Paxitium Development Update #5 Changelog

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  1. [Additions]
  2. - Added support for the Polish language (thanks to Kuba on the Discord server).
  3. - Added a body slot that can be used to carry large and bulky items, such as wooden logs. It is also used to carry holdable items without requiring inventory space (weapons, tools, etc.)
  4. - Added a basic profanity chat filter (English only so far). The intensity of the filtering can be changed in the settings menu.
  5. - Split music volume slider into menu music and ambient music. Ambient music will be played in the gameplay background, while menu music is played within menus.
  6. - Added ability to rename and delete save files in-game.
  7. - Moving through certain areas, like dense shrubs and bushes, will now slow the player down and make noise. The leaves will also react to player movement.
  8. - Added a mine shaft as an extension to the cave in Pairo Island.
  9. - Most interactable objects are now outlined while looking at them for better visibility at night. The outline intensity can be adjusted (or turned off) through the gameplay settings.
  10. - Added a filmic grain effect to mitigate color banding (especially night-time skybox). This effect is enabled by default and the intensity can be adjusted.
  11. - Carry weight now affects player movement speed. The speed penalty exponentially increases starting from 20% of carrying limit. Exceeding the carrying limit will not allow you to sprint or jump.
  12. - Added first person legs viewmodel, which means you no longer appear to be a floating pair of arms.
  13. - Added a simple indicator on the HUD when loading or unloading islands.
  14. - Added bullet penetration. Certain types of ammunition are better at penetrating than others. Also, certain types of materials are harder to penetrate than others. Finally, the more material the projectile passes through, the less damage it will deal.
  15. - Added a render resolution slider in the settings menu. It can be used to control the game resolution without affecting the user interface.
  16. - Bullets now leave behind a faint trail.
  17. - Added proper camera shake for explosions and other effects.
  18. - Added a new visual effect when picking up items, so the item flies towards the player who picked it up. This can be disabled in the game settings.
  19. - Added screen blood splatter effects upon damage. The blood splatter will appear along the edges of the screen corresponding to the direction of incoming damage.
  20. - Added sounds to falling trees.
  22. [Changes]
  23. - Updated engine version from 2017.3.1 to 2019.2.17.
  24. - Improved server list performance drastically.
  25. - Improved player movement interpolation drastically. Micro-stuttering is no longer visible when rotating and strafing at the same time.
  26. - There are now alternate actions that can be accessible by holding the interact key while looking at an interactable object.
  27. - Player input keys are now rebindable. Some more buttons are customizable to be either a hold or toggle action.
  28. - Text chat history is navigatable by using the mouse scrollwheel or PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys, while the chat is focused.
  29. - Inventory slots are now rotatable by either choosing the "Rotate" option after right clicking or pressing R while dragging.
  30. - Some types of clothing can now provide extra inventory space. Dropping the clothing slot with items inside will cause it to function as a container. Non-empty clothing slots cannot be nested within each other.
  31. - The player's own username is highlighted in a different shade in text chat list.
  32. - Reduced malnourishment and dehydration rate by 8%.
  33. - Reduced damage from starvation and dehydration by 33%. From full health, it will take 10 real-life minutes before dying.
  34. - Reduced the maximum stack of 9mm PFW, 12 Gauge, Musket Balls, 7.62 Russian, .45 Kolt, .45-70 BP by half.
  35. - Reduced first person aiming animation speed for all projectile weapons by 20%.
  36. - Increased projectile velocity for all firearms by 10%.
  37. - Increased hip-firing base accuracy for all firearms (except shotguns) by 40%.
  38. - Reduced maximum bullet spread for all firearms (except shotguns) by 20%.
  39. - Consumable items now factor in the content percentage into its weight. For example, a half-eaten piece of deer meat is lighter than an uneaten one.
  40. - Improved and optimized the look of character/inventory screen.
  41. - Primitive Bow and Hunting Bow now use arrows directly from the inventory. Before, dropping the bow would also drop the notched arrow along with it, which makes no sense.
  42. - Added color blending for grass in between various terrain textures.
  43. - Increased overall grass density without hurting performance.
  44. - Greatly reduced physical world size of the wooden log item.
  45. - Improved mouse-look sway animation on items.
  46. - Improved wind animation on foliage, trees and grass.
  47. - You can now leave vehicles in the direction that you are looking (if possible).
  48. - Improved boat physics behavior above water.
  49. - Standing within hazardous areas (on top of a campfire) will now hurt you.
  50. - You no longer need to wait for the player to stop consuming items to interact with objects (opening doors, looting, etc). It is tied to the consume animation instead.
  51. - The moon is no longer glued to the same location at night-time, and will rotate along with the sky.
  52. - There is a cooldown on consuming items when fully nourished or hydrated. This prevents the player from appearing to eat or drink non-stop even when they are "full".
  53. - Changed developer console commands structure and improved auto-complete behavior.
  54. - Optimized water rendering and reflections. This performance improvement only affects the GPU.
  55. - Optimized rendering performance by culling the exterior environment while inside a closed area such as a cave or mine shaft.
  56. - Significantly reduced lag spike when unloading an island (1.5 seconds down to ~0.25 seconds).
  57. - Made the hydration and nourishment bar flashing more noticeable when starving or dehydrated.
  58. - You can now click in the loading screen to load the next tip.
  59. - Increased overall rendering distance for dropped items.
  60. - Improved ladder interaction/behavior by latching automatically when touching the ladder.
  61. - Increased Rock's inventory occupancy from 2x2 to 3x3.
  62. - Increased Primitive Arrow's inventory occupancy from 1x3 to 1x4 (still max. 15 per stack).
  63. - Reduced Coconut's inventory occupancy from 4x4 to 3x3.
  64. - Compass now has a proper viewmodel and item drop model.
  65. - Improved overall responsiveness of Primitive Bow and Hunting Bow.
  66. - Weapon reloading timer is now controlled from the server rather than the client.
  67. - Redesigned the user interface for loading and saving singleplayer games.
  68. - Increased the first person viewmodel FOV from 63 to 70.
  69. - Increased camera magnification when aiming down sights. Rifles have a higher iron sight magnification than other closer-ranged weapons.
  70. - Improved first person aiming animation curve.
  71. - Scope view now has an eye relief effect.
  72. - Falling tree trunks will spawn logs and particle effects upon impacting the ground, rather than rolling around.
  73. - Bullet holes/decals now receive proper lighting and have improved texture detail.
  74. - Significantly improved color accuracy and quality of the HDR Bloom post processing effect.
  75. - The player camera will now tilt while proning on sloped surfaces.
  76. - Opening the game menu in singleplayer will now pause the game.
  77. - Doors will now open outwards towards where the player is facing.
  78. - The container blueprint now loops an open/close animation while placing to make it easier for player to determine which direction the containers will open when placed.
  79. - Changed consumables to be able to provide any combination of nourishment/hydration/health regen boost. For example, eating a coconut will nourish and hydrate your player.
  80. - Reload timer is now calculated on the server and can be cancelled on certain weapons by pressing R again.
  81. - Bows now have a crosshair rather than a trajectory tracer since the tracer was not helpful anymore.
  82. - Bows will now respect the aim behavior defined in the control settings.
  83. - Updated dynamite explosion visuals and sound.
  84. - Water inside boats is now properly masked out.
  86. [Fixes]
  87. - Bandwidth statistics in developer console will properly take voice chat bandwidth into account.
  88. - Fixed a regression that causes items to fall through the terrain and other objects once again.
  89. - Fixed a bug in singleplayer where you would randomly spawn in the middle of the ocean.
  90. - Fixed dragging container slots into hotbar causing strange behavior.
  91. - Fixed some minor bugs with inventory slot UI.
  92. - Fixed inability to drown while in a vehicle.
  93. - Fixed boats flying away upon entering.
  94. - Fixed bug where you can shoot and damage yourself by aiming towards your own feet.
  95. - Fixed day and time not syncing immediately upon joining server.
  96. - Fixed major errors with singleplayer saves.
  97. - Fixed bug where total carrying weight would not update when removing an article of clothing.
  98. - Fixed severe memory leaks with instanced materials and grass geometry. This means that memory usage is more efficient over long periods of gameplay.
  99. - Fixed motion blur being incorrectly applied to the torch's first person viewmodel.
  100. - Fixed consumables' bonus health regen duration not decaying when at full health.
  101. - Fixed off-center interaction UI on palm trees.
  102. - Fixed a UI bug where the dragged attachment slots don't update properly while being removed.
  103. - Fixed blueprints and player structures not being able to snap to each other upon rejoining server.
  104. - Fixed a bug where you can hit yourself with your own bullets depending on frame rate.
  105. - Fixed a bug where arrows would not stick to objects.
  106. - Fixed a bug where logs would spawn with the wrong rotation after cutting down a tree.
  108. [Removed]
  109. - Client prediction for displaying looting user interface (simply caused issues, desync and worsens with higher ping).
  110. - Reverted to old character, since new character is causing more problems than it fixed.
  111. - Light Shafts graphic setting. It is now forced to be enabled along with Bloom.
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