Chapter 64 of Shieldbro,Tanuki,Firo,and Melty

Sep 23rd, 2014
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  1. chapter 64
  3. Name
  5. We changed our course and advanced south west.
  6. Since we have been riding on Firo for a while without a wagon, I'm getting cramps.
  8. "Is there a cart somewhere that we can steal?"
  10. Since I already have a bounty. It's just a wagon......
  12. "Noo~!"
  14. Firo seemed to have a reaction to that
  16. "Firo won't pull a cart that is stolen."
  18. Is this perhaps some Philo Rial sense of justice?
  20. "Stealing aside, it's quite uncomfortable to ride Firo for a long time."
  21. "Does the second princess also think so?"
  22. "Ummm......"
  24. The second princess gives me an unpleasant look and avoids my question.
  25. what's wrong?
  27. "Even though it will be dangerous, maybe we could have Raphtalia buy a wagon in a village......"
  29. It would be nice to just have something to ride in.
  30. Should I ask that shadow?
  32. "Oops, it looks like nightfall soon. Shall we take a break?"
  35. Just as we were about to rest.
  37. """Gua!?"""
  39. A wild Philo Rial A appeared!
  40. A wild Philo Rial B appeared!
  41. A wild Philo Rial C appeared!
  43. The Philo Rials saw Firo and raised their voices.
  44. They look familiar. Ah, they're the ones that ran away immediately before.
  45. Somehow these Philo Rial have the expressions of those determined to complete their mission, but after a while they run away again.
  47. "What's that?"
  48. "How rare, being able to encounter Philo Aria and Firiru classes in the wild."
  50. The second princess seems to be looking at those Philo Rial with entranced expressions.
  52. "I've this suspicion for a while now, but second princess, you really like Philo Rials right?"
  53. "Yup! Ah......"
  55. After the second princess nodded, she looked at me with an unpleasant face.
  56. Just what did I say?
  57. Gu......
  58. Firo's stomach growls.
  60. "I'm hungry."
  61. "Do not eat each other."
  62. "Firo-chan is such a glutton."
  64. The second princess pokes Firo with her fingers.
  66. "Ehehe"
  68. It's good that they are close, but their behaviour is a little disgusting.
  69. Like some idiot couples.
  71. I finish preparing the camp-fire and start cooking.
  73. "Hey, second princess."
  75. I give her today's dinner but she refuses it with a frown.
  76. What on earth did I say?
  78. "Mel-chan doesn't want to eat?"
  79. "I'll eat. But......"
  81. The second princess seems to be at a loss.
  82. What is going on?
  84. "What's wrong?"
  85. "Nothing."
  87. When Raphtalia asks the second princess picks up her dinner.
  89. "What's wrong Mel-chan"
  90. "Um......"
  92. Firo asks the second princess and she shows a troubled face.
  94. "I don't have the power to brainwash you know."
  95. "That's not it!"
  97. The second princess turns away and pouts.
  98. Her usual attitude doesn't change. She happily chats with Firo's human form and, talks with Raphtalia happily.
  99. But for some reasons she only gives me an unpleasant face, or just ignores me.
  100. I can't understand at all.
  101. After finishing our meal, I heard a few strange cries in the distance.
  103. "The cry of Philo Rial!"
  105. The second princess strains her ears to listen carefully.
  107. "The second princess really likes Philo Rial huh."
  108. "Yup!"
  109. "Why do you like them so much?"
  111. When the second princess noticed I asked the question she gave me another unpleasant look.
  112. Another Philo Rial cry is heard.
  114. "Because......Philo Rials are legendary holy birds......"
  115. "Legendary?"
  116. "Yes. It is a common belief that Philo Rials are companions of Heroes that save people from demons in the olden times."
  117. "That so?"
  118. "Yes, in the past during another wave of calamity, the heroes used them as mounts."
  119. "There were waves back then?"
  121. Since it was something I heard from trash I disregarded it.
  122. However, there was a prophecy of the wave.
  123. I wonder if that was it. Glass also said that thinking of the wave as a simple disaster was a big mistake.
  124. Though I don't know if I'll get an answer, I might be able to get some hints from the second princess's story.
  126. "When travelling with mother, she told me the story of Philo Rials."
  127. "Interesting......What stories?"
  128. "You see Philo Rials are the mounts of heroes, their support,and also their protectors."
  129. "Right now Firo here is the same."
  131. Raphtalia answers while looking at Firo.
  132. Certainly, Firo is the cornerstone of our offensive power. Her legs are fast and strong.
  133. Without Firo, earning money through peddling would have been very difficult. Not to mention our lives right now as fugitives are only possible thanks to her.
  135. "Yes. The legends also describe the Queen of Philo Rials."
  136. "Is that so?"
  137. "Umm, the Queen of Philo Rials was also a hero's mount, and she helped them fight against the wave. It is said that the Queen of Philo Rials who also participated in the wave at that time is still alive and watching over the world to this day."
  139. Did I just use such a legend as a substitute horse?
  140. That also explains the reason why Firo was called a holy bird.
  142. "You see,my dream is to one day meet the Queen of Philo Rials."
  144. The second princess embraces Firo affectionately while saying so.
  146. "The Queen of Philo Rials. They are capable of various transformations."
  147. "Well, Firo is probaby also the Queen of Philo Rials. She has all kinds of transformations abilities too."
  148. "That's right! And since I could become friends with Firo-chan my dream was realized."
  150. Second princess, is that the reason you wanted to become friends with Firo?
  152. "Queen huh......"
  154. Incidentally I start thinking about the second princess's mother.
  155. I don't know what kind of persons she is, but if possible I would like to have a talk with her and ask about the story.
  156. Since she is also a parent of that bitch. Half in expectation, half in resignation, according to degojaru's story......I have to admit she does seem to be a good person.
  157. Hmm?
  158. I have a feeling there was some sense of incongruity just now.
  159. I compare Firo with the second princess.
  161. "Ahh, so that's what it was."
  162. "What's wrong?"
  163. "Well, according to legend the Queen of Philo Rials is still alive now, does that make Firo a princess of the Philo Rials?"
  164. "Eh, so are you saying Firo-chan is not the Queen?"
  165. "Who knows. Though there is no way to prove that the actual Queen still exists right?"
  167. As if the second princess understood something she shook her head.
  169. "Then are you saying that my dream of meeting the queen still hasn't been fulfilled?......"
  170. "Did I say something bad?"
  171. "No. Just that I would like to meet her some day."
  172. "What do you want to do after meeting her?"
  173. "I want to be friends!"
  174. "I see I see, when the time comes I'll help you out, second princess. After the world becomes peaceful together with Firo you can search for her."
  175. "What about Master~?"
  176. "I'm going back to my own world."
  178. There is no reason to remain in this world, and if I had the choice I would go without hesitation.
  179. Though I do not say that.
  181. "No~! Firo wants to go with Master!"
  182. "No, There's no way people of this world can come."
  183. "I want to go! I want to go!"
  184. "Endure it. Because the second princess will be your new master."
  185. "No~!"
  187. Oh my, its gotten quite noisy.
  189. "Really......Naofumi-sama will leave if it becomes peaceful."
  190. "Yeah, what about it?"
  191. "Nothing......"
  193. Raphtalia mutters while looking at the camp-fire with deadpan eyes.
  195. "----Don't call me that!"
  196. "Hm? Second princess what's wrong?"
  198. The second princess seems to be talking about something while trembling.
  200. "What did you say?"
  201. "Stop calling me the second princess!"
  203. While looking at me with tears in her eyes the second princes shouts.
  205. "What is with you suddenly?"
  206. "The second princess is not a name! I am Melty!"
  207. "What? Isn't that obvious?"
  208. "Why does the Hero of the shield-sama not call me by my name!?"
  210. It seems the stress from the journey has finally exploded.
  211. Raphtalia and Firo were just as surprised as I was and looked at the second princess with eyes of bewilderment.
  213. "How many times do I have to say!? My name is Melty! However, Hero of the Shield-sama just keeps calling me second princess, second princess! That's not my name, that's a position!"
  214. "What? Did you just want me to call you by your name?"
  215. "That's not what I mean! why is Hero of the shield-sama ostracising me!?"
  216. "Ostracised? Well, you are an outsider from the party after all."
  217. "But we are friends sharing joys and sorrows now! Don't just call me by my position!"
  218. "Hmm......But don't you call me Hero of the Shield?"
  220. I can say the same about this second princess.
  221. My name is not Hero of the Shield.
  223. "Then I'll call you Naofumi in the future. So Naofumi has to call me by my name too!"
  224. "Haah......"
  225. "Hey! Call my Name! Naofumi!"
  227. To call me by my first name without even adding honorifics.
  228. Though if I don't reply she is going to become even noisier.
  229. Since I am troubled that there may be night-attacks despite camping out, I don't want to make too much noise.
  230. In the first place...... the second princess even calls Raphtalia with honorifics.
  231. But I remember the bitch calling my name with "sama".
  232. That bitch called me Hero-sama but......
  233. Well, this is probably alright.
  235. "Fine. Melty. Is this fine?"
  236. "You better remember it!"
  237. "Yeah Yeah."
  239. Was she just displeased recently because I was calling her the second princess?
  240. such a troublesome fellow. Or is it because she's a girl?
  242. "Firo was surprised."
  244. Yeah. Firo is noisy, but she's not hysterical.
  245. Is it just noisiness peculiar to children?
  246. Though for Firo it's fine, since her age is correspondingly short.
  248. "So princess Melty did mind it."
  250. Raphtalia......How did you know?
  251. My name was called without me noticing.
  253. "Since you helped me, give me your hand."
  255. Since she insisted I shook her hands.
  256. Her fighting style is reliable, but unlike Firo it has good affinity with me who uses a shield.
  257. She can help with my business when peddling, and it should be easy for her to disguise herself.
  259. "Are you praising me?"
  260. "Is there something wrong?"
  261. "Seriously......"
  263. Why does Raphtalia looked troubled?
  264. I feel like something strangely annoying happened.
  266. "Well should we sleep early to get ready for tomorrow?"
  267. "Understood."
  268. "Okay~"
  269. "Uh huh."
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