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  1. http://i.imgur.com/LpNaicJ.png
  2. Welcome the the world of Splatoon! Splatoon is a third person shooter based on claiming turf and stopping the opposing players to do the same.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/2nV0aty.png
  4. When you first start up the game, you'll be dropped into Inkopolis, where you will find a variety of other squid kids you've met online or from your friends lists.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/OO37Jlj.png
  6. Currently there are three ways to play
  7. -Online, where you team up with three other players to fight to claim turf in 3 minutes time. As you gain ground and stop players from claiming their own turf or taking yours, you gain points. When time is up, the percentage of covered turf will be tallied and one team will be declared the winner, and get an extra 300 points that go directly to leveling up. As you level up, you get access to different type of weapons and better gear. A second way to play online is Ranked Battles, where you fight to keep turf in a King of the Hill style game, fight to take a Tower to the opposite side of the map, or a Capture-the-Flag style game mode; and are ranked with a grade based on how well you do. You must be Level 10 to access this gamemode. Currently there are thirteen maps that you can play on: Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig, Walleye Warehouse, Blackbelly Skatepark, Arowana Mall, Port Mackerel (Added 1st June 2015), Kelp Dome (added 10th June 2015), Bluefin Depot (added 19th June 2015), Moray Towers (added 10th July 2015), Camp Triggerfish (added 24th July 2015), Flounder Heights (added 20th August 2015), Hammerhead Bridge (18th September 2015), Museum d'Alfonsino (Added 13th November 2015), Mahi-Mahi Resort (added 3rd December 2015), and Ancho-V Games (December 16, 2015). These maps can only be found in pairs and the pairing changes every four hours.
  8. -Single Player, where you will fight the Octarians, a group of octopi based enemies who have captured the Great Zapfish, a fish that power much of Inkopolis. Fight your way through platforming levels with sponges, invisible pathways, moving platforms and much more! Be on the lookout for the Secret Scrolls, which uncovers the history of the Inklings.
  9. -Battle Dojo, where you fight one on one with another player using a Pro Controller. One player uses the TV, while the other uses the Gamepad. Pop the most ballons during the time limit to win!
  10. http://i.imgur.com/JZKfYhH.png
  11. Every Inkling must look their freshest, so getting a good outfit is what is important.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/tnyU2Qf.jpg
  13. Every hat, piece of clothing, and shoe come with at least two perks. One star gear has one perk plus one extra, two star gear has two extra and three star gear has three extra slots. As you level up by playing online your gear levels up as well, getting more perks as it gains a level. The perks are as follows:
  14. [quote]Damage Up - increase damage of main, sub special
  15. Defense Up - reduce damage
  16. Ink Saver (Main) - decrease ink consumption
  17. Ink Saver (Sub) - " "
  18. Ink Recover Up - increase refill-rate
  19. Run Speed Up - speed up in inkling form
  20. Swim Speed Up - speed up in squid form
  21. Special Charge Up - increase special guage charge rate
  22. Special Duration Up - increase usage time of special
  23. Quick Respawn - self explanatory
  24. Special Saver - reduces special guage decrease afer death
  25. Quick Super Jump- again, self explanatory
  26. Bomb Range Up - bomb, point sensors, disruptors can be thrown farther
  27. Opening Gambit - boosts inkling/squid speed for 30sec at start of battle
  28. Last-ditch Effort - boosts inkling/squid speed in last 30sec
  29. Tenacity - Fills special faster if your team has fewer players than enemy team
  30. Comeback - Boosts abilites for a short time after respawn
  31. Cold Blooded - Shortens the amount of time that enemies can track you with items
  32. Ninja Squid - Leave no trace while swimming, but reduces speed
  33. Haunt - Reveals the position of enemy who splats you to your team for a short period
  34. Recon - Allows you to see enemy team on map while standing on respawn point
  35. Bomb Sniffer - Reveals traps and hidden bombs
  36. Ink Resistance Up - Reduces damage and movement penalties when walking in enemy ink
  37. Stealth Jump - Hides Super Jump landing, but makes Super Jump slower.[/quote]
  38. You also have weapons, which are divided into three categories: Shooters, Chargers and Rollers. Shooters shoot quickly and have a shorter range, Chargers are farer reaching but cover less turf, and Rollers are super short range but cover lots of turf quickly. The current list of weapons are as follows:
  39. [quote]Shooters:
  41.     Splattershot
  42.     Splattershot Jr.
  43.     Splattershot Pro
  44.     Tentatek Splattershot
  45.     Aerospray MG
  46.     Aerospray RG
  47.     Jet Squelcher
  48.     .52 Gallon
  49.     .96 Gallon
  50.     Blaster
  51.     Rapid Blaster
  52.     NZap-85 (Added 1st June 2015)
  53.     Spalsh-o-Matic (Added 12th June 2015)
  54.     L-3 Nozzlenose (Added 16th June 2015)
  55.     Luna Blaster (Added 23rd June 2015)
  56.     Sploosh-o-matic (Added 7th July 2015)
  57.     Range Blaster (Added 31st July 2015)
  58.     H-3 Nozzlenose (Added 11th September 2015)
  59.    Rapid Blaster Pro (Added 16th October 2015)
  61. Chargers:
  63.     Splat Charger
  64.     E-liter 3K
  65.     Classic Squiffer
  66.     Splatterscope
  67.     Bamboozler (Added 28th August 2015)
  69. Rollers:
  71.     Splat Roller
  72.     Dynamo Roller
  73.     Inkbrush (Added 5th June 2015)
  74.     Carbon Roller (Added 23rd June 2015)
  75.     Octobrush (Added 17th July 2015)
  77. Sloshers:
  79.     Slosher (Added 5th August 2015)
  80.     Tri-Slosher (Added 26th September 2015)
  81.     Sloshing Machine (Added 27th November 2015)
  83. Splatling:
  85.     Heavy Splatling (Added 5th August 2015)
  86.     Mini Splatling (Added 5th September 2015)
  87.     Hydra Splatling (Added 21st November 2015)[/quote]
  88. http://i.imgur.com/BEGPAQY.png
  89. In Inkopolis, there are colorful cast of characters to be found that help you on your journey.
  90. http://i.imgur.com/tuYwtus.png
  91. Judd the cat will be the judge of Turf War, as well as give you coins while he naps in Inkopolis. The more games you win in a row, the more coins Judd will give you to spend on weapons and gear.
  92. http://i.imgur.com/t99ylzK.png
  93. Crusty Sean is the owner of Shrimp Kicks, the shoe shop. As you can tell he loves his shoes and will be willing to sell shoes to the freshest Inkings around. However, you must be Level 4 to buy from his store. His stock changes daily so make sure to check to see what he's got at least once a day.
  94. http://i.imgur.com/LGgyl78.png
  95. Jelonzo is the owner Jelly Fresh, the clothes shop. While he's still learning how to speak fluent Inkish, Jelonzo will be pleased to help the freshest Inkings buy new clothes. As with the Crusty Sean and the other shop owners, you must be Level 4 to buy from his shop and his stock changes daily.
  96. http://i.imgur.com/kcK7PLj.png
  97. Annie, helped by her loud mouthed fish friend Moe, runs Cooler Heads, the headgear shop. Here you can buy not only hats, but glasses, headphones and other gear to dress your head with. As with the other shops, you must be Level 4 to use Annie's shop and stock changes daily.
  98. http://i.imgur.com/CLY2Gvn.png
  99. Sheldon owns the weapons shop Ammo Knights. As you rank all the way up to Level 20, Sheldon will give you access to a variety of weapons you can use. Of course you must be level 4 to get access to his shop; however the stock does not change daily and you have access to every weapon as you unlock it.
  100. http://i.imgur.com/9BuRO3W.jpg
  101. The Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, are the ones that will greet you everyday when you first start the game up. They announce upcoming events as well as what maps you'll be playing. They also announce what the new maps are when they change every 4 hours.
  102. http://i.imgur.com/AklpFhX.jpg
  103. Cap'n Cuttlefish will be your guide through Octo Valley in the single player mode, helping the player in every way an elderly squid can.
  104. http://i.imgur.com/D58qAM8.jpg
  105. If you see someone with neat gear in Inkopolis or are looking to make you gear a bit better, look no futher than Spyke. When you get a Sea Snail from either buying it from him or getting it from Splatfests, he can add an extra slot to your gear or reroll if you want a different perk.
  106. http://i.imgur.com/NTj0mHD.png
  107. Nintendo has announced through the fall there will be updates to add more weapons, maps and gear, but did not give a date to when those things would be added. However there was a leak and some [url=http://i.imgur.com/Had6aZj.jpg]weapons[/url] and [url=http://i.imgur.com/HlbUsGe.jpg]map[/url] have cropped up.
  108. There are also Splatfests, where the world competes in two tears to fight for the honor and glory. When you win battles, you gain points, rank up and gain a new title. When the Splatfest ends, this title determines how many Super Sea Snails you get, which can be given to Spyke to outfit your gear.
  109. One more thing I should mention is the amiibo.
  110. http://i.imgur.com/1JnTDKM.png
  111. There are three amiibo, and each have extra missions based on ones found in the single player. Each figure provides different mission types: the Squid has time based and limited ink challenges, the girl Inkling has single player missions with the Charger, and the boy Inkling has single player missions with the Roller. Completing missions gives you coins. Complete three mission unlocks a boss fight, then beat the boss for a gear piece, extra minigame to play during the waiting time in lobbies or on the arcade machine in Inkopolis, and beating the final boss unlocks a weapon based on the weapon used in the missions.
  113. If you feel like I've missed something or correct a mistake, please let me know.
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