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  1. 0:00 - black bomb, first bdrag died. i looked around to see which side was harder to funnel, decided the right side was, so i spent the last baby drag trying to clear it
  3. 0:10 - second black bomb, now i gotta do old-fashion tank + wiz to funnel
  5. 0:18 - surprise teslas, that's a lot of dps with 2 tesla, 3 cannon, and xbow, i had to be quick with wiz to funnel
  7. 0:22 - im not sure if i could've waited for my ww or heroes to tank that AT on the far left so my wiz can make a better funnel, but at the same time, if either of those reaches that point, would my heroes trail off due to an unsuccessful funnel or would my ww->golem take too much damage before being targetted by that single inferno? in retrospect, im not sure what i could've done about that without jepordizing the funnel, but i guess throwing away a wizard there wasn't the answer
  9. 0:30 - start deploying my remaining troops, ww was taking way too much damage before getting into the compartment, had to spede up the process, thought that if i dropped my troops a bit more to the left, they should be able to funnel into the compartment since my outside wiz is still clearing buildings, aq got range, and my skellies will attack the outside buildings first
  11. 0:32 - i wasn't sure if the inferno was targetting my golem or bk, so i panic'd the bk ability to get as much time with it as possible
  13. 0:44 - couldn't get all of my witches together to benefit more off the rage, so i just dropped it on my aq to kill the opponent's cc quicker
  15. 0:45 - noticed that both my witches weren't taking damage yet on the far right side, so i dropped my hogs as quick as i could to tank for them but one of the witches end up being targetted by the cannon first
  17. 0:57 - as expected, hogs are starting to split, but since my ks was disrupted earlier, that lvl1 bomber to the left of the clan castel didn't get destroyed in-time, was worried if my hogs wouldn't reunite
  19. 0:59 - surprise tesla on far right, this is gonna take my hogs LONGER to reach the compartment with the 2nd inferno and split up my 2nd group further, this disruption on my pathing caused a lot of my hogs on the other half of the split to die before getting the heal/freeze since i have to hold both
  21. 1:07 - ANOTHER tesla on far right, i knew i was gona have to drop 2 heals at this compartment since this disruption of pathing is messing up the timing and health of my hogs
  23. 1:11 - i checked up on my ks to see how they were doing, im about to pop my aq's ability, but my ks will probably die before my hogs reach there
  25. 1:16 - decided to drop one of my giants prematurely as close as i can to the cannon, so that it would distract the defeneses from my aq so it can possibly take out the xbow/cannon on the last compartment. depending on how much value that first giant gives, i was willing to throw my 2nd one too so my ks will live while destroying defenses.
  27. 1:18 - some of the hogs from the 2nd part of the split reunited with my 1st part of the hogs, dropped a heal on all of them
  29. 1:33 - hogs are finally reaching last compartment, but my ks is very weak, and a lot of my hogs died, i dropped my 2nd giant to tank the outside cannon/AT and dropped my final heal immediately
  31. 1:53 - at this point, there's nothing i can do. i got 1 witch on far right, some archers in middle, and about 5-7 hogs left for cleanup, with the time remaining, and all the collectors/bk/corner buildings left to clear, i was worried bout time
  33. missed the 3 star
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