Jun 12th, 2016
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  1. Save course materials for some courses by June 30
  3. Dear <name>,
  4. We wanted to inform you of an update to our technology platform that will affect access to some courses you previously joined.
  5. In 2014, Coursera began developing a new technology platform to improve your learning experience, and to allow courses to run more frequently. The majority of our courses are now offered on the new platform.
  6. This month, we are closing the old platform. One or more courses you joined are on the old platform.
  7. Effective June 30, 2016, courses on the old platform will no longer be available. You should use this opportunity to save any relevant course materials or assignments.
  8. How does this affect my courses?
  10. Any courses and course materials on our old platform will no longer be accessible after June 30. Until that date, we encourage you to save any content you need for personal use and reference.
  11. Any courses on the new platform will not be affected by this change.
  12. Will this affect earned Certificates?
  14. All Statements of Accomplishment (SoA) and Verified Certificates will remain accessible in your Accomplishments page, as long as you do not unenroll from courses you have completed on the old platform. You are also welcome to download a copy for your records at any time. Statements and Certificates that you have shared to LinkedIn will also be maintained on your LinkedIn profile after June 30.
  15. How do I know if a course is on the "old platform"?
  17. If you aren’t sure which platform a course is on currently, navigate to the course and check the URL in the browser bar - courses on the old platform have URLs that begin with (rather than then new platform, which uses the URL
  18. How do I save course materials?
  20. To save course materials from the old platform for reference:
  21. • Download any lecture slides or videos that you would like to save for reference
  22. • Save a record of your quizzes and other assignments by taking screenshots
  23. More questions?
  25. If you have a technical issue with your account, please visit our Help Center.
  26. Thank you for being a part of our learning community, and for your patience and understanding through this product transition! We are excited to continue to improve the learning experience on Coursera, and we look forward to bringing you more great courses on the new platform.
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