Flame Demon/Succubus/Curly Soul Manipulation

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  1. Flame Demon:
  2. Method 1:
  3. 1. Slash the air
  4. 2. Hit flame demon twice, then move back in the air a bit and do a full backdash on the flat ground. If you start your dash on the stairs, it will get cut short and you won't get all 4 dust sprites from the dash causing RNG to be off.
  5. 3. Kill him before he starts to raise his elbows to shoot a fireball at you.
  6.     Video:
  7. Method 2:
  8.     This method is slightly faster but also slightly riskier. There is a 9 frame window between after his arms are down at his side but before he starts moving where killing him will yield a soul drop. Here are the first and last frames you can kill him on to show you the window.
  9.     Video:
  10.     Video:
  12. Succubus:
  13. Method 1(with Eversing equipped):
  14.     Slash the air twice, hit her once to wake her up, and then kill her before she says "oide" and tries to grab you. You have ample time to get 4 reminaining slashes off after she becomes vulnerable again and before her attack. Also, make sure you dont walk far enough left to where you can see the Erinys on screen, since that enemy advances RNG every frame. I try to walk just to the 3rd pointed post in the background.
  15.     Video:
  17. Method 2(with War Fatigues equipped):
  18.     Due to Soma's grunting, it is impossible to reach the same RNG value in method one through attacking alone if you transform the Succubus with a spear. Therefor, the only way to reach it is by cutting a dash just short of its full length. You want the dash to create 3 dust sprites if it is completely on flat ground, or 4 dust sprites if 2 are on the flat ground and 2 are at a different elevation level due to part of the dash being on the stair case(3 on ground level and 1 at a different elevation will yield different RNG). If you walk down to the bottom of the stairs and and in between the skull post and the first spiked post to the left of it, you can backdash into the staircase to get the proper RNG value. If you are walking the entire time, there is an 8 frame window to pull it off.
  19.     Video:
  21. Curly:
  22.     This one is nice since you already suspend the game right beforehand anyway. Just jump over her and do 2 ground slashes and kill her before she gets in range to do her stabbing attack. The best way to ensure you can kill her before she is able to start her attack is by doing a full jump from the 2nd from the top step of the staircase and try to land towards the right side of the platform.
  23.     Video:
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