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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks to you all I was able to get the HTC Vive~! I am now mainly playing in VRchat, so I will not be on Gmod as much anymore (honestly I only go about once every week now), sadly this means I will not be releasing anymore public pacs except the occasional ones that I had forgotten to post in the past. As a goodbye treat to you all (if I can remember *smacks forehead*) I will be releasing my more high quality personal pacs (like the vampire bat one). Currently I am learning to program in VRchat, and when I get comfortable with it I will essentially be doing the same thing in there; releasing a bunch of free stuff. I am still very new to it all and the programming side is much more challenging than pac3 so it may take some time.
  2. I have had a blast sharing all these pacs with you and am proud of the rising pac makers out there! You are all welcome to do whatever you want with my pacs! Again, I don't care about credit, so go nuts and alter or add to them as much as you want and if you use bits of my pacs in yours when you release them its fine by me - I encourage it! They are basic pac templates after all, I was hoping to help fill in the gaps to pieces of pacs people needed.
  3. Keep on pac-ing! Signing off!
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