(COMPLETE) Celestia's Foal

Aug 31st, 2014
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  1. >You are Nightmare Moon
  3. >It has been a year since your return to Equestria.
  4. >You summoned the Ogre to aid in your victory, but over time you grew attached to him.
  5. >He reminded you of yourself.
  6. >A softer, more emotional version of yourself, but yourself none the less.
  7. >Perhaps that is why you enjoyed his company; he was the only one who could come close to understanding you.
  8. >More importantly, he didn’t fear you.
  9. >Everypony else drops to your hoof and begs for their humble lives, which they should.
  10. >The Ogre however, stands tall in your presence.
  11. >You watched has he grew more bold in your presence.
  12. >More than likely he thought you didn’t notice.
  13. >To the contrary. You noticed, and observed in great detail.
  14. >Over time, he began to grow close to you.
  15. >While your relationship was definitely unusual by Equestrian standards, you both enjoyed it.
  16. >Your enemies… did not.
  17. >Now you stand together over your Empire.
  18. >That is not however, on your mind.
  19. >When he came to Equestria you tasked him with breaking your sister’s will to rebel.
  20. >He did so very, very effectively.
  21. >Even better yet, she has not taken to enjoying his... presence.
  22. >She is miserable.
  23. >However, while breaking your sister something… unpredicted happened.
  24. >She got pregnant.
  25. >Alicorn’s are unlike normal ponies in that they don’t require genetic compatibility to breed.
  26. >Unfortunately, you failed to predict this.
  27. >Now your sister, your sworn enemy, cares the foal of your loved one.
  28. >It burns.
  29. ---------------
  30. >You wake up.
  31. >It is morning, although eternal night ensures darkness outside.
  32. >You feel cold.
  33. >You open your eyes and see Anonymous.
  34. >He is holding Celestia.
  35. >She always used to sleep at the heel of your bed, but ever since she got late in her term Anonymous has requested that she sleep on the bed with you.
  36. >To provide the best for his child.
  37. >You look down at your own womb; barren and deserted.
  38. >Ever since Celestia conceived you and Anonymous have tried to make a foal.
  39. >Only to be greeted with failures.
  40. >His seed will not take; your womb will not work.
  41. >Your stomach twist in fear.
  42. >What if you remain barren?
  43. >What if there is something wrong with you?
  44. >What if he takes Celestia as his new mate?
  45. >...
  46. >What if he abandons you?
  47. >You blink.
  48. >Surely… surely that is not the case.
  49. >You are an alicorn.
  50. >Your are The Night. The Empress of Equestria.
  51. >Surely your body is the most perfect specimen of the equine form.
  52. >And yet, the more you think about it, the more doubts begin to creep into your mind.
  53. ---------------
  54. >You nudge yourself closer to Anonymous, wrapping your wing over his arm.
  55. >Deep down, you hope that he may still enjoy your small gestures of affection.
  56. >While he does appear to still love you, you can’t help but begin to question that given the current… situation.
  57. >He begins to awaken under your touch.
  58. >”uh…”
  59. “Good morning my Ogre.”
  60. >You gently caress his harm with your wing tip.
  61. “Were thy dreams pleasant?”
  62. >He doesn’t turn around, but instead rubs Celestia’s belly.
  63. >“As always Nightmare, I had pleasant dreams.”
  64. >You smile. Even after almost a year he still finds comfort your dreamscapes.
  65. >You embrace him for a few minutes.
  66. >These times are rare now.
  67. >For the first few weeks both you and him cared very little about actually running the kingdom, but after a while, that changed.
  68. >Now you and him often see each other only during meals and… nighttime activities.
  69. >Your musings are interrupted by his voice.
  70. >”Nightmare?”
  71. “Yes my Ogre?”
  72. >”What do you think about Celestia’s foal?”
  73. >Again, your stomach twist.
  74. >He has known that your anxiety has been growing.
  75. “I- …"
  76. “I-…”
  77. “… If you love it, I do too my Ogre. I want only what pleases you.”
  78. >The words sting as they leave your mouth.
  79. >You know they have truth behind them, even if you don’t want to admit it.
  80. >”You know that I still love you Nightmare, even if you can’t bear a child, right?”
  81. “Of course I do my troll…"
  82. >You snuggle up closer against his back, and speak in the most seductive tone you can muster.
  83. “Although I wouldn’t mind trying to conceive again right now.”
  84. ---------------
  85. >”I’m sorry Nightmare, but I have a meeting with the military advisory council soon, I need to prepare for the day.
  86. >You exhale softly.
  87. >Does he not want you anymore? Has he given up hope that you will bear his child?
  88. >Does he view you as useless now?
  89. >He gets out of bed slowly as not to wake Celestia, and gets dressed.
  90. >You watch him dawn his armor, and prepare for the day.
  91. >It reminds you of why you love him.
  92. >He is strong, like yourself.
  93. >The armor itself however, draws a smile onto your face.
  94. >You both wear armor outside of your private quarters.
  95. >At this point it is entirely symbolic in nature.
  96. >No pony dares to challenge the Crown’s authority; those that did were dealt with… accordingly.
  97. >Anonymous finishes securing his armor, and makes his way back to the bed.
  98. >I’m off to the meeting Nightmare.
  99. >He leans in toward you, and runs his fingers through your mane before placing a kiss on your horn.
  100. >This is one of your favorite parts of the day.
  101. >It is so simple, yet it means everything.
  102. >That he still love you.
  103. >That he still cares for you.
  104. >You pull your head up from the bed, hoping to return the gesture, but you are too late.
  105. >He has already pulled his head back.
  106. “Be safe troll”
  107. >”I will my Nightmare, you be save too-“
  108. >He looks down to Celestia’s womb.
  109. >”And protect my baby.”
  110. >You watch in horror as he lowers his head, and places his lips onto Celestia’s womb.
  111. >She isn’t even wake to feel it, yet you are immediately angered.
  112. >After the small kiss, he leaves the room.
  113. >It is only you and Celestia.
  114. ---------------
  115. >You see red.
  116. >Using your mane, and encircle Celestia's neck, cutting of her oxygen supply.
  117. >A few seconds pass before she awakes.
  118. >But she struggles.
  119. >It feels... good.
  120. >She deserves to struggle.
  121. >She deserves to know what hopelessness feels like.
  122. “Hello my sister, how was your sleep?”
  123. >Your greeting is only met by desperate wheezes.
  124. “Good. The wicked do not deserve sleep.”
  125. >You lift her with magic, and throw her from the bed.
  126. >She slides a distance, and her back hits the wall with an audible thump.
  127. >You stand out of bed and make your way over the the bloated alicorn.
  128. “Get up broodmare.”
  129. >She tries to stand up, but you kick out her front hooves, forcing her onto the ground.
  130. >Her jaw slams against the ground, braking her short fall.
  131. “Surely the once great ruler can stand. Get up Celestia.”
  132. >She looks up at you, with tears in her eyes.
  133. “Please- please Luna. Please stop this, I know you can hear m-“
  134. >You step on her neck, forcing a whimper from her mouth.
  135. “I am not Luna, I am your Mistress; or do I need to remind you again?
  136. >She closes her eyes, tears slip between her eyelids.
  137. “N-No Mistress, you don’t need to remind me. I’m- I’m sorry.”
  138. >You don’t smile.
  139. >Instead, you grasp her wing with your magic, and slowly twist it.
  140. >You audibly hear her joints begin to pop.
  141. >She pleads for mercy.
  142. >”Mistress- Mistress Please! Ahhh Please have mercy!!!”
  143. >You stop twisting.
  144. >You know her body well by now, you didn’t inflict any serious harm, but it was very, very painful.
  145. ---------------
  146. “Tell me my slave, do you try to must you spite me?”
  147. >”M-Mistess?”
  148. >You look down.
  149. >She is so weak.
  150. >So powerless.
  151. You apply more force to your hoof, allowing her to breathe, yet forcing her to labor for air.
  152. “You bare this child, yet you wonder why I am angry? You must have been a terrible ruler.”
  153. >She looks up at you.
  154. >She tries to speak, but her words are interrupted by coughs.
  155. >”But- but I- thought you were happy he- he will have a child?”
  156. >You apply full force to your hoof, cutting of her air.
  157. >Rage begins to boil up.
  158. >You see her face illuminate slightly.
  159. >You assume that your eyes are illuminating the surroundings.
  160. “OUR CHILD!!! OUR CHILD!!! NOT YOURS!!!!”
  161. >Your sister begins to desperately flail her hooves, attempting to earn a breathe of air.
  162. “Yet you steal even that from us!!! You attempt to spite us at every step!!!”
  163. >You feel yourself beginning to cry.
  164. >Swiftly, you turn around, as not to reveal this emotion to Celestia.
  165. >She breaks into a fit of coughing.
  166. >”I- I didn’t not want this to happen… He forced me to… to…”
  167. >You assume she is in tears as well.
  168. >”I don’t want this Lu- Mistress! Mistress! I don’t want this mistress!.”
  169. >”Please… you must understand…"
  170. >”I don’t want to bear his abomination in my womb.”
  171. >Abomination.
  172. >She just called his child… an abomination.
  173. >You turn around to face her.
  174. >You assume she can see the tears in your eyes, but it does not matter.
  175. >She shall pay for those words.
  176. ---------------
  177. >You lift her up by your magic.
  178. >She begins to struggle yet again.
  179. >”Mistress- mistress plea- I- I didn’t mean-
  180. “ENOUGH!!!”
  181. >The room grows deathly quite.
  182. >Even Celestia stops moving, knowing better than to provoke your wraith.
  183. “What you hold is of the highest blessing, yet you disgrace it?
  184. >She does not reply, but instead twitches, trying to hold what little air she has.
  185. >You maintain eye contact with the broodmare, and using your magic, you reach for a sword from the Troll’s weapons display.
  186. >Upon seeing the sword levitate beside you, Celestia’s eyes immediately grow wide, and her flailing renews itself.
  187. >She flaps her now useless wings, desperately attempting to support her weight.
  188. >Without her magic, she fails.
  189. >Her struggling slows, and you watch as her eyes begin to roll.
  190. >Just before she goes unconscious, you release her neck, letting her fall toward the ground.
  191. >Immediately, you remember that the fall may harm the child, and just before impact you catch her in your magic, and lower her gently to the floor.
  192. >Celestia convulses on the ground, overtaken by a fit of coughing.
  193. >You raise the sword before you, and attempt to look at your reflection.
  194. >Instead, your breathe fogs the blade.
  195. >You look back to Celestia, and realize that you can see her breathes.
  196. >You turn to the windows, and see ice beginning to crystalize on the glass.
  197. >Realizing you’ve begun to anger, you close your eyes, and attempt to calm yourself.
  198. >In a deliberately soft, yet forceful voice, you speak.
  199. “Apologize.”
  200. >Instead of remembering her place, she foolishly attempts to protest.
  201. >”Mistress… mistress please calm down… I didn’t mean to-“
  202. >You teleport the sword to her throat, and push it against her fur, making your intentions clear.
  203. “Apologize Broodmare.”
  204. >Her eyes squint shut, and tears cascade from her eyes.
  205. >I’m- I’m sorry… please…”
  206. ---------------
  207. >Her apologize is no where as satisfying as you expected it to be.
  208. >You expected her inevitable submission to be enough.
  209. >But this time is different.
  210. >This isn’t about power.
  211. >You hold absolute control over her pathetic existence.
  212. >This time, she has something that you… can’t have.
  213. >She has something that you can’t retrieve by force.
  214. >It makes you feel nauseous.
  215. >In a moment of rage, you push the sword against her with even more force.
  216. >Panicing, Celestia speaks again.
  217. >“Mistress… please… calm yourself… you- you can’t hurt me… you’ll hurt the foal!!!
  218. >…
  219. >…
  220. >She knows.
  221. >She knows just how powerless you are in this situation.
  222. >She knows of her value to your Ogre
  223. >…
  224. >Of course she would know.
  225. >The fact you sincerely thought her to be ignorant of this makes you angry.
  226. >She must have noticed the Troll’s preferred treatment toward her.
  227. >He allowed her to eat from the same harvest as yourself and him.
  228. >He allowed her to utilize the Royal Baths.
  229. >… to sleep in the Royal Beds.
  230. >She knows that you cannot harm your child…
  231. >Her child…
  232. >She is untouchable, and she knows it.
  233. ---------------
  234. >Your mind races.
  235. >What can you do?
  236. >You can’t harm her, but you cannot let her objection her… arrogance... go unpunished.
  237. >Then, you realize something.
  238. >This is Celestia.
  239. >The former ruler of Equestria.
  240. >You remember the Troll’s tales of her resistance, and doomed defiance.
  241. >How she swore to stay strong, and never cave to him.
  242. >More importantly however, she swore that she would never give up trying to save her little ponies.
  243. >Her children, as she called them.
  244. >It gives you an idea.
  245. >You speak.
  246. “You are correct in that we cannot harm the child you bare…”
  247. >You watch as her face slowly relaxes.
  248. “… but that is not the only supposed "child" of yours that I can harm…”
  249. >Her face shows confusion, and then, as expected, fear.
  250. >”Mistress- mistress please… be reasonable… I- I know your angry! But this won’t help…”
  251. >Finally, a smile finds its way onto your face.
  252. >This is the way things should be.
  253. “This isn’t for us, Celestia. This is for you.”
  254. >You turn, and make your way toward the windows overlooking Canterlot.
  255. >You move the sword from Celestia’s neck, and hold it in front of you.
  256. >You focus your magic onto the blade; causing it to melt into molten steel.
  257. >You remember speaking with the Troll about weapons from his world.
  258. >He mentioned an item called a bullet.
  259. >You will give it a try.
  260. >As you shape a number of these “bullets” from the steel, you begin to talk again.
  261. “You see Celestia, you said that all of Equestria’s ponies are your children."
  262. “We want you to know what it is like to have your children taken from you by somepony you despise.”
  263. ---------------
  264. >After shaping a number of steel spheres, you cool them.
  265. >They are almost cold to the touch.
  266. >By now, Celestia’s fear is beginning to become more and more apparent.
  267. >You turn, and see her eyes locked on the metal balls.
  268. >You doubt she understands what they are for, but you are the one holding them.
  269. >That makes them more than dangerous.
  270. “Mistress please! You don’t want to do this. These ponies are your subjects! This- this will only strengthen the rebellions!”
  271. >You can tell by her voice that she doesn’t want to stop the rebellious ponies, but simply wishes to alleviate your rage.
  272. >You smile, and walk toward the whorse.
  273. >Passively, you whirl the metal balls in the air beside you.
  274. “Come Celestia, you know that I would not harm my loyal ponies.”
  275. >A look on confusion again finds its way onto Celestia’s face.
  276. >”But then what are you-“
  277. >You lift the broodmare up with your magic.
  278. “You see, whenever we capture ponies who rebel, we take them, and their families.”
  279. “Some of these ponies have foals with them, so we separate the foals from their parents.”
  280. “We observe these foals for a time, but unfortunately most have inherited traitorous blood from their parents…”
  281. “And as such, they must be disposed of.”
  282. >Horror comes across Celestia’s face.
  283. >”You- you can’t do this Luna! Please! Listen to me! I know you can here me Luna! You know this isn’t right!
  284. >…
  285. >…
  286. >…
  287. >You return a neutral stare, and intentionally allow a few long moments to pass.
  288. >You want Celestia to realize just how futile her begging is.
  289. >…
  290. >…
  291. >…
  292. >Satisfied that your point has been made, you speak again.
  293. “So breeder, we will visit these foals, and depending on how they react to you, We may be forced to dispose of them.”
  294. >You close your eyes, and focus your magic to teleport yourself and Celestia.
  295. “Come Celestia. Show me just how comforting a parent you can be.”
  296. ---------------
  297. >You open your eyes.
  298. >As you observe your surroundings, a small chuckle escapes your mouth.
  299. >This room always seemed so misplaced.
  300. >A large, underground playroom, not unlike a classroom or nursery.
  301. >Its bright colors and comfortable atmosphere stands in contrast to the heavily guarded hallway on the other side of the door behind you.
  302. >It hardly matters, these foals likely don’t even know this room is a prison cell.
  303. >You see Celestia standing beside you, and slightly in front of you.
  304. >Satisfied that everything is in place, you look forward again.
  305. >Your gaze is greeted by the stares of a small group of foals.
  306. >They are looking in your direction, but are almost motionless.
  307. >You assume they are shocked by the sudden presence of two alicorns.
  308. >However unlike their parents, they are not scared of you.
  309. >They barely understand who you are; their ideas warped by their parents lies and traitorous bloodlines.
  310. >Instead, they look toward Celestia.
  311. >One of the colts breaks the silence.
  312. >”Princess?”
  313. >Your watch as the foals look toward her.
  314. >Partially stunned by the teleportation herself, it takes a moment for Celestia to get her bearings.
  315. >However, once she realizes where she is at, and where the voice came from, she immediately looks back in your direction.
  316. >Her face tells you everything.
  317. >She is scared.
  318. >Surely she believes you intend to butcher these children, and bring them a slow, agonizing death.
  319. >It couldn’t be further from the truth.
  320. ---------------
  321. >”Princess!?! Princess Celestia!!!”
  322. >In the time Celestia looked at you, the colt ran up to Celestia, and hugged one of her front legs.
  323. >Almost instantly, all the other foals follow his lead, and soon Celestia is swarmed by the children.
  324. >Realizing that you do not intend to speak, Celestia is forced to acknowledge the foals.
  325. >”H-Hello there…”
  326. >The unease in her voice is clear, but the foals don’t take notice.
  327. “We thought you were gone! Where did you go?”
  328. >One of the fillies looks at you curiously, and speaks up.
  329. “ and who is that?”
  330. Celestia stumbles for words.
  331. “Ahhhh… that is…"
  332. >Their questions follow one another so quickly that Celestia cannot react.
  333. >Istead, she turns to you again.
  334. >You give a small smile, and speak softly.
  335. ”Me? I am Luna.”
  336. >You look up to Celestia, wearing the same smile.
  337. >To her, the smile carries a much different meaning.
  338. >The look in her eyes.
  339. >She looks... conflicted.
  340. >Returning your gaze to the filly in front of you, you reach down with your wing, and ruffle her mane.
  341. ”And what is your name little one?”
  342. >Leaning her head into your wing, she replies cheerfully.
  343. >“My name is Sunray, Luna. It’s nice to meet you!”
  344. > You suppress your disgust, and reply in a warming tone.
  345. “It’s very nice to meet you Sunray.”
  346. >While you continue to pet the filly, you look up at Celestia.
  347. >She is attempting to calm down the foals around her, and has achieved some success.
  348. >You hear her speak as she gestures to the corner of the room, which is near a bookcase.
  349. >”Why don’t you all sit down over there my little ponies? I will be over in a minute. I just need to speak with…”
  350. >Her sentence dies off as she struggles to decide what to call you.
  351. >The title of Mistress would surely confuse the children.
  352. >Fortunately for her, the foals all gallop to the corner before she is forced to answer.
  353. ---------------
  354. >Instead, she turns toward you.
  355. >Knowing what she wants, you look down at Sunray.
  356. “Why don’t you join your friends in the corner little one? Celestia and I must speak for a moment.”
  357. >When you pull away your wing she looks up at you and nods.
  358. >”OK Luna!”
  359. >And with that, she goes to join her friends.
  360. >By now, Celestia has move in front you; she looks frightened.
  361. >Celestia speaks in a hushed yet stressed tone, attempting to keep the conversation from the ears of the fillies.
  362. >”Mistress, please. Don’t. Do. This. Their just foals! I will do anything you want. Anything, just please.”
  363. >She looks over her shoulder again toward the foals, who have now gathered by the bookcase.
  364. >”They didn’t do anything wrong. They… they could still help you! You could have them work in the castle! Just… just don’t hurt them… please…”
  365. >You use your mane to catch a tear that has fallen from her eye, and reply softy.
  366. >”Calm down sister.”
  367. >She doesn’t move, hoping not to draw attention to herself.
  368. >You do however, notice that her flitch at the word “sister.”
  369. >It has been centuries since she has heard that word come from Luna.
  370. >Your voice deepens in tone.
  371. >"I don’t care if you “will do anything” for me. Your very life is my possession; I neither need, nor care about your consent.”
  372. >In defiance, she speaks again.
  373. >”Mistress please! Their innocent! What wrongs have the committed?”
  374. >You gaze toward the foals, who are gathering themselves in a small circle.
  375. “Look at them Celestia.”
  376. >She looks over her shoulder.
  377. “Look at the filly with the orange mane.”
  378. >Celestia speaks.
  379. >”I don’t understand-“
  380. “Her name is Sunray. Her parents were supervisors at the Cloudsdale weather factory.”
  381. ---------------
  382. “They intentionally ignored protocols, and created a cloud wall over the SeaSadle reason.”
  383. >Celestia nodes gently, but still looks troubled.
  384. >"I don’t see how-“
  385. “Without the stars for navigation, the clouds and fog caused twenty-seven military vessels to become lost over the sea.”
  386. “It has been five weeks, and none of the vessels have been found, besides bits of wreckage coming ashore.”
  387. >Celestia nods.
  388. “Worse yet. They claimed that my guards forced them to do this.”
  389. >”But what does this have to do with her?”
  390. “She was in with her parents in the factory; they attempted to flee after their betrayal.”
  391. “As a subject of mine, she had the duty to warn the authorities of such betrayals; she did not.”
  392. >Celestia speaks.
  393. >”Mistress please. You can’t expect a filly to fulfill such a duty. Those were her parents! She couldn’t-“
  394. “She could have. She could have acted in with dignity. Instead, she chose to be a coward.”
  395. >You bring the steel orbs into your view.
  396. “Let there be no mistake Celestia, her hooves are just as stained with the blood of my sailors as her parents’."
  397. >”But what about the other foals? They aren’t guilty of any crime! They did not receive a trial! They didn’t-“
  398. “These foals came from the Rebel camp that Sunray’s parents were fleeing to. They aided the resistance, there is no need for a trial.”
  399. >With that, you place the metal spheres in your mane, and begin to walk toward the foals.
  400. >You speak in a much gentler tone, with enough volume for the children to hear.
  401. >”Now Princess Celestia, let's tell these foals a few stories, shall we?”
  402. ---------------
  403. >You make your way over to the fillies, and soon make your way to one of the two seating cushions.
  404. >The foals quickly surround you in a semi-circle, looking forward to hearing some stories.
  405. >You watch as Celestia makes her way toward the other cushion, and soon she is seated to your left.
  406. >While you are capable of sitting normally, Celestia is forced to lay slightly on her side, alleviating the pressure on her womb.
  407. >Returning your focus to the foals in front of you, you speak.
  408. “Now little ones, what story do you want to hear?”
  409. >Immediately, they all try to talk over one another, and it is nearly impossible to make out any of there suggestions.
  410. >You a small laugh escapes your mouth.
  411. >Of course they don’t have proper manners. They are uncivilized traitors and whorses, just like their parents.
  412. >Instead, you turn to Celestia beside you.
  413. “Why don’t you chose a story for them to read Celestia? I’m sure they would enjoy hearing from their princess.”
  414. >Her eyes meet yours briefly, before she turns and looks at the bookshelf behind you.
  415. >You can tell that she is tense; likely doubting your intentions.
  416. >However, in an attempt not to scare the children, she plays along.
  417. >She scans the variety of story books,
  418. “Ok… why don’t we read…”
  419. >She prowls over the books, and eventually her eyes fix on one in particular.
  420. >”Ah. The tale of Starswirl and the Crystal Caves of…”
  421. >Her voice trails of.
  422. >Only now does she remember that she can’t pick up the book.
  423. >She has no magic.
  424. >Her eyes again meet yours, this time with a hint of panic.
  425. >You casually return a smile before grabbing the book for her.
  426. “The Crystal Caves of Canterlot? A good choice Princess.”
  427. >You levitate the book in front of Celestia and open it, preparing it for her to read.
  428. >The children all become quite as Celestia opens her mouth to read.
  429. ---------------
  430. >Some time passes.
  431. >The story is nothing special.
  432. >The foals occasionally laughed, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the story.
  433. >It sickens you.
  434. >The story was yet another lie produced by Celestia’s scribes during your absence.
  435. >Not that you should be surprised; she did always have some bizarre obsession with Starswirl's research.
  436. >He was nothing special. Spells that took him years of “intense” research to even discover, let alone use, are second nature to you.
  437. >You suppose that Celestia was infatuated with his work because she was a novice at magic as well.
  438. >To the ignorant, even the wheel can be an amazing thing.
  439. >Your musings are interrupted by the sound of the book closing.
  440. >”And so that is how Starswirl discovered Poison Joke.”
  441. >You take the moment to look at the broodmare beside you.
  442. >She looks to be enjoying herself, and the foals appear happy as well.
  443. >It isn’t surprising; being in the presence of an Alicorn is a privilege to the lesser races.
  444. >And Celestia’s joy isn’t unusual. From the records you have read, she appears to think herself equal to the average pony.
  445. >The very concept disgust you; that she would so readily and willingly abandon and betray her bloodline.
  446. >The children speak again, asking a variety of questions.
  447. >You speak softly to Celestia.
  448. “That was a good story wasn’t it Celestia?”
  449. >She turns to head to look at you, and the smile on her face lessens.
  450. >It is as if she forgot you were here at all.
  451. >It wouldn’t have been the first time.
  452. >You return the book to the shelf, and act is if you are looking for the next story to read.
  453. “What tale should we read next little ones?”
  454. >They begin to shout out whatever book they see on the shelf.
  455. >”The Green Dragon and the Pink Flower!”
  456. >”My Day as a Wonderbolt!”
  457. >”The Tail of Two Towns!”
  458. >You ignore their suggestions.
  459. >You’ve know what book you’ve wanted Celestia to read all along.
  460. >Smiling, you pull a thin book from the shelf, and hold it in front of Celestia.
  461. “How about the story of the Mare In the Moon?”
  462. ---------------
  463. >Celestia’s smile completely disappears.
  464. >Ignoring her, you open the book to the first page.
  465. “Come Celestia, I’m sure none of these foals have heard this story before.”
  466. >”I haven’t!!!”
  467. >”I haven’t neither!”
  468. >”Me neither!”
  469. >The foals all begin to speak over one another again, vying for Celestia’s attention.
  470. >You gently talk to the foals.
  471. “Almost no one has heard this tale little ones. It’s a true story, from long ago.”
  472. >From their reaction, you can tell that they are excited to hear it.
  473. >You turn to face Celestia again, whose gaze has not left you.
  474. >Realizing that you will not change your mind, she lowers her head slightly, and looks at the first page.
  475. >”Ok then… Since you haven’t heard this story before…”
  476. >”Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together, and created harmony for all the land.”
  477. >"To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn…”
  478. >One of the foals speaks out of turn.
  479. >“Is this story about you Princess? You raise the sun right?”
  480. >Slowly, and weakly, she answers.
  481. >”Yes… yes it is my little pony. Please… be quite. I am trying to read.”
  482. >Seemingly ignorant of her distressed voice, the foal smiles, seemingly satisfied with his discovery.
  483. >The other foals let out typical “oooos” and “ahhhs,” genuinely surprised the story is about Celestia.
  484. >"...the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies.”
  485. >"But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night."
  486. ---------------
  487. >The words bring back… painful memories.
  488. >You feel Luna’s emotions beginning to seep into your own.
  489. >After a year of forceful suppression and anguish, actively feeling Luna’s emotions is a very, very rare event.
  490. >In fact, the last time you felt her was when you found that Celestia was… with foal.
  491. >While normally you’ve simply… dealt… with her pathetic attempts to rebel, these last two times felt different.
  492. >She didn’t feel as if she was attempting to fight you.
  493. >All you felt was anger.
  494. >Pure, raw, anger.
  495. >The only times you remember her being like this was during her initial surrender to you.
  496. >But now, it feels as if…
  497. >”You had a sister?”
  498. >Your thoughts are interrupted by a filly’s voice.
  499. >“But you don’t have a sister Princess! Your Celestia! You can’t have an evil sister!”
  500. >The child speaks as if he words are facts.
  501. >You turn to Celestia, who is looking at the child.
  502. >She looks frozen.
  503. >What can she do?
  504. >A child has confronted her centuries of lies, and she has no answer?
  505. >You dare say that you aren’t surprised.
  506. >She struggles to answer.
  507. >”I… I…”
  508. “I am her sister.”
  509. >The foals all turn to you.
  510. “I’m Princess Luna, Celestia’s sister.”
  511. >They look at you as if you the most interesting pony alive.
  512. >Sunray speaks up.
  513. >“But you aren’t a bad pony! It doesn’t make sense?”
  514. >She take takes a moment to think.
  515. >”Where have you been anyways? I’ve never heard of “Princess Luna” before…”
  516. ---------------
  517. >Celestia speaks.
  518. >”That is because I was a very bad sister.”
  519. >Surprised, you turn to face her.
  520. >Instead of the nervous mare from before, Celestia’s face is solemn, and downcast.
  521. >”I… I did things that I regret doing… I sent her away for a very long time.”
  522. >She places her wing on your back.
  523. >The foals looked stunned, as the mood of the conversation has entirely shifted.
  524. >While her apology sounded sincere to the uninformed listener, you did not fall for her trap.
  525. >She has apologized to you many times before.
  526. >You remember a particularly entertaining apology where she pleaded for you to call off your Troll.
  527. >Your thoughts are yet again by a colt’s voice.
  528. >”Princess Celestia, why are you so fat?”
  529. >The question catches you off guard, and you even feel Celestia’s wing twitch.
  530. >The foal, who clearly did not fall for Celestia’s trick, simply stares at her.
  531. >The calm expression on her face evaporates almost immediately, and she turns to face you again.
  532. >She must want guidance, or for you to answer for her.
  533. >Instead, an idea hatches in your mind.
  534. >You will have her explain the truth to these foals.
  535. >You will have Celestia tell her “children” how she was raped, and claimed by her new Empress.
  536. >More importantly, she will tell them about how she bares the child of a person she hates.
  537. >Smiling, you reply to Celestia.
  538. >”It’s ok Celestia, you can tell him the truth.”
  539. >The familiar look of dread appears on her face again.
  540. >Your smile however, only grows wider.
  541. >You watch excitement, that she must admit her weakness.
  542. >”I’m not “fat” my little colt, I’m caring a foal.”
  543. >The children’s eyes all grow wide.
  544. >”You’ve having a foal Princess?”
  545. >Celestia nods softly.
  546. >”Yes I am. Me and my special somepony are starting a family.”
  547. >…
  548. >…
  549. >…
  550. ---------------
  551. >Me and my special somepony…
  552. >My special somepony...
  553. >Words cannot possibly tell how angry you are.
  554. >Yet, at the same time, you feel relaxed; like the calm before a storm.
  555. >You know what must be done.
  556. >A foal speaks.
  557. >”Why is it so cold in here?”
  558. >Out of the corner of your eye you see the whorse turn toward you.
  559. >”Children! Gather by the door now!”
  560. >The whorse quickly stands up, and moves in front of you, positioning herself between you and the foals.
  561. >As if it matters.
  562. >”But aren’t we going to finish the story?”
  563. >”NOW CHILDREN! GO!!!”
  564. >Scared by her Royal Speech, the children all quickly stand, and gallop across the room in fear.
  565. >The whorse quickly lays down on her stomach, and places her cheek against your left hoof.
  566. >Her voice is soft, yet panicked.
  567. >She clearly wants to remain quite, so as not to alert the foals of the actual danger they are in.
  568. >”Mistress- Mistress please… I didn’t mean to what I said. Their children! They wouldn’t understand... what he did to me.”
  569. >”Their innocent foals Mistress! I couldn’t tell them about that…”
  570. >…
  571. >You look down at the pathetic whorse in silence.
  572. >...
  573. >”I- I haven’t done anything with him, please! He does not love me, I swear it!”
  574. >She gently places her lips against your hoof guard, and holds them in place.
  575. >Her entire body is trembling, and tears well up at the edges of her closed eyes.
  576. >You bring the steel orbs from your mane, and gently juggle them in the air in front of you.
  577. >You speak in a calm, soft, and deliberate tone.
  578. ”Do you love him? You you crave his touch?”
  579. >Frantically she shakes her head, keeping her lips placed against your hoof.
  581. >The whorse instantly worms herself back a few inches and shakes her head.
  582. >Only now does she see the “bullets” in the air, and her eyes grow ever wider.
  583. >"No-no Mistress, please... I-“
  584. ---------------
  585. >”Princess Luna? T-t-the door is locked…”
  586. >Celestia’s words die on her tongue as she turns to face the filly, who is now standing beside you.
  587. >She turns to look at the foal, and attempts to open her mouth.
  588. >You quickly restrain her with magic, forcing her into silence.
  589. >”It’s ok Sunray, you don’t have to leave.”
  590. >The filly, clearly shivering in the cold air, looks at you in confusion.
  591. >As you speak, you quickly levitate one of the steel balls, and place it at the entrance of her snout.
  592. >With precision, you force the the sphere up her nostril, and through the layer of bone protecting her useless brain.
  593. >The filly, oblivious to your intentions, looks at you in confusion.
  594. >”But Princess Celestia said thaaaaaaaaaaaa...”
  595. >The foals’ voice dies off as her eyes glaze over.
  596. >You whirl the sphere around inside the filly, and ping it around the inside of her cranium.
  597. >After a few silent moments, a trickle of blood begins to leak from the filly’s nose.
  598. >The whorse's struggling increases, but she has no choice other than to watch.
  599. >Satisfied that your task is complete, you remove the metal sphere from the filly's nose.
  600. >Almost immediately, blood and brain matter begin to pour from the Sunray’s nostril, onto the ground.
  601. >You gently set her onto the ground, so as to stop the display before you, and wipe the blood coated metal ball on the foal’s fur, cleaning it of the gore.
  602. “We are sorry whorse, but were we so rudely interrupted, We simply had to teach her a lesson.”
  603. >You release your grasp on Celestia, who seems to deflate in front of you, and beings to sob quietly.
  604. >”She- she did nothing wrong… how could you…”
  605. “Go. Whorse. Stand by the foals.”
  606. >”Please Mistress… don’t hurt-“
  607. “I will not harm the foals, I promise.”
  608. >She nods quickly, and struggles to her feet, before making her way toward the door.
  609. ---------------
  610. >You sit in relatively silence as Celestia makes her way across the room.
  611. >You hear her arrive, and attempt to clam the foals, who are now becoming increasingly panicked.
  612. >That is of little concern to you know.
  613. >You feel something.
  614. >Someone.
  615. >Luna’s attempting to… take control?
  616. >It isn’t like anything you’ve ever felt from her before.
  617. >She isn’t attempting to use your magic.
  618. >Instead, you feel her attempting to move your mouth, and tongue.
  619. >She wishes to speak?
  620. >You felt such… rage from her a few moments ago.
  621. >Like- like she was just as angry as you were about the wrhore’s remark.
  622. >The concept intrigues you.
  623. >Does Luna... have feel for Anonymous?
  624. >Your train of thought is broken by the sound of hoof steps.
  625. >“SUNBEAM!!!”
  626. >The whore’s voice rings out.
  627. >You look up, and see a colt galloping toward you.
  628. >”But I can’t leave my sister! I’ll just wake her up, it will only take a moment!”
  629. >In the distance, you see Celestia’s display painted upon her face, as the colt hears.
  630. >He stops next to the body of Sunray, and nudges her shoulder.
  631. >”Wake up ray! Princess Celestia said we are going to see our parents!”
  632. >See her parents?
  633. >Did Celestia lie to the children?
  634. >You continue to watch the scene in front of you.
  635. >Sunbeam’s nudges get slightly stronger, as her sister again fails to move.
  636. >“Come on Sunray! Princess Celestia said we are leaving!”
  637. “Your parents are dead.”
  638. >The foal looks up at you.
  639. “Your parents. They are dead. I watched them die.”
  640. >”D-Died? No they aren’t Princess Celestia said-“
  641. “Princess Celestia lied. She always lies.”
  642. ---------------
  643. >The colt stops nudging his sister, more interested correcting you.
  644. >”Princess Celestia would never lie! She’s a good-“
  645. ”One thousand years.”
  646. >The foal looks at you in confusion.
  647. “One thousand years ago my sister and I made a promise to never use the Elements are Harmony against each other.”
  648. >”Elements of Harmony? What are-“
  649. “She promised that she wouldn’t forget me. She promised that she won’t forget my night.”
  650. “She broke that promise.”
  651. >You look over to Sunray’s body.
  652. “She sealed me- us, on the Moon for 1000 years.”
  653. “She tried to break us.”
  654. >…
  655. >A long pause lays in the air, allowing you to gather your words.
  656. ”Your parents are dead Sunbeam. I watched as they drowned, I watched as they struggled to stay afloat.
  657. >The foal’s eyes expand in horror, as he begins to realize you are serious.
  658. “I watched as they sank below the surface, with sand bags tied around their necks.”
  659. >The foal begins to nudge his sister again.
  660. >“Ray- Ray, please wake up, we need to leave.”
  661. ”Sunray is dead.
  662. >His nudges increase, as tears begin to fall from his eyes.
  663. “Sunray!!! Sunray wake up! Please wake up!
  664. >You watch for a few moments as the realization slowing sinks in on the small foal.
  665. >”Why Princess Luna? Why? Did you- did you do this!
  666. >A smile finds its way onto your face.
  667. “Because it is an act of mercy to end traitorous bloodlines."
  668. >You push another metal ball through Sunbeam’s nostril and into his brain, causing him to collapse on the ground.
  669. >You look down at the lifeless foals before you, before looking in the distance.
  670. >While the foals are all looking away from you, they are looking at Celestia.
  671. >Who saw everything.
  672. ---------------
  673. >You stand slowly, and make your way across the room at a leisurely pace.
  674. >“Princess, why is the door locked? I want to see my mommy!”
  675. >”Princess Celestia, where is your Crown?”
  676. >The children are yet again bombarding the whorse with questions.
  677. >You stop a few meters behind the children, and casually gazing at the metal spheres levitating beside you.
  678. >Perhaps these “bullets” of the Troll’s world are useful after all…
  679. >Your eyes avert back to Celestia, as she walks between the foals, and makes her way toward you.
  680. >“Children, don’t look this way, I need to tell my sister a secret.”
  681. >Appearing to respect her wish, the foals all look toward the door.
  682. >You must admit, she is very capable at manipulating these children.
  683. >Celestia makes to way toward you, and in an instant, she is nearly face to face with you.
  684. >”You said you wouldn’t harm them. You lied to me. How- how could you!”
  685. >More than ever before, you feel Luna attempt to move your mouth, and make you speak.
  686. >It doesn’t feel aggressive; at least not toward you.
  687. >She is angry. Very angry.
  688. >You know that, at least to this point, her thoughts have been more… powerful than expected since you got in this room.
  689. >When you dealt with Sunbeam, Luna felt… involved.
  690. >The idea is interesting to say the least; you’ve never felt Luna support any of your violence before.
  691. >Intrigued by this development, you decide to concede the use of your mouth and eyes to Luna.
  692. >A few tense moments pass, as the whorse stares at you.
  693. >Then, Luna speaks.
  694. “Do you know what it feels like being lied to Tia?”
  695. >Her facial expression shifts slightly, as if taken back by your remark.
  696. >”Tia?… Luna? Is that you?”
  697. ---------------
  698. “I know what being lied to feels like Tia. You lied to me. Every. Single. Day.”
  699. >”Your eyes… Luna- Luna is that you? Answer me! Luna!?!
  700. >By now the children, alerted by Celestia’s shouting, has all turned toward you.
  701. “It is us Tia.”
  702. >Tears immediately begin to well up in Celestia’s eyes, and she takes a few steps toward you before hugging you.
  703. >Luna does not try to return the hug.
  704. >Instead, you feel her try to use magic to push Celestia off.
  705. >You decide to ignore the request, instead allowing Celestia to release your lack of motion.
  706. >“L-Luna? What’s wrong?”
  707. “Do not touch us Tia.”
  708. >Celestia immediately backs up a few steps, clearly concerned by your actions.
  709. >“Luna? is that…”
  710. >You see her eyes shift again, believing that she has made a mistake."
  711. >“Nightmare Moon!”
  712. >Her voice drops an octave, as if to sound imposing.
  713. >”Don’t you- ever- imitate Luna! She- was- is, my sister! And she's a much better mare than you will EVER be!”
  714. >Luna stands in silence, below speaking slowly, and deliberately.
  715. “When you raised the sun in the morning at the old castle, you would always brush your coat before going onto the balcony so that you looked your best for the citizens.”
  716. >Again, Celestia’s face shifts, now to one of horror.
  717. “We didn’t. No pony ever came to watch us raise the moon.”
  718. ---------------
  719. >…
  720. >…
  721. >”Luna… it’s really…”
  722. “Us? Yes Tia, yes it is. We don’t blame you for not recognizing us. You barely spent enough time with us to know us anyways.”
  723. >The whorse attempts to gently object to Luna’s claims.
  724. >"Luna, listen. I’m sorry- about everything! I didn’t know what you were going through! I didn’t know-“
  725. >Her excuses are interrupted by Luna.
  726. “Don’t act sorry Celestia. Your apology isn’t sincere. You don’t care about how much we went thro-“
  727. The whorse, desperate to win the favor of her sister, speaks.
  728. >”I DO! I’m so sorry Luna! Please! It never should have been like this! I should still be Princess!!!”
  729. >”I didn’t know how upset you were! If I’d known… I would have done something!"
  730. >…
  731. >…
  732. >…
  733. >Luna, perhaps taking note from you, lets her words linger in the air, allowing Celestia to realize what she just said.
  734. >It takes Celestia longer than expected to realize her error.
  735. >But when she does…
  736. >”Oh no. Luna- I- I didn’t mean that! It’s- it’s just that it’s been 1000 years… It’s a habit-“
  737. “That habit is well over 1000 years old Tia, don’t attempt to say this is a new development.”
  738. “You never viewed me as your equal. I’ve come to understand that.”
  739. >The whorse lowers her head, and shakes it slowly.
  740. >”Luna, that’s not true. Please, lets just talk. It’s been so long; I just want my sister back.”
  741. ---------------
  742. >Luna speaks, her tone bitter and hurt.
  743. “We don’t want to be your sister anymore Celestia. You- you don’t care about us…”
  744. >Perhaps overcome by emotion herself, Luna starts to cry softly.
  745. “All you care about is impressing ‘your’ subjects.”
  746. >You feel Luna attempting to take control of the metal spheres, a request that you allow.
  747. >You watch as she launches the metal spheres, toward the foals behind the whorse in rapid secession.
  748. >They make contact with a number of the foals, who instantly drop to the ground like dead weights.
  749. >Realizing that she likely intends to kill them all, you take over the control of your magic again, after saving two metal spheres and two foals.
  750. >You decide to take control of your magic again, preventing Luna from ending things too quickly.
  751. >Suddenly, there are screams from behind the whorse.
  752. >”Princess!!!? What’s going on!?! Why- why did they all fall down?!?!
  753. >Celestia turns around quickly, and realizes what you’ve- what Luna has done.
  754. >“Oh no… Children, get against the door!”
  755. >Celestia quickly gallops toward the foals, and forces the two fillies between her and the door, as if to shield them with her body.
  756. ---------------
  757. >You walk towards them, only to be interrupted by Celestia’s shouts.
  758. >”Don’t- Don’t com any closer Luna! I won’t let you hurt these foals!
  759. >She pushes her side against the wall more firmly, and begins to squish the foals.
  760. >While they can still breathe, they definitely look uncomfortable.
  761. >Celestia begins to cry, completely overwhelmed by the situation.
  762. >”Why are you- why are you doing this Luna? This isn’t like you… your a good pony…”
  763. >In at hopeless attempt to sway Luna, the whorse keeps talking.
  764. >”Please, help me stop Nightmare Moon, we could fix this. I’ll be a better sister, I promise. Please Luna, please…”
  765. “You take everything from us Tia!
  766. “Even- Even when Nightmare took the kingdom, you still took what was ours!!!”
  767. >”Luna? Please Luna, calm down, I don’t know what you are talking ab-“
  768. ”ANONYMOUS!”
  769. >A silence comes over the room.
  770. “We- we finally found a special somepony. After centuries, we found someone Tia…”
  771. “You always had somepony that loved you, but we- we never did- until now…”
  772. >”Luna…”
  773. ”No! You- you don’t want us to be happy. You- you’re trying to steal him from us…”
  774. “… You even stole our foal…”
  775. ---------------
  776. >You feel Luna weaken significantly.
  777. >If you weren’t in control of your body, she likely would have fallen over into tears.
  778. >However, the whorse still appears to recognize Luna’s distress, and attempts to move toward her.
  779. >Realizing she wants to capitalize on your little sister’s weakness, you decide to take over.
  780. “Stay on the ground whorse. It’s where you belong.”
  781. >Almost instantly she recoils, and attempts to over the foals again.
  782. >”Nightmare Moon you… you monster…”
  783. “It appears you have forgotten your place whorse; I am your Empress and Mistress, you are-“
  784. >“YOU ARE A MONSTER!!!”
  785. >Anger is clearly visible in Celestia’s eyes.
  786. >Apparently her time with Luna has reinvigorated her willingness to resist.
  787. >While inconvenient, it is unimportant. You will simply need to retrain her later.
  788. >However, you can address her false sense of righteousness.
  789. “Us? A Monster?”
  790. >You let out a soft chuckle, and move your mane to her face, holding her chin and gently wiping away her tears.
  791. “Come Celestia, we are no more a monster than you. In fact, we wager you are the greater evil, at least we cared for our little sister…”
  792. >Celestia’s expression shift to one of repulsion.
  793. “Sister?!? Luna?!? You are NOT her sister! No sister would do what you’ve done- what your DOING to her!”
  794. >You continue to gently wipe her tears from her face.
  795. >Your eyes however, shift to the foals behind her, who are still clearly uncomfortable.
  796. >You decide to use that to your advantage.
  797. >Quickly, you cover their muzzles with magic, and restrain their bodies, effectively suffocating them, without allowing them to struggle.
  798. >Celestia does not notice.
  799. ---------------
  800. “I am her sister Celestia, and I am being a much better sister than you’ve ever been to her.”
  801. >You levitate the metal spheres, and place them on Celestia’s snout, effectively scaring her into silence.
  802. “Tell us Celestia, who was the one who ignored Luna’s loneliness? Us, or you?”
  803. >”That’s not fair, I- I’ve already apologized for-“
  804. “So you were the inconsiderate sister.”
  805. “Now tell us, who was the one who sentenced her to 1000 years of isolation because of her anguish? Us, or you?”
  806. >The whorse shakes her head, as if to dispel unpleasant thoughts.
  807. >”Nightmare- I’m sorry… Luna- if you can hear me- I’m sorry-“
  808. “So you were the unjust sister.”
  809. >Celestia shakes her head even more, and pushes her bloated body further against the door, in complete denial of her situation.
  810. >“I- I didn’t mean to! I didn’t know! I didn’t want to hurt her like this! I’m so sorry Luna…. I’m so sorry…”
  811. >You lower your head, so that you’re mouth is only inches from her face.
  812. >After wiping her increasingly large stream of tears for a few moments, you speak again.
  813. “There there my sister, it isn’t your fault, you are just naturally careless. It’s in your nature to harm the ones you try to protect…”
  814. >You use your magic, and gently pull her away from the foals behind her, who are now motionless.
  815. >you gently turn her head, forcing her to look at the two fillies.
  816. “You see Celestia? You didn’t mean to smother them, it’s just in your careless nature.”
  817. ---------------
  818. >You watch as her eyes shoot open, and she realizes what she has done.
  819. >”No- oh no… no- no NO!”
  820. >She frantically crawls toward the foals, and places her head against their sides, checking for a heartbeat.
  821. >”Their still alive!”
  822. >She quickly places her hooves onto one of the foal’s sides, and desperately attempts to revive it.
  823. >Moments pass, and it becomes increasingly clear that her efforts are in vain.
  824. >Without her magic, she is in capable of saving them.
  825. >”Nightmare- please- please save them! I- I didn’t meant to do this- I didn’t mean to…”
  826. >You gently smile before speaking.
  827. “You see Celestia- I have always been the better sister.”
  828. “When Luna was on the moon, who comforted her? Us, or you?”
  829. >Celestia shakes her head.
  830. >”There isn’t time for your riddles Nightmare! Their going to die!”
  831. “They will die unless I save them. I hold their fate Celestia, not you.”
  832. >You pet her mane with your own.
  833. “It is strange how you think that acknowledging your guilt is some sort of game… That you attempt to trivialize Luna and I’s last 1000 years of torment…”
  834. >She shakes her head softly in protest, trying to move your mane, but fails.
  835. "Tell me, who was the better sister? Us, or you?”
  836. >”You were! You were- are the better sister! Please- save them!”
  837. >Unsatisfied with her answer, you continue.
  838. “Tell us Celestia, tell Luna why I am the better sister.”
  839. >In utter defeat, Celestia nearly forces the answers to leave her mouth, in desperate shouts between sobs.
  840. >”Because- because she was with you on the moon! Because she found you love! Because- because…”
  841. “And why are you a terrible sister Celestia?”
  842. >”Because- because I- I left you alone… because I didn’t care about you… because I sent you to the moon… because… oh Luna…”
  843. “Because Whorse? There is one more thing Tia, what is it?”
  844. >”Because… because I took your foal…”
  845. ---------------
  846. >Satisfied.
  847. >That is how you feel.
  848. >It feels so… good. So good to hear her finally admit her failures, her betrayals.
  849. >In your moment of calm, you release your grip on the foals, who fall to the ground.
  850. >A short burst of magic later, and two gasps for air can be heard.
  851. >Knowing they will survive, you teleport them to yet another adjacent room.
  852. >Celestia is now openly sobbing on the ground.
  853. >A pathetic sight.
  854. >While the thought of allowing her to suffer the guilt of their death was tempting, you decided against it.
  855. >You dare not place her under any more stress.
  856. >While her health isn’t of your concern, the welfare of her- of your foal is.
  857. >You walk next to her, and lay beside her bloated stomach.
  858. >She attempts to avoid you, turning her head away from your direction.
  859. >You place your ear upon her side, and listen to the child.
  860. >A steady, strong heartbeat thuds against her side.
  861. >To further ensure the foals safety, you use your magic to verify it’s safety.
  862. >You listen for a few minutes, before deciding to return to your chambers.
  863. >You teleport yourself and the broodmare back to the royal apartments.
  864. >The room is still cold from before.
  865. >You look toward the window, and see the thin layer of ice beginning to melt, dripping onto the floor below.
  866. ---------------
  867. >Luckily, today was one of your few days you had away from your duties.
  868. >Deciding to return to the dream realm, you craw onto your bed, and lay down.
  869. >You naturally turn toward Anonymous’ typical plot, only to see the covers unturned.
  870. >It’s only been slightly over an hour, and you already miss-
  871. >”Luna?”
  872. >You turn to the other side of the bed, and see Celestia looking at you.
  873. >“Can- can I lay on the bed? It-s-s cold in here…”
  874. >The broad mare is visibly shivering, but you are unaffected by the chilled air.
  875. >While you desperately want to deny her, you again fear for the child’s health.
  876. “Very well whorse, you may lay yourself at the bottom of our bed.”
  877. >Celestia nods gently, before crawling onto the bottom of the bed curls into a ball, before using the extra comforter to cover herself.
  878. >You watch her as she attempts to find rest.
  879. >Occasionally a sniffle escapes her snout, a sign that she is still weeping.
  880. >After a few moments, you lay your own head down again on one of the pillows, and close your eyes.
  881. >As you attempt to find rest, you can’t help but remember the her words.
  882. >Me and my special somepony.
  883. >… Did she really mean that?
  884. >Does she really love him?
  885. >…
  886. >Does Anonymous love-
  887. >”Nightmare?”
  888. ---------------
  889. >Your ears perk up, and your turn your head toward the door.
  890. >He’s back! His meeting with the generals must have been-
  891. >”Master!”
  892. >You watch in awe as Celestia stumbles out of the bed, frantically trying to reach your Troll.
  893. >He appears to be surprised as well.
  894. >His emotions aren’t easy to spot, as he’s learned to control his body language over the course of the last year.
  895. >Your only able to read him by shear experience.
  896. >His eyes move quicker than normal.
  897. >His left shoulder moves backward ever so slightly.
  898. >”What is it my whorse?”
  899. >By now she as arrived at his feet, and clings to them tightly.
  900. >”Master! Mistress- she- she killed foals! She killed innocent foals!”
  901. >He looks up at you.
  902. >This emotion is- significantly- easier to read.
  903. >He is... displeased.
  904. >He shakes his leg slightly, prompting Celestia to release her grip.
  905. >Knowing he expects an answer, you transition into mist, and reassemble yourself in front of your Troll.
  906. >”Is this true Nightmare?”
  907. >His question is simple, but his tone is very clear.
  908. “Yes, yes I did my Troll. They were orphans of traitors to the Solar rebellion. There bloodlines were tainted; the loss is insignificant.”
  909. >As you spoke, you'd look toward the whorse laying on the ground.
  910. >These fillies were orphans because of her legacy.
  911. >Your eyes revert again to your Troll, who upon hearing they were Solar orphans, relaxed ever so slightly.
  912. ---------------
  913. >”Nightmare, you can’t simply execute ponies for sport. Even as prisoners, their still more useful to use alive than dead.”
  914. >You shake your head.
  915. “I- We know that we may have been too forceful, but it was not without just reason!”
  916. >”Reason? Nightmare, their were foals! What could they have possibly done?! Just because you enjoy making people suffer doesn’t mean it’s ok!”
  917. >”If you want to be the good ruler you claim to be, you can’t keep doing this!”
  918. >You divert your gaze.
  919. >He- he only insults your leadership when he’s genuinely angry.
  920. >You didn’t mean to upset him like this…
  921. “Troll- we didn’t wish to make them suffer- their deaths were painless, we assure you. We even spared two of them…”
  922. >You look at Celestia, who has been watching the exchange.
  923. “Isn’t that correct whorse? Did we not show mercy and restraint?”
  924. >With fear in her eyes, she nods gently, a action that Anonymous clearly sees.
  925. >”Still Nightmare- there were foals. They didn’t deserve this…”
  926. >You exhale, and nod gently.
  927. “We- we know Orge… We didn’t wish to… kill… so many. We were just so- so angry.”
  928. >He looks up, intrigued by your statement.
  929. >“Why were you angry my Nightmare? It was just you and Celestia this morning…”
  930. >He realizes the significance of that statement.
  931. ---------------
  932. >”It was the the child wasn’t it?…”
  933. >You nod gently, ashamed by your actions.
  934. >He walks toward you, and gently holds you in a embrace.
  935. >You begin to cry onto his shoulder.
  936. >”Shh… It’s ok Empress… I know it’s tough…”
  937. >The flow of tears only increase.
  938. >Again the empty feeling in your womb returns, and you begin to feel sick.
  939. “She… she said that- that you were her special some- somepony…”
  940. “We- we were so scared… we don’t want to lose you…”
  941. >You feel his muscles tighten.
  942. >”What did she say Nightmare?”
  943. >You try to control your sobs.
  944. ”She said- that you were her special somepony… and that you were starting a family…”
  945. ”We- we wanted to hurt her so badly, but the child… we couldn’t…. we had to do something…”
  946. “The foals…”
  947. >He lets you go, and turns to Celestia.
  948. >She immediately realizes his rage, and tries to back away, but only stumbles do to her unwieldy size.
  949. >”Master- master please- we-“
  950. SMACK
  951. >”You stupid fucking whorse!”
  952. SMACK
  953. >”Don’t you EVER forget that you are a fucking breeder!
  954. SMACK
  955. >”Nothing more!”
  956. SMACK
  957. ---------------
  958. >You watch in awe as the troll unleashes a brutal melee against Celestia, smacking her head multiple times, causing her mouth to swell slightly, and leak blood.
  959. >You’ve never seen him strike her since she conceived.
  960. >The fact that he’s so willing to hit her is shocking; that he would knowingly endanger his child for this…”
  961. >You continue to watch as he beats Celestia, who has stopped resisting his strikes in an attempt to appease his anger.
  962. >To your horror, it doesn’t work.
  963. >He keeps hitting her.
  964. >Perhaps- perhaps he isn’t thinking straight.
  965. >Than, almost in slow motion, you see him pull back his leg to kick Celestia.
  966. >In the stomach.
  967. >In a moment of panic, you charge Anoymous, and tackle him to the floor.
  968. >Immediately, he attempts to push you off of him.
  969. >”Get off of me! That damned whorse-“
  970. >You immediately heal Celestia’s injuries, before teleporting Celestia from the room, returning her to one of children’s room.
  971. >Seeing her disappear, the Troll’s attempts to break your embrace lessen, and then, stop entirely.
  972. ”My Troll… calm down… You mustn't do this…”
  973. >Your rack your mind for the right words.
  974. >So many times he has calmed you, yet you’ve never been forced to quench his rage.
  975. >You attempt to remember some of his words.
  976. ”It’s ok my Troll- I’m here for you…”
  977. >His muscles relax, and calm overtakes the room.
  978. ---------------
  979. >After a few minutes, your troll speaks.
  980. >”I’m sorry Nightmare, I just-“
  981. >You pet his check with your mane, hushing his protest.
  982. ”There is nothing to be sorry for my Lord, you were angry…”
  983. >Your words bring up further objections.
  984. >”But the foal, I could have-“
  985. >”But you didn’t. I stopped you, as you’ve stopped me before.”
  986. >He exhales, his warm breathe brushing over your shoulder.
  987. >With the tension in the room almost gone entirely, you take the time to reposition yourself, placing your flank upon his groin, and your hooves upon his shoulders.
  988. >You feel his loins stir, and you watch has his gaze meets your own.
  989. >A smiles takes over your face.
  990. >Perhaps he does still love you.
  991. >You gently rub between his legs with your tail, something that he has come to enjoy.
  992. >His girth increases from your stimulation, and he places his hands under your wings, softly massaging your joints.
  993. >Something that you’ve also come to enjoy.
  994. >However, as the time passes you begin to feel uneasy and nauseas.
  995. >He takes notice, and stops his gently caresses.
  996. >”Is something wrong Nightmare?”
  997. >You place your head upon his shoulders, becoming increasing distressed by this quick onset of… something.
  998. >It doesn’t feel like anything you remember before.
  999. >It isn’t even Luna, as there is no hint of magic attached to this increasingly overwhelming feeling in your stomach.
  1000. >You struggle to understand what is going on.
  1001. >…
  1002. >...
  1003. >It’s- it’s almost like you want to throw up.
  1004. >…
  1005. >…
  1006. >...
  1007. >Strange. You didn’t eat anything this morning.
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