Starfall Elementalist Effects

May 23rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. The standard Elementalist Effects in FEMTO are Fire, Ice, and Lightning- perfectly serviceable, though rather limited. As it's quite common for games to feature a wider array of Elementalist Effects, I decided to create a list with an expanded selection. If you have an effect in mind that isn't on this list, please consult me via DMs (Peyoot#2067) and I'll see what we can work out.
  3. ==Standard Elementalist Effects:
  4. -Fire: Your spell is composed of intense flames, lighting the target on fire on success. Enemies will take 1 hit of damage for the next 2 turns. Spells that hit multiple times add a seperate case of this effect for each hit. Fire spells can be used to warm and burn objects and the environment.
  6. -Ice: Your spell is composed of bitter frost, chilling the target and leaving them brittle. Actions against them have their Crit Range increased by 1 next turn. Ice spells can be used to chill and freeze objects and the environment.
  8. -Lightning: Your spell is charged with electricity, overloading the target and their nerves. The suffer a DC+1 to all actions next turn. Lightning spells can be used to shock and charge objects and the environment.
  10. ==New Elementalist Effects:
  11. -Water: Targets hit by a spell with the Water Elementalist tag suffer a +2 to their critical failure range on the next turn. Water can also be used to clean surfaces, wiping away any undesired substances from the target.
  13. -Wind: Wind-based attacks push the target away from the caster by one zone, two on a crit. GM can rule that heavier targets cannot be pushed back. Wind can also be used to blow away targets, stoke fires, and call up storms.
  15. -Earth: Earth-based attacks cause the target to be covered in earth, forcing them to move more slowly and exert more energy in doing so. The target has a -1 to their rolls for the next round, or -2 on a crit. Earth can also be used to create simple structures, like walls, barricades, and bridges.
  17. -Light: The target is momentarily blinded, suffering +1 DC to all rolls on its next turn, or +2 on a crit. This damage type deals twice as many hits versus undead enemies. Radiant spells can be used to illuminate the environment, providing a dazzling light source.
  19. -Dark: The target is weakened by arcane energy, making them do 2 less hits of damage on their next successful attack or 4 on a crit, to a minimum of 1. Dark spells can be used to drain light sources, and are abhorred by some magical beasts.
  21. -Smoke: Spells with this effect conjure a thick smoke around their targets, rapidly damaging eyes and lungs after a few moments of exposure. The target will lose one of their actions next round or two on a crit, and will take 1 additional point of damage from all attacks that hit it during that time. Smoke can also be used to create cover and blind enemies, enabling characters to sneak by more easily.
  23. -Acid: Spells with this effect cause ongoing damage for three rounds; 1 on a hit, and 2 on a crit. Acid can also be used to erode objects and structures in the environment more easily.
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