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  1. Personally I had a great time. Going half the week kept my energy and enthusiasm up. I'm pretty torn on not having a game in- it was certainly much more relaxing, but the speedrunner/egotistical side of me wanted more with a performance. I'll think about it more. Quickly into shoutouts in no order:
  3. Andy - offered (without asking) to pick me up from the airport and wouldn't take no for an answer. anybody who thinks this guy is anything less than an awesome community leader is a dumbass
  5. striker - let me touch his guitar (that might be a euphemism). always good to talk music + everything
  7. ivan - helped me break the ice that some of us friends don't even follow each other on twitch and maybe never will. ivanMeatFace
  9. gari - stopped his skype conversation to give a full embrace on my first day. what a good guy to talk to speedgames + life about
  11. suidt - one of the few dudes actually awake before noon every morning, great talking to him about speedplans and life over bfast
  13. caerulius - nice talking to this guy more + having a twitch balloon saber war + owning krillin in bomberman
  15. ajarmar - didn't ever think i'd ever meet this guy, dedicated + awesome to hang out with. NO MORE mm10 REMATCHES
  17. dp - wouldnt stop yelling at me, between me stealing peoples' desserts at dinner and making me seek out TWO wii's.
  19. ribbedkilla - shooting off firecrackers + .... being manly. the legend of the black bomber
  21. ionG - i'm super glad we got at least one bad-games session in, ionG is the man to hang out with
  23. starofviolence - it's so refreshing to talk DQ with someone who doesnt think it's just some japanese speedgame meme, holy ****. awesome meeting him
  25. casusby - always fun to be around chillin' despite being the OG sick crew.
  27. pcull - despite all the banter, no cage match went down. actually pcull is a super cool guy, who I still think unearthed a bomb that cleared a room at dinner. also made me feel stupid as hell playing the card game before jrta dinner
  29. rename - leader of a real good room, we actually got to sleep this time. 4HOL incoming
  31. rudyxx - always eating breakfast with me, nice to chill with him again. sick white mage hoodie
  33. claude - FK the claude. no actually he's cool & actually one of the few dedicated speedgamers amongst a sea of casuals
  35. ygg - bomberman actually was a highlight for me of sgdq15 and this one too, it's great
  37. mr_carter - nice actually meeting him + talking about some real life (a new recruit)
  39. duckfist - although it was quick, I really enjoyed a brief conversation with him about the current state of some speedgames
  41. deuceler - another dude I wasnt sure I'd ever meet, someone I'd def kick back and chill with him more if I could.
  43. blechy - ofc it's great to be able to co-commentate with the god himself, he's a good pal + very supportive
  45. dram - gave me a free car ride and talking made it fly by, I'll never live up to the dreamboat
  47. bore - I didn't see him too much but when I did it was always cool to grab some food with and hang out
  49. sumi - I'm pretty happy she brought her camera, it wasnt awkward at all and so many good pics went down. another case where if anyone thinks she does anything but try her best at her gdq-job, you're a dumbass
  51. countdown - honestly I didn't get to hang out with cd much, hopefully more next time. gotta knob next time
  53. trogdor - same as cd, I didn't see him too much but again he's the man. glad we werent racing this time around (in a nice way)
  55. go1den - really happy my bud stuck with bcas and clutched it the f(&# out. I hope everyone realizes how much effort this guy puts into all the community stuff he does. I hope I can come visit the new place if it goes down
  57. darkman - one of the community pioneers as well, someone I wish I could hang out with IRL. he takes on organizing things no one else does & I respect him a lot. he also understands that I can only accept strider lessons from coolkid
  60. I met a whole bunch of people I knew were going and wanted to meet, like krauser, ref, rafi and mr_carter, on top of a bunch of others like xanskar wawl blacktastic & xpaco.
  62. Dunno about SGDQ but probably, trying not to overthink it right now (it's been like 2 days). Planning on RPGLB too.
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