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  1. The terrain of Stormnest is made up entirely of stone, dry dirt, stormy seas, muddy flatlands, mighty glaciers, and dry and cold deserts, for it completely lacks any life - as well as severely lacking temperature due to how the Withering Moon has, by this point, intensified to the point it is always active. The Stormborn feed off magic, and thus the lack of life does not bother them, and their structures are all made of stone and metal as a result, being monolithic in appearance and commonly massive in size, being almost like a fantasy version of an arcology. They often create many statues of Thaumaturges as monuments, as well as murals that span entire mountain ranges or cliff faces. The Razor Plants and animals of the shard give it some semblance of life, but the metallic shells mean they are quite alien in appearance, from the blades tree leaves to the toothy, wild cats. The Stormborn themselves have a culture reverent of the Tower and its Thaumaturges, and will do anything for them, seeing even the lowest ranking Thaumaturges as essentially Gods which they are sworn to obey. They are still extremely powerful in magic on a small scale, making them useful servants to the Tower, and have a hatred for worlds completely lacking in magic, sometimes even operating on their own to attack them or bring magic to them without the aid or orders of a Thaumaturge. They wear silken robes made from synthetic materials created using Alchemy, and often have unique designs on them. They do not wear armor since their bodies themselves are close enough to armor on their own, while their weapons are usually made from Razor Plants and thus have an almost organic look to them, like large, bladed leaves or spiked-covered cloves. The caves of Stormnest are almost the opposite of the surface, being bright and filled with life, mostly in the form of luminescent fungus, insects, amphibians, and massive bats. They are inhabited by the Darkdwellers, a race of ugly, elf-human hybrids with slit, glowing eyes, sharp teeth, stringy hair and long, pointy ears, who use biological technology to get by, as well as taming the many unique, bizarre animals down there, particularly riding giant bats as mounts, and using huge moles to carve paths and tunnels. They wear biological clothing and often use biological weapons, usually functioning similar to guns, though vine-like whips are a constant element as well. They are extremely xenophobic to other Shards and regularly attack other Shards to eliminate perceived threats to their peace at home, and while they have no desire to return to the surface, they hate the Stormborn with a passion as well, despite not warring with them due to their fear of the Withering moon. Their architecture is biological in nature, every building being spherical and made from various mixed plants and fungus and the like, and their Meta-Ships are similar. They scorn and hate magic, and are extremely Vytis Organa in nature, loathing the inorganic with a passion.
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