Office Abomination (one-shot)

Jul 13th, 2015
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  1. I was being molested - in the men's carriage, no less. I was busy minding my own business, staring into the horizon on the subway, when suddenly I felt a hand slither under my belt. Before I could consciously react, I realized that a wet orifice had opened into the palm. A long tongue extended from the hand, coiling inside my pants, pulling my now semi-hard member inside the hole. Shivers ran down my spine as I felt my penis enter what I could see was clearly a woman's slender forearm.
  3. I felt petite form wrap around me, pumping her arm inside my trousers as the other wrapped around my waist. I felt a delicate nose press into my side with every lewd thrust. My knees buckled as the most perfect pleasure enveloped me, coiling, suckling, licking me as the train car rocked on the tracks. The girl's face flushed as her forearm, like a piece of heaven, bulged with the outline of my twitching member. A faint web seemed to spread from her lips, outlined in alabaster against the rose of her cheeks.
  5. Suddenly the girl, hidden behind sunglasses and a baggy hoodie, jerked and shuddered, hugging her tiny chest even tighter to me in orgasm. She pulled her lewd arm out of my pants and disappeared into the crowd, again, before I could react. Her dripping-wet arm had left my pants slimy, and yet my erection throbbed like an inflamed wound, abandoned before completion. I couldn't help but feel disappointed as I tried to will my erection to subside before my stop.
  9. At the office I noticed something odd about the receptionist. She was a plain, mousy girl, quiet and unassuming. I'd never paid much attention to her. But today...? She seemed somehow off. Flushed, maybe? Did she have a cold? I turned back to take another look, and I realized it. Under her oval eyeglasses, between her dirt-road bangs, I saw a familiar pattern of white on pink. Her breath was ragged, and her rather modest chest pulled her white dress shirt tight with every breath.
  11. I leant even closer to her as she tried to avoid my gaze. As my face neared hers, the patchwork of what looked like scars on her jaw became more and more visible as the rest of her face blushed harder and harder. Finally her face began to ripple. Half-dozen tentacle-like jaws, all bustling with tiny teeth, fought and failed to keep themselves under command. I circled her desk, slowly, as she sat, squirming, her legs closed tight and her balled fists pressed tense onto her knees.
  13. She yelped as I grabbed her hand, but did not resist as I pulled her up from her chair. I almost ran to the toilets with her in my hand, and spun her into a stall and onto the seat. She fought to keep up the pretense of humanity as I pulled up her knee-length pencil skirt to reveal freshly moistened white panties. I kicked the door close behind me as I slipped my fingers under the light cotton fabric and into her wet orifice.
  17. Her face rippled and churned like fast-flowing waters in a rapid as she moaned under my assault. Tears welled in her eyes as her face finally completely unraveled, revealing the tentacled mass underneath. I couldn't take it anymore. Through the existential terror my supposedly plain coworker's true face inspired in me, I lowered my hips to hers. With one hand I pushed her panties aside and positioned myself at her mouth, while with the other I traced the faint curves of her modest chest.
  19. The receptionist whimpered in pain as I shattered her monstrous hymen with one thrust, her face now twitching like a squid on dry land under her delicate nose and beautiful green eyes. The brought her arms up to cover her face, as if to hide her true face, but I took the chance to push my tongue into her palm-mouth. She yelped in surprise, but her forearm-tongue soon began to eagerly respond to my kiss. Before long, the tongue of her other arm was let out as well, and she awkwardly kissed me with both hands.
  21. Her pain and fear of rejection slowly melted into pleasure as I pumped myself into her hips. Her hole twisted and squirmed around me as if actively trying to milk me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust of my hips and every coil of her insides. Finally she shuddered in orgasm, and her palm-tongues fell slack in my mouth. I gently let her arms down, letting her wrap them around my neck, as I leant forward into a powerful hug. Her wet, horrifying orifice slithered around my ear as I picked up the pace for a furious final spurt that ended with a dizzying ejaculation deep inside her coiling depths.
  25. I felt her jaws slowly begin to gather themselves as I enjoyed the afterglow, my penis still inside her. As I pulled myself away from the hug, I saw the usual face of our receptionist, splayed on the bowl, panting. She smiled gently at me and pulled me back in for a kiss with both drooling arms - as the coiling tentacles left her mouth and entered mine, I felt strangely at ease. I traced my hands to hers and interlocked fingers with her, feeling the slimy drool dribble from her palms as we shared a terrifying kiss in the stall.
  27. Late in the afternoon, as I was about to leave, she shyly motioned me to the desk. She blushed, again revealing the outlines of her jaws, as she asked me to wait for her. She signed out all the keys, far more awkward than usual, and walked over to me. She took my hand without looking up. I bent over to kiss her forehead, and watched her face ripple under her flushed cheeks. Her hand still in mine, I walked her out of the building as she struggled to control her face.
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