[incest] SHORT Anon's about to get raped by his siren sister

Nov 20th, 2018
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  1. >You are Anon, the brother of three sisters.
  2. >And you REALLY regret that these three girls found those strange glowing gems.
  3. >Now they're significantly more evil and rapey.
  4. >Aria strokes your face with her hand, her touch surprisingly gentle.
  5. >"C'mon, Anon, don't be that way."
  6. >Sonata, now obviously not wearing a bra under her shirt, bounces up and down excitedly on the balls of her feet.
  7. >She grabs your hands with her own and grins like you're a puppy and she just found a box full of you.
  8. >>"Yeah, Nonny, we promise you'll be happy! You just gotta trust us, 'kay?"
  9. >Adagio gently pushes Sonata away and wraps an arm around your shoulder.
  10. >She gives you a tight side-hug and a rough shake, grinning toothily at you the entire time.
  11. >You would have run by now, but A) they locked the door, B) there's three of them and one of you, and C) you honestly thought they wouldn't actually try and go through with the "steal our brother's seed and rule the world with an army of offspring" plan.
  12. >Because that seemed dumb and poorly thought out, y'see.
  13. >What with the inbreeding.
  14. >But hey!
  15. >Apparently, magic can fix and prevent all SORTS of things!
  16. >G-Good...
  17. >whoooo....
  18. >Fuck.
  19. >Adagio brings up her free hand and ruffles your hair, somehow managing the gesture to be both fond AND condescending.
  20. >>>"Anonymous, who better to help us fulfill our plans than our own offspring? Minions are just schmucks with loyalty that may lie elsewhere, but one's children will never betray them if they are raised properly."
  21. >Sonata raises her hand eagerly like a student trying to get a teacher's attention.
  22. >>"I wanna name my daughter 'Beethoven!' "
  23. >Aria slowly turns her head and stares at Sonata with disgust.
  24. >"...Okay. One, that's a boy's name. Two-"
  25. >>"Don't care!"
  26. >"TWO, we're getting ahead of ourselves, Sonata."
  27. >Your blue-est sister deflates sadly, looking like her box of you just got taken away from her and given to a good home.
  28. >>"Aww..."
  29. >Adagio sighs and resumes ruffling your hair.
  30. >Only now, it's more like she's running her fingers through your thick locks.
  31. >Adagio always did say you had thick hair, like she did.
  32. >Less poof, sure, but still very thick.
  33. >She always liked to run her fingers through your hair...
  34. >>>"Thank you, Aria. Anon, raising a child to be loyal to her family takes time and effort. And thanks to these gems, the three of us have nothing but time on our hands. You might even get lucky; maybe learning to love us will extend your life like these gems will extend ours."
  35. >Oh, lucky you.
  36. >You might be a rape-slave FOREVER.
  37. "...this seems like a bad idea for many reasons."
  38. >Aria plays with her tits a bit through her shirt, apparently hoping to persuade you.
  39. >"C'mon, champ, we promise you'll have a good time."
  40. "No, Aria."
  41. >Sonata breaks out the puppy dog eyes, but you've grown up with these girls and you're immune to them.
  42. >>"Pleeeaaaase?"
  43. "No, Sonata!"
  44. >Aria begins to stroke your thigh, slowly dragging her fingers up from your knee to your groin.
  45. >"You sure? 'Cuz either you fuck your sisters willingly, or we hold you down and ride you until we're satisfied."
  46. "I choose neither."
  47. >She stops suddenly, fingers just inches from your traitorously-hard cock, and looks at you with disgust.
  48. >"...what are you, gay?"
  49. "Fuck you too, Aria."
  50. >This puts a familiar fond smirk on her face.
  51. >Meanwhile, Adagio just sighs explosively and dramatically.
  52. >>>"Well, we tried," she deadpans, "Girls? Grab Anon and hold him down. I wanna see how big our brother is~"
  53. >>"He's real big!"
  54. >You sputter and stare up at your thrilled-to-be-alive blue sister in shock.
  55. >You fucking what?
  56. >>>"And I-wait, what?"
  57. >>"Yeah-huh!"
  58. >You aren't the only one who's stunned, judging by the deafening silence.
  59. >"Sonata," asks Aria, sounding confused, curious, and just a little bit impressed, "How in the world do you how big Anon's cock is?"
  60. "Yeah, 'Nata, when the fuck did you ever get a look at my dick?
  61. >>"Well, sometimes when I have a bad dream, I sneak into Anon's room so that I can sleep in bed with him. Aaaaand one time he was having a REALLY good dream, so I took a little peek."
  62. "Oh, god."
  63. >>"That's what I said, too!"
  64. >Adagio whistles, impressed.
  65. >>>"Well, hot damn. Sonata, you get to go first."
  66. >>"OH BOY!"
  67. And then they raped him. A century or two later, their grown-up immortal children infiltrated the various world governments and ultimately gave all that power and decision-making to their parents.
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