The Story of why Bump is Gone.

fire219 Nov 24th, 2014 164 Never
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  1. So you probably just got linked to this after asking something like "what is everyone whining about?" on #lg-g3. I'm about to explain to you what everyone is complaining about. So shut up and listen.
  3. ================================THE DRAMA================================
  5. So, Bump ( as we knew it before 11/23/14 was a Team Codefire project, kept behind a website so that LG couldn't easily patch it. We had our G3 bootloader unlock, and everyone was happy.
  7. Except for the fact that certain ROM dev team (primarily CyanogenMod) decided that they would refuse to have their build servers call out to an external website to have images signed. This meant that all versions of these ROMs for the G3 had to be unofficial. This made some people unhappy.
  9. Enter cybojenix. He is a dev over on the G2 side of things on XDA. He decided he wanted to make the official editions of these ROMs possible, as well as get his 15 minutes of fame. So, he (sorta) reverse engineered (and stole significant parts of!) Codefire's Bump and released his own version to run on local systems, named "Open Bump".
  11. Having their work stolen did not make the Codefire guys happy. In a controversial decision, the original Bump website was taken down, and several members of Codefire left the G3 (and even entire Android) community.
  13. ================================So, no Bump anymore?================================
  15. Kinda yes, kinda no. The original Codefire-designed Bump is gone, and is extremely unlikely to return. However, cybojenix's Open Bump does indeed work. It can be used by devs in place of the original when needed.
  17. For regular users though, there is no difference in the end. Images can still be bumped, and development will continue.
  19. ================================================================
  21. So that's the story. Please don't whine about it in #lg-g3, we are getting tired of being reminded of this ordeal.
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