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  1. Hello. Again, sorry for english (not native speaker :)). Today I Decided to release cull bean fix (really is beam but bean are god:sombrero:).  What this do is making Asus walls bean show through Asus walls when game normally would optimise and beam do jahseh onfroy by game. Most private p2cs have this but they are greedy and on't want to share with community, evidence by the fact that i'm not seeing any source of this on UnKnoWnCheaTs..... Or maybe they just think it's not good fix, but is good fix. I try to add comments so newbies easier to understand what happens.
  3. [CODE]
  4. #include "Hooks.h"
  5. #include "Core.h"
  6. #include "Tools.h"
  8. #include <intrin.h>
  9. #include "cheat.h"
  11. decltype(&Cheat::CsGo::Hooks::Originals::IsBoxVisible) Cheat::CsGo::Hooks::Originals::IsBoxVisible;
  13. // following hook is fixing this
  14. int __fastcall Cheat::CsGo::Hooks::IsBoxVisible(void* ThisPtr, void*, const Vector& Minimums, const Vector& Maximums)
  15. {
  16.     Cheat::CsGo::Global::StageHook |= Cheat::CsGo::Global::StageHookFlags::IsBoxVisible;
  18.     //Code Pseudo from The Interactive Disassembler (IDA) ( disassembler for computer software which generates assembly language source code from machine-executable code.) (Jiang Ying Personal License)
  19.     /*
  20.     23CA861A  |. 85C0           TEST EAX,EAX
  21.     23CA861C  |. 74 2D          JE SHORT client.23CA864B
  22.     23CA861E  |. 837D 10 00     CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+10],0
  23.     23CA8622  |. 75 1C          JNZ SHORT client.23CA8640
  24.     */
  25.     //We are makeing it static so that when update, only stack once
  26.     static auto CullBeamdw = static_cast<DWORD>(0x1337);
  27.     if (CullBeamdw == 4919)
  28.     {
  29.         //Maybe outdated. Not check source in while, pattern may be wrong..
  30.         CullBeamdw = Cheat::CsGo::Tools::FindSignature(Cheat::CsGo::Tools::Security::StringSecure("client_panorama.dll"), Cheat::CsGo::Tools::Security::StringSecure("\x85\xC0\x74\x2D\x83\x7D\x10\x00\x75\x1C"),
  31.             Cheat::CsGo::Tools::Security::StringSecure("xxxxxxxxxx"), Cheat::CsGo::Tools::SignatureScanTags::Optimised | Cheat::CsGo::Tools::SignatureScanTags::BruteForce);
  32.     }
  33.     //We  only wanting return true when Return is from right address. We only give package to white man, same stragety
  34.     if (CullBeamdw && reinterpret_cast<DWORD>(_ReturnAddress()) == CullBeamdw)
  35.     {
  36.         return static_cast<int>(true); //1
  37.     }
  38.     else
  39.         return Cheat::CsGo::Hooks::Originals::IsBoxVisible(ThisPtr, nullptr, Minimums, Maximums); //Original function Call if Adres return not good
  40. }[/CODE]
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