLERATITUDE, even if that means you lack KEY SOCIAL INTERACTIONS. As such, you’ve become somewhat BENEVOLENT to your fellow troll, even if they would think this is a WEAKNESS of yours.  
  10. Your interests lie in MAGICAL FICTION (Magi-Fi for short), your favorite works of which being TROLL STAR WARS. …What, did you expect some overtly long title? No, this movie is quite OLD, meaning that it actually has a NICE, CONCISE title. Its completely true plot without any sort of bias or propaganda is an INSPIRATION to you! Not that you would follow in its footsteps or anything, but you do keep a small collection of PARAPHERNELIA from it! ... Small, yes, most definitely!  ...That’s kind of a lie, considering it takes up a good portion of your entire ICE FORTRESS. But alas, you DIGRESS.
  12. Your other interest, or as you like to say, your DUTY, is to protect your environment at ANY COST! Ok, not at any cost, there’s no reason to get hasty or genocidal or anything. You tend to just come off as a NAG, making sure to inform people well about the DANGERS of toxic gases that are destroying the ALREADY SHIT-TIER ATMOSPHERE. You work on researching the melting of the ice caps near where you live, and have attempted to use such studies to convince people to convert from STEAM TECHNOLOGIES to those of the MAGICAL. Your endeavors are probably futile, anyways, but it never hurts to TRY. You [i]are[/i] hopelessly optimistic, after all!
  13. You lusus is a NARWHAL, who you fondly regard as NARHWALDAD. He tends to get a little ROWDY when he senses another troll or lusus NEARBY, attempting to stab them repeatedly and PAINFULLY. It takes a surprising amount of SHOOSHES and PAPS to get him to calm the hell down.
  15. Your Strife Specubus is allocated to the saberKind, and your Fetch Modus is set to FORCE MODUS, in which you have to have ABSOLUTE CONCENTRATION and find the proper item without seeing it.
  17. Your Knavetag is frigidEnvironmentalist, and you [color=#990066]|[You have a rather frigid w-way of asserting yourself...! S-sort of...]|[/color][/SPOILER]
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