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Ivan Jensen

ninjajermz Sep 24th, 2011 92 Never
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  1. You are now IVAN JENSEN, and you are NOT A SAVAGE. You are just a typical FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY, nothing special. Oh, and you know the COLD, HARD TRUTH about the WICKED STEAMTECH. You simply won't let those EVIL SPIRITS near you! No way no how!
  3. How do you know THE TRUTH? Because you were told by THE CHIEF, and his word goes in this forest. And yeah, you do live in a FOREST, but not in a CAVE. CAVES are for AMATEURS, real WARRIORS live in TREES.
  5. It's a big TREE, okay?
  7. As you are a RUGGED NATURE HARDENED WARRIOR, you have quite a few INTERESTS. For instance, you are particularly fond of COLLECTING RARE FEATHERS, which you put in your HEADBAND. So far your luck has been...lacking. But even if all the BIRDS are dying off because of those horrible STEAM GHOSTS, you're sure that they'll return. Aside from that? You like to HUNT, which you have to do to survive. But you enjoy it, right? That counts?
  9. Okay, fine, you're kind of a BORING person. But you must be CONSTANTLY PREPARED for the STEAM SPIRIT uprising. Who needs STEAMTECH, anyways? You can everything you need with your simple SPEARKIND and some creativity. Creativity which the HORRIBLE STEAM DEVIL has sucked from the hearts of others.
  11. Even if you HATE TECHNOLOGY, which you totally do, you still use a modus, the simple TRACK MODUS. It requires you to correctly identify an ANIMAL TRACK before you can obtain the ITEM. It would be a huge annoyance if you weren't so damn AWESOME.
  13. Unlike the UNCREATIVE, EVIL MASSES, you don't use BOTHERCHAP, but if you did, your handle would be [COLOR="Blue"]tenaciousAdvancement[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]<[You'd type like this.--[/COLOR]
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