SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Tuesday 1:00 night update

Oct 19th, 2015
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  1. SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Tuesday 1:00 night update
  5. - BERKASOVO/BAPSKA - it's been one of the most difficult nights for the site so far. 3000 people spent night and day in the mud and rain, clashes and tensions errupted. Our call for help was successful, Croatia opened borders at 17:00 and mass of refugees started to walk 12 km to Opatovac, but now border has been closed again and the pace of allowed refugees transported via buses further is not sufficient. Another tough night ahead of local volunteers. Serbians police and authorities finally began to work, but volunteers does feel this will be enough. Manpower, food, money needed here!
  7. - Additional manpower is needed to keep the situation calm and provision of help, how difficult it will be. If you are able to move there soon, please go there - we don't see situation is getting any better soon. Coordination number +381 649 366 029.
  9. - Rain and cold expected again, so gloves, scarfs, hats, children warm clothes and shoes are always needed, as well as raincoats and blankets. You can see situation here:
  11. - OPATOVAC - During the night, 3000 refugees are expected to arrive to already full camp area. They are walking from Bapska/Berkasovo borders, which has been opened at 17:00. Some refugees has been taken a drive to camp by local people and volunteer. Despite some facilities, volunteer help will be needed there during night and day. Refugees are being moved to Tovarnik train station for further way.
  15. - PRESEVO - Situation stable, but still tense, people have to wait hours for registration. Rain expected for Tuesday and further, please if you can deliver raincoats/ponchos, that would be great. There has been setup a coordination phone line, which should be used by volunteers approaching Presevo - +381 642 653 479 - they will let you know about the situation. There has been also set up a warehouse for donations in Youth Center Presevo, they would use your help sorting and delivering things
  17. - DIMITROVGRAD - Reports about 200-300 of refugees at Dimitrovgrad daily, but help provided by independent volunteers has been stopped by authorities. If you are in the area, call Ricardo - +381 628 567 482 and check the situation about possibility to provide help
  21. - Refugees are being allowed to Slovenia only in small numbers, children and women first. Many refugees had to spend night outside waiting at the border crossings on Croatian side, with no shelter, waiting for hours outside. Also tensions an clashes with police has been reported. Austria accepts with no problems.
  23. - Your help is needed at these locations. Organize a car or van to the following destinations:
  24. Border crossings: Gruškovje/Macelj, Petišovci/Mursko Središče, Središče ob Dravi/Trnovec, Obrežje/Bregana, Dobova train border crossing
  25. Other centres in Slovenia: Šentilj/Spielfeld, Gornja Radgona/Bad Radkersburg, Dolga vas, Gornja Radgona, Šentilj, Postojna, Brezice - people are being transported to these centers and then to Austrian border.
  27. - Needed are volunteers on the field as well as the following: warm and/or waterproof clothing (jackets, pullovers), shoes, hats, gloves, socks, dry and canned food, fruit; food for babies and milk. Generally, anything what could make them at least little bit warm and help them of hunger.
  29. - Also SIM cards for those who has to wait would be great so they can contact their relatives.
  31. - Be prepared, that individual volunteers could have problems accessing refugees to provide help. Please always try to communicate UNHRC, Red Cross and/or police on the site before providing help, however, they may not be welcoming your there, so be polite and patient and don't get refused. This is the common approach of Red Cross at many places, and eventually it was always possible to find a common way.
  33. - Supplies and money donations are also being collected in the Social Centre Rog (Trubarjeva 72, Ljubljana) and in Maribor (at the parking lot in front of the railway station, where they set up a container. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, they start collecting from 12:30 on.)
  35. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up also in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  37. - The city Red Cross Čakovec submitted the appeal for assistance to refugees waiting in Trnovac. They are asking for biscuits, cheese slices, ribnljih cans, dates, raisins, chicken pate, dry biscuits and baby food and water in bottles, soaps, wipes, diapers and sanitary napkins.
  39. - Traffic: If the border crossing in Središče ob Dravi will remain closed there is a crossing 1 km away: Središče ob Dravi I / Preseka which until now operates normally.
  41. - Regular trains at the line Spielfeld-Straß (Austria) - Maribor (Slovenia) has been stopped and replaced by buses.
  43. - More than 200 000 refugees entered Croatia since 15th of September.
  45. - On Tuesday, we are releasing a pan-european call of independent volunteering groups asking Europe to act. We are almost 20 at this moment and if your group would like to joint this appeal, please contact me at - thanks!
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