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  1. Guest_TerraBell has joined the chat
  2. Guest_TerraBell: welcome Ameila
  3. Guest_babynephilum: Mhmm.
  4. Guest_TerraBell: i can do thr greeting to day if you dont mind:)
  5. Guest_babynephilum: Ive got it :D
  6. Guest_TerraBell: it will help me learn whos new
  7. Guest_babynephilum: Thanks for your kind offer.
  8. Guest_TerraBell: it wasnt really an offer as we are both mods
  9. Guest_TerraBell: i figured we should split it
  10. Guest_babynephilum: It was sweet, regardless. It was definetely an offer. And.. i said i was good, ive got this
  11. Guest_TerraBell: ive got it today then
  12. Guest_babynephilum: Your figurations arent important to me, hun
  13. Guest_babynephilum: Nah. Ive got it.
  14. Guest_babynephilum: Go to another room if you have an issue
  15. Guest_TerraBell: why cant you share
  16. Guest_TerraBell: i was here first
  17. Guest_babynephilum: You already know i dont like sharing ;)
  18. Guest_TerraBell: ok cool you dont have to share Zen but i would like to still get to mod and i really dont want to have to tell Zen about you not sharing becuase hes already done with drama and i dont get why you cant be a big girl and just share
  19. Guest_babynephilum: Maybe you should be a big girl and use punctuation.. And i dont have to share.
  20. Guest_TerraBell: yes you do
  21. Guest_TerraBell: it how he has always done this
  22. Guest_babynephilum: Id rather no, thank you
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