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May 2nd, 2021
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  1. The Lady Puppet
  2. Changelog 1.3 ENG:
  4. - Steamworks support added thanks to cyanic.
  5. - The game now features an Original Soundtrack composed by Jasson Prestilliano (JPSoundworks).
  6. - The game now features Italian language as well. The game's language is selectable from the option menu.
  7. - The game now features new gameplay mechanics, such as 8-directional movements and the "sneak" function which allows the player to move slowly, erasing footsteps sound.
  8. - The enemies' AI has been slightly improved. They will now have better hearing (and they will hear the player easily if they move on terrains such as grass) and better sight.
  9. - The Corrupted Ones' AI has been slightly changed. They will not jump in front of the player as often as before.
  10. - Removed the "speedtrail" effect of the enemy puppets.
  11. - Removed anti-aliasing from the font, resulting in much more readable dialogues and documents.
  12. - New options are available. The game's language can be swapped in-game, as well as full screen mode.
  13. - The game's default resolution is now marked correctly.
  14. - The game features new cutscenes animation made by Sidewinder91.
  15. - The game's UI has been revamped:
  16. - The Save/Load screen has been improved. Load times are now instantaneous.
  17. - The Inventory screen has been revamped and it's now more user-friendly.
  18. - Passability on the map has been slightly improved.
  19. - The amount of damage dealt by the enemies has been changed.
  20. - Some rock puzzles deactiveate once they have been solved the first time.
  21. - Some dialogues and story related info have been slightly fixed.
  22. - The English language of the game has been thoroughly proof-readed and fixed thanks to Dragnfly.
  23. - Some invisible events prevented the summoned companions from going through an area. It has been fixed.
  26. To be changed before release:
  27. - To be considered: Hotkey for quick item use from the map.
  28. - More fixes for dialogues and story situations.
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