Jan 1st, 2014
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  1. Nah, better leave her doing some... field reporting. She's not worth the trouble. You turn your back on her and walk back to the picnic-
  3. *Whoosh!*
  5. Something lifts you up and carries your body to the center of the lake.
  7. “Kanako, what are you doing to him? Don't disturb his sleep!”
  9. “Nobu's already awake, he was strolling around your 'bath house',” She looks to Sanae. “Now try to carry him.”
  11. “But, Lady Kanako-”
  13. “Catch!”
  15. The wind that carries you vanishes, thankfully Sanae quickly catches you with her own wind. It's much more stable compared to when she tried to carry you some hours ago.
  17. “Kanako!” Suwako yells to the other goddess. “Don't make sudden moves like that!”
  19. “What? He'll land in the lake if she can't catch him, so no harm done,” She turns to you. “I saw you wandering around the... 'bath house'. Something on your mind?”
  21. Uh... You shake your head. Better keep quiet about that reporter for now. Sanae lets you drift back to the edge of the lake.
  23. “Hey, where did you take him Sanae? We're not done yet,”
  25. “Can we take a break for a while? I'm tired after all the practice...”
  27. Kanako sighs and nods, and the goddesses fly back to the picnic mat. The blue-haired goddess immediately grabs a cup of tea and drinks it all in one sip. After that she empties the tealeaves and put a new one in the cup, then pulling the flask to her and pouring hot water into the cup.
  29. “We'll have one final practice after I finish my tea, this time with Nobu.”
  31. “Only if he's okay with it,” Suwako looks to your face. “Trust me, she can carry you even if there's a storm! Still, it is much wiser if you find a shelter instead of flying through it...”
  33. “I prepared her for special occasions too, like when being chased by a youkai. You don't expect every journey will be a waltz, do you? Especially with the accidents that occasionally happens to him.”
  35. “I've removed his curse, remember? He shouldn't be in dire situations as often now. [i]At least unless someone is deliberately causing the accidents...[/i]”
  37. “Huh?” Sanae can't hear what Suwako mutters about.
  39. “I said could you pass the basket? I can't reach the lunchboxes!”
  41. “You could've said it louder...” Sanae passes the picnic basket. Suwako opens it and puts all the lunchboxes on the mat.
  43. “Let's eat it all, we shouldn't waste foods, right? Especially you Sanae, you must be hungry after all the practice!”
  45. “I think I've already had enough lunch. I didn't see Nobu eat one though...”
  47. “Uh... I fed him some when you were practicing with rocks, but I agree: He doesn't eat enough of it!” Suwako takes one of the mini-burgers with a chopstick. “Aaaahn...”
  49. Uh... If she says so-
  51. *Bzztt!*
  53. Your mind flashes about someone: The winged paparazzi. If she caught you getting fed by Suwako... You take the mini-burger that Suwako held with your right hand and eat it: Better safe than sorry... The delicious taste of the food makes your stomach scream for more. Well, since Suwako said you ought to eat more... You take another chopstick and start filling your stomach...
  55. “Jeez, you're supposed to eat directly from my chopstick! Am I going to have to put your head on my lap again?” She complains and continues to eat. “You know Kanako... Why don't we perform something now? This is a picnic, we should've entertained one and another with some performance.”
  57. “You've entertained me more than enough by falling into the lake so many times that I lost count,” Kanako jeers at the idea.
  59. “I don't mean something like that... I'll give you an example,”
  61. She mutters something, and moderate-sized-but-still-big snake poofs near her. She whispers something, and it digs some dirt from the ground and throws it to Suwako's hands.
  63. “Look, a lump of ordinary dirt, just taken from the ground.”
  65. She uses both of her hands to shape the dirt to a small ball, then closes her eyes, concentrating to the ball inside her palm. After a while hits it so hard that the ball of dirt cracks, revealing a small statue of frog inside. You and Sanae claps to her performance.
  67. “Did you create the bath house replica like that too?”
  69. “Not really... I only used the trick to shape the decorations inside the bath house. It would be troublesome to try building the whole bath house in one sitting, and the details would be lacking too. I know I can't make a 100% exact copy of the original one, but at least I could make it as close as possible, right? Oh, and I can't just build the bath house and be done with it, I have to direct the water flow, setting up the-”
  71. “You do not intend to keep the bath house for more than a day, do you? I doubt that the tengus are happy that you built this without their consent,” Kanako reminds her of who's in charge of the mountain.
  73. “Well, I don't know.. I built it all night with all the details. It'll be a shame if we only use it once... Maybe I'll hide it somewhere later until we want to use it again,” She hits Kanako's back. “Anyway, it's your turn to perform! Do something good for us!”
  75. “I know you'll force me to do it eventually...” She takes a quick sip on her tea and put it on the mat, then stands up. “I'll make this quick.”
  77. She controls the wind to make a small tornado, then use it to gather the fallen cherry blossom's petals.
  79. *Whooosh!*
  81. Then she throws it on a clear patch of land nearby, and goes back to the mat and grab her tea.
  83. “That's it?”
  85. “That's it,” Kanako takes another sip of her tea. “Look at it from the sky,” Kanako smiles a bit. Suwako flies up and looks at where the petals fell.
  87. “Wooaah... Come here Sanae, Nobu! You have to see this!”
  89. Sanae grabs you and flies-
  91. “Use the wind,” Kanako quickly tells to Sanae before she can depart. “Just lift him up to have a good view of my art and then put him back on the ground. Should be easy after our training, right?”
  93. “Uhm, Nobu... Is it okay if I lift you up using the wind?”
  95. Fine, you've seen her carrying Suwako all the way through winds that Kanako's blown, and she has caught and carried you to the edge of the lake anyway. You nod and stands still on the ground.
  97. “Don't make any sudden moves, okay?”
  99. *Whoooosh!*
  101. Sanae slowly controls the wind around you. Her wind feels stable now... One metre from the ground... Two metres... Four metres...
  103. “Look there Nobu!”
  105. Suwako points to the site where Kanako threw the cherry blossom: They formed a giant letter on the ground: 'Sky'. Heh, clever. You clap as a sign of your amusement, followed by the other two persons who fly with you.
  107. “Now, since we're all flying, why don't you do the final exercise?” Kanako also flies upward, still holding her tea. “Fly to the human village, fetch the radar device that he's planted before, then fly back to the bath house. You'll get some experience, Nobu'll get used being carried by the wind, and I can retrieve my radar device and check if there's something wrong with it. Suwako, you can watch them if you want.”
  109. “You call that an exercise? More like doing some errands. You do have a point though,” Suwako poofs a frog on her hand and put it on your head. “There. We still have some time before it's dark, so you can go strolling around the village if you want. I'll recheck the bath house's structure. Just in case I built something wrong...”
  111. “I'll try to camouflage the building later,” Kanako lands on the mat and sips her tea. “What are you two waiting for? Go ahead.”
  113. Sanae nods and flies away with you. Kanako takes a deep breath, and grab the last riceball from the final lunchbox.
  115. “Did he tell you something about his memory?”
  117. “...Nothing that you should worry about. Just keep him busy, okay?”
  119. ---
  121. You write to Sanae, asking if she feels okay with the... 'picnic', since you only see her practicing winds today.
  123. “Uhm, you were sleeping when we did the rest earlier, after I finished practicing with rocks. Lady Kanako at first wanted to wake you up, so I could practice with you, but Lady Suwako volunteered and said that she shouldn't bother you when sleeping,” Sanae smiles. “Don't worry about me, okay?”
  125. You both land at the outside of the gate. The guards that stand nearby backs up a little, probably surprised seeing how you can fly. They still open the door for you both anyway. You ask her while both of you enter the village why she didn't just fly over the walls.
  127. “Uhm.... Well... Force of habit? I used to drop you just outside of the wall the last time we went to the village, because I carried you on my back.”
  129. “Don't you think a flying outsider will cause an... issue among the villagers?” Suwako's voice hums inside your head, and maybe Sanae's. Sanae then points to a flying white-haired women in a maid outfit, carrying a basket of vegetables. None of the villagers seems to mind her.
  131. “No, I think not. Anyway Nobu, where did you plant the radar? Do you remember it?”
  133. You draw the dragon-statue that you looked at before, and draws a X in front of it. Sanae immediately recognizes it and shows you the way. It doesn't take a long time to find the statue. You quickly find the top of the radar and pull it from the ground. Easy.
  135. “Hiroshi! Come back here!”
  137. You hear a familiar voice. You look where it comes from: That's the schoolteacher that gave you a job some weeks ago. She's panting and looking around for something.
  139. “Uhm...Miss Kamishirasawa?”
  141. “Huff... Huff... Oh, you're that Moriya priestess, Kochiya Sanae right? And please, just call me Keine...” She gathers her breath back. “I'm sorry, I have to find a boy. He's trying to escape from his punishment. Have you seen him? Half of your height, short black hair...”
  143. You look around, and catch a glance of a boy, carefully peeking to the schoolteacher behind. Wait, you know him... He's the owner of the game console. Hm... Should you tell the teacher where he's hiding?
  145. [] Reveal his location.
  146. [] Do not reveal his location.
  148. -[] Introduce him to Sanae, and inform the boy that the game device should be ready tomorrow.
  149. -[] Walk away. This is between the teacher and the boy, not your problem. You've done your task.
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