Wet Dream 1

Jul 20th, 2019
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  1. >>33985029
  2. >Everything's hot in the Summer.
  3. >Skin heats up, glistening with sweat, lotion and sunscreen.
  4. >Why put a lot of clothes over it?
  5. >Sonata Dusk's body has squeezable softness in all the right places.
  6. >It's such a hassle hiding it under "appropriate" clothing.
  7. >Trapping the heat against her moist skin like a stove.
  8. >Hiding it from the breeze of summer and appreciation of any passerby.
  9. >Her hips and breasts would push their shape from under everything anyway, bra or not; everyone knows Sonata's bust and curves.
  10. >And she loves to remind them.
  11. >No shirt, pants or skirt needed at the beach, only Sonata's slippery naked body with a tiny thong bikini hugging it.
  12. >A C cup bikini top on Sonata's D cup chest is stretched to its limit, no hope of stopping Sonata's tits from jiggling and bouncing from just walking.
  13. >She loves to skip and prance on the beach, having fun needing to slide the thin cups back into place to keep her nipples covered.
  14. >The bottom of her bikini clamps itself tight over Sonata's vulva, getting caught between the lips that try to peek out from the edges of the front.
  15. >Her round, bare asscheeks mimic the jiggling of her tits as she walks by everyone in public towards the boardwalk.
  16. >Extremely indecent display of Sonata's supple, sexually provocative body that eyes can't stay away from.
  17. >That naked feeling that drives Sonata crazy when she wears so little puts a sway in her hips.
  18. >She really loves to get her lazily hidden goods moving around every chance she gets in the summer.
  19. >Feels so close to walking around naked, but the bikini tight around Sonata's privates makes her heart race with joy.
  20. >Takes a few more steps to jiggle around that jelly she has in the right places.
  21. >This is what that crowd of guys follows around in the middle of the afternoon.
  22. >Sonata walks extra seductively just for them, knowing how much they appreciate it.
  23. >She doesn't need singing anymore, she's anything but ignored in moments like this.
  26. >The aura of a siren never fails.
  27. >Sonata has that crowd of guys dizzily swooning after her, feeling how hard her spell is hitting them.
  28. >They chasing those thick, rub-able thighs grazing against one another perching up a spankable ass and swinging hips with every step.
  29. >And those grope-able breasts begging to burst out of the too-small bikini top.
  30. >No being that loves to fuck women can resist Sonata's glistening sexual properties.
  31. >Beach regulations has it where genitals must not be visible... but Sonata loves to play volleyball.
  32. >The bottom part of her thong bikini tightly holds on just fine at first.
  33. >The top part wasn't made for this at all.
  34. >Sonata's breasts bounce with too much turbulence for the thin fabric cups, they're trying to hold still but fail more and more every time Sonata jumps.
  35. >Doing this on purpose, she grins and bites her lip.
  36. >Sonata acts like she didn't notice her areolae slip out little by little, prompting pictures and videos to be taken.
  37. >The bridge of the bottom of her thong bikini is devoured by her vulva, jutting up deep into her nethers to get itself soaked in Sonata's aroused excitement.
  38. >Nearby parents quickly leave with their hands blocking their children's eyes, not ready for an impromptu nude beach.
  39. >One boy looks over his very distracted father's hand, wondering why he suddenly doesn't care about Bionicles or Hotwheels anymore and probably never will again.
  40. >A few guys in their 20s take tons of video, delighted that Sonata Dusk is willingly doing lewd poses for them.
  41. >They don't care who yells at them for filming, they're deeply under the spell.
  42. >Sonata's breasts are nothing but jittery troublemakers, and her abdomen, hips and thighs a soft twister of flesh.
  43. >Sonata accurately calls her provocative walk the tentraiser.
  46. >The tentraiser strut never fails to fulfill its name, making men all over the place need to sit down as they stare.
  47. >Turning away from their jealous partners.
  48. >Sonata Dusk, the siren in heat, looks up to the sky and praises the goddess Aphrodite, who is proud of this glorious display of flesh juicy enough to overturn society itself.
  49. >Aphrodite channels her overwhelming power through the seductive body of the siren, ready to train her how to sing again and sink ships.
  50. >The scene sees a police car pulling up to it, with a trio of officers getting out to confront Sonata.
  51. >Saying something about indecent exposure.
  52. >Whoever called them will not have their wishes fulfilled for long.
  53. >They cuff her, cloak her with a blanket and put her in the car.
  54. >But the spell is already starting to get to them.
  55. >Aphrodite is helping.
  56. >Sonata begins to moan in the back seat, toning her voice to tickle their ears.
  57. >The cops slow the car down and tell Sonata to stop being unruly, but question whether they really want her to stop.
  58. >It's a slow process, but Sonata's spell slowly seeps its way into the police officers' libidos.
  59. >They look in the rear view mirror, watching Sonata twist her way out of the blanket, unable to fix her bikini top because her hands are cuffed up against her curvaceous backside.
  60. >With each jolt Sonata makes with her body, her breasts jiggle around and her ass presses up against the back seat.
  61. >The officers are taken in by her thirsty moaning, slowing the car more until they find a lonely road down the shoreside to pull to the side of.
  62. >No one is at this beach but there's a changing booth nearby.
  63. >Sonata pretends to resist as she's pulled out of the car by the officers, who no longer know exactly what they're doing.
  64. >They struggle with Sonata, trying to fix her bikini top where her nipples are slipping out again.
  68. >She struggles with them more, making them put their hands all over her and intensifying the siren's spell.
  69. >They feel her lewd softness in their hands, trying not to become more erect as they try to restrain her.
  70. >Fingers can't resist curling inward into a groping motion.
  71. >Sonata's body is so touchable and warm.
  72. >A thin layer of sweat makes her abdomen and hips slippery to the touch, enticing any hand that picks some of it up.
  73. >Sonata doesn't respond to the officers telling her to stop resisting except for breathy moaning.
  74. >The officers' hands manhandle her waist in all sorts of directions, slipping to her inner thighs to pull her around by her legs.
  75. >This makes Sonata more moist, drooling her pleasure into the thong that incompletely constricts her wet vulva.
  76. >Her womanhood does things to her that makes her shudder.
  77. >Sonata bucks her hips forward into an officer's leg.
  78. >She can see the front of their pants pitching tents, they're trying to fight her with their bodies telling them to do something else.
  79. >Now the officers can't stop putting their hands all over Sonata Dusk, fully succumbing to the spell to the point where they start to fondle her body.
  80. >Now they pull Sonata's bikini top open, exposing her nipples instead of trying to concealing them.
  81. >The sight makes their tents twitch, the tents twitching makes Sonata's mouth water.
  82. >She wants them to manhandle her to the ground... Sonata is forced to her knees with her thong bikini being forcefully pulled and stretched.
  83. >Losing judgement, the officers "search" underneath Sonata's bikini, hungrily groping her soft goods with the thong riding further down the hips.
  84. >Aphrodite helps Sonata intensify the spell, snatching all self control from the officers so they can unzip their pants and free their cocks.
  85. >Sonata can't help but reach out and grab them, longing for the way they feel in her hand, longing for the way they'll feel penetrating her.
  89. >Strokes the shafts as encouragingly as she can, how it excites her so.
  90. >It excites the officers just as much.
  91. >They have Sonata trapped with them in the changing booth.
  92. >Sonata squeals quietly as she feels their hands kneading that jelly she loved to shake around.
  93. >Her bikini malfunctions more and more as the cops pull it apart and away,
  94. >Now she has a whole lot more showing.
  95. >The cops get more personal with where they fondle Sonata.
  96. >One slips his fingers between her vulva lips and strokes her clitoris.
  97. >Sonata shuts her legs at first with a shivering squeak, then throws her head back and throws her legs wide open to let the officer in.
  98. >The officers manhandle Sonata into a position she loves to be in, and she welcomes them between her thighs.
  99. >They're going to get Sonata Dusk off.
  100. >If there's anything Sonata Dusk loves in this world, it's the feeling she gets from the soft head of a cock pressing up against her slippery vulva lips.
  101. >Parting them as it slowly pushes its way inside of her.
  102. >It curls her toes, makes her heart race and her eyes light up.
  103. >She needs it to push further into her, she begs for it.
  104. >And she gets what she wants.
  105. >Veiny shaft massaging her labia, Sonata surrenders herself to the stiff length that buries itself deep inside of the most excited part of her body.
  106. >Saliva leaks to her chin while her breathing intensifies.
  107. >Sonata is in love with each buck of the officer's hips that runs his throbbing length through her vagina.
  108. >Getting fucked by the law.
  109. >Sonata gets rammed hard, her walls pleasured by the officer's stamina.
  110. >She's held tightly in place with the thong bikini hanging off of her naked undulating body now.
  111. >Sonata Dusk gets ferociously railed for minutes on end, before a wave of cum audibly floods into her.
  112. >The officers still manhandle Sonata just the way she likes it, working her body into just the right positions to take them one by one.
  115. >Aphrodite smiles down upon the wanton act of lust; her siren has succeeded.
  116. >Sonata enters a state of bliss that lasts the entirety of the duration of her cervix being pumped full with semen.
  117. >It brings her such joy, so much that she asks for the names of the officers so she can remember them.
  118. >As they stand Sonata back up, they explain to her that there's a nude beach just down the road, and there's tons of thirsty men there who usually expect naked girls but only see other naked guys.
  119. >Sonata Dusk would be as happy to meet all of them as they would be to meat her.
  120. ~
  121. >Aphrodite blesses this nude beach, for it has the best kinds of things happening on it.
  122. >Sonata Dusk, siren in heat, unevenly walks onto the beach after being nearly split in half by the long dick of the law.
  123. >She licks her lips as the heads turn.
  124. >Her nethers bear the stench of sex, her mind bears the fantasy of continued sex, her body everything but untouched.
  125. >The top of her bikini has been stretched thing at the straps, unable to function any longer and is unable to even try to cover Sonata's large perky nipples.
  126. >The thong bottom is drenched in cum, desperately struggling to hold the rest of it all inside where it sloshes around ready to overflow out as Sonata's in a standing position.
  127. >Sonata energetically walks forward with her signature slutstrut minus the tents this time, purposefully making her breasts bounce out of the remnants of the torn bikini top.
  128. >The thong fails like a dam made out of paper towels holding back a huge river, and the trails of cum coat all of Sonata's inner thighs and drip to the sand she walks over.
  129. >The bridge of fabric slips to the side, exposing Sonata's dripping vulva that's begging so much for more dick that it cries for it.
  130. >And Sonata Dusk is crowded by those who want to help her follow the nude beach's dress code.
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