Donut Hole [Typeset]

Sep 12th, 2016
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  1. Donut Hole Translation
  2. From
  4. >Mogami: Hmmm, what happened?
  5. >Mogami: I'm Mogami.
  6. >Mogami: Why am I so troubled?
  7. >The Nishimura Fleet recently
  8. >[Michishio and Yamashiro quarreling]
  9. >[Michishio's harsh language]
  10. >[Mogami: Sigh/Haaah]
  11. >Mogami: Well... | a lot is going on.
  13. >Mogami: I was so pumped about the Nishimura Fleet finally getting together | What should I do...
  14. >Mikuma: Mogamimi!
  15. >...!
  16. >[Mikuma]
  17. >Mogami: That's it!
  18. >Fusou: Nicknames?
  19. >Mogami: That's right!
  20. >Mogami: Nicknames!
  22. >Fusou: Why do you want nicknames?
  23. >Mogami: Let's leave that aside for now.
  24. >Mogami: This is so that the Nishimura Fleet can be closer with each other.
  25. >Shigure: Closer, huh?
  26. >Yamashiro: Will doing this really make us closer?
  27. >Mogami: Of course!
  28. >MIchishio: That's stupid.
  30. >Shigure: Michishio,
  31. >MIchishio: Do I really have to take part in playing pretend?
  32. >Michishio: I didn't join this fleet to play around.
  33. >Yamashiro: Hold on, | you shouldn't be putting it that way!
  34. >Michishio: What, Yamashiro, aren't you thinking the same thing as me?
  35. >Michishio: Since I said it for you, | you should be thanking me, right?
  37. >Yamashiro: That's why,
  38. >Yamashiro: Your way of saying things...
  39. >Fusou: Hold on, | Yamashiro, please calm down.
  40. >[Mogami: Ah ahh...this isn't good, what should I do?]
  41. >[Mogami: As expected, it didn't work.]
  42. >[Mogami: I did this so this wouldn't happen...]
  43. >Shigure: Hold on, Michishio and Yamashiro.
  45. >Shigure: Mogami suggested this to improve cohesion as a group. | We haven't even tried it out and we're already sperging out, isn't that a little strange?
  46. >Michishio: Using nicknames to improve fleet cohesion? Aren't we just acting like idiots? | Moreover, doesn't this remove the feeling of urgency? There's a limit to jokes.
  47. >Fusou: Well then, how about this?
  48. >Fusou: If, like Michishio, | you hate losing that sence of tension,
  49. >Fusou: THen we can use these nicknames at all times when not on sortie.
  50. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama?!
  52. >Fusou: Yamashiro, shall we calm down a little? | You weren't planning to start another argument, right?
  53. >Fusou: Our enemy is the abyssals, not our fellow shipgirls. | Is that not the truth?
  54. >Yamashiro: If Onee-sama puts it like that...
  55. >Michishio: ...What,
  56. >Shigure: Michishio,
  57. >Shigure: If we do it once in a while, only in our off-days,
  58. >Shigure: It can't be that bad. Let's do as Fusou said. | Plus,
  60. >Shigure: This is also a good chance.
  61. >Michishio: What do you mean good're talking like an idiot.
  62. >Michishio: Whatever, do what you want.
  63. >[Shigure: Whew...]
  64. >[Shigure: That's good.]
  65. >Shigure: Also, Mogami | As to our nicknames, do we come up on our own...
  66. >Mogami: Don't worry about that!
  67. >Mogami: Mikuma and I have carefully come up with some nicknames!
  69. >Group: Mikuma...?!
  70. >Mogami: Hmhmhm | Well then, here goes!
  71. >Mogami: First up is FUsou!
  72. >Fusou: Ara, me?
  73. >Yamashiro: As expected of Onee-sama
  74. >Yamashiro: Even in getting nicknames, she's the first!
  75. >Mogami: Fusou's nickname is...
  76. >Mogami: That is, she'll be called...
  78. >Mogami: Jajaaaan!
  79. >Mogami: Fuu-chan!
  80. >Fusou: Fu... | Fuchan... (note: probably a play on the japonization of the word "Fortune")
  81. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama...
  82. >Yamashiro: Mogami?! | Why would you give Fusou Onee-sama that kind of nickname...
  83. >Mogami: Next up is Yamashiro! | Yamashiro's nickname is....
  84. >Mogami: Yama-chan! | Just like Fusou's!
  85. >Yamashiro: Just like Onee-sama's, huh?
  86. >Yamashiro: Oh, geez! (literally: she's saying "I don't like it" in a clearly facetious way)
  87. >Fusou: So it's fine like that, Yamashiro...?
  89. >Fusou: Hey, Yamashiro
  90. >Fusou: Could you try using "Fuu-chan"
  91. >Fusou: To refer to me?
  92. >Yamashiro: Fuu... | Fuu....
  93. >Mogami: Shigure's nickname will be Shishi! (note: it might be Shigushigu, but according to it should be Shishi.)
  95. >Shigure: Ahahaha.... | It's Shishi, huh, thanks.
  96. >Yamashiro: Ara, Shigure, | it seems like a child, isn't that nice?
  97. >Fusou: Indeed, it's quite cute.
  98. >Shigure: Is that so...
  99. >Mogami: Well then,
  100. >Mogami: Michishio!
  101. >Michishio: What, | If it's a weird one I'm not going to acknowledge it.
  102. >Mogami: Eh? | I figured that Michishio wouldn't care about stuff like nicknames.
  104. >Michishio: How could that be true! | Whatever, just tell it to me!
  105. >Mogami: Mhm, Okay!
  106. >Michishio's nickname is.....
  107. >Mogami: Micchy/Mickey (note: the official romanization for Mickey mouse is 米奇, but the pronunciation for it is Miqi, which could feasibly mean Micchy or Michigan)!
  108. >Michishio: Mi....
  109. >Michishio: Mi
  110. >Michishio: key...
  112. >Michishio: Who you calling--!
  113. >Michishio: Micchy/Mickey--?!
  114. >Mogami: Eh, | I think it's really cute.
  115. >Michishio: How is it cute?! | What's cute about it?! Why would you even think that's remotely cute?!
  116. >Mogami: Mm well, Mikuma said that | "Micchy/Mickey or whatever feels really trendy!"
  117. >Michishio: Trendy and Cute aren't the same at all!!
  118. >Shigure: Now, now.
  120. >Fusou: I'm Fuu-chan
  121. >Shigure: And I'm Shishi, right?
  122. >Yamashiro: I'm Yama-chan, just like Onee-sama! Are you jealous?
  123. >Michishio: Aren't those fine? Fuu-chan, Shishi,
  124. >Yama-chan, all of that | is really cute!
  125. >Shigure: Eh, so Michishio thought they were cute.
  126. >Yamashiro: Ara, Michishio, weren't you all "whatever I don't even give a fuck" before?
  127. >Michishio: Yeah!
  128. >Michishio: But what the hell, Micchy/Mickey?!
  129. >Shigure: I think it's really cute, Micchy/Mickey!
  130. >Yamashiro: Yeah, I feel it really suits you, | Micchy/Mickey!
  132. >Fusou: Isn't that nice, Mogami.
  133. >Mogami: Fusou!
  134. >Fusou: I know. | Whether it's I,
  135. >Fusou: Or Yamashiro or Shigure, | Even if it's Michishio, we all have the same feelings.
  136. >Mogami: Mm, | it's fine.
  138. >Mogami: Ah | Fusou broke the rules! | Don't we have to call each other by our nicknames outside of sorties?
  139. >Fusou: Ara, I did indeed. | I made the rule myself too...
  140. >Fusou: Well then, let's start from the top again,
  141. >Fusou: Mogamimi
  142. >Mogami: Me too!
  143. >Mogami: Fuu-chan!
  145. >[Yamagumo: These are the ingredients-][For Today's curry~]
  146. >[I want to become the vegetables Yamagumo is so gently holding. When Four Seasons wrote this story, Yamagumo hadn't appeared yet. It's a Nishimura Fleet doujin, and yet Yamagumo doesn't get to show up at all. Well, there's been stuff like this before to.]
  147. >[Personally, I feel that the shipgirls in the Nishimura Fleet form a good balance of characters. A group that exchanges tasty foods when they get together...I'm daydreaming about it already.]
  148. >[Sincerely, the illustrator, (Whatever)]
  149. >[The story after this page is about the Naval District after Asagumo arrived.]
  151. >Asagumo: Hey, Michishio.
  152. >Michishio: What, | I'm busy.
  153. >Asagumo: And I as well.
  154. >Michishio: Then why are you starting a conversation with me?
  155. >Asagumo: Michishio,
  156. >Asagumo: I heard you were talking about falling in love like I wouldn't find out, is that true?
  158. >Michishio: Haaaaaaaahhhhhhh?!
  160. >Asagumo: So you were talking about falling in love.
  161. >[Asagumo: A Direct hit]
  162. >Michishio: Ha?!
  163. >Michishio: Target?!
  164. >Asagumo: I just heard that kind of rumor.
  165. >Michishio: Who said that?!
  166. >Michishio: If I see her i'm going to shut her up.
  167. >Asagumo: Calm down a little, Michishio.
  168. >Asagumo: When you act all panicked like that, | you seem even more suspicious...
  170. >Michishio: I am not suspicious and I am not panicked! | Stop joking around!
  171. >Asagumo: As expected,
  172. >Asagumo: She hasn't fallen in love.
  173. >[Asagumo: Rumors aren't circulated in order to get the plain truth.]
  174. >[Asagumo: Well then, how should I explain this situation?]
  176. >Shigure: Are you guys alright?
  177. >Asagumo: Ara, if it isn't Shigure?
  178. >Asagumo: What is it?
  179. >Shigure: Nothing, | I heard Michishio make a really loud noise, so I wanted to find out waht happened.
  180. >Michishio: a really loud noise?
  181. >Michishio: I didn't make no loud noises...!
  182. >Asagumo: No, you made a real howler Michishio.
  183. >Asagumo: The moment I ask you "is it true you were talking love," off you go-
  184. >Michishio: Shut up!
  185. >Michishio: You're so noisy, Asagumo!
  187. >Shigure: Love?
  188. >Shigure: So Michishio is talking about love.
  189. >Michishio: How could I be?
  190. >Michishio: Stupid Shigure!
  191. >Michishio: It's all because of this lying idiot!
  193. >Asagumo: Hmmm, so that's how it is. | Could that Michishio.....hey?
  194. >Shigure: Um, Asagumo,
  195. >Shigure: Well, this is the first time I've seen Michishio so flustered and embarassed.
  196. >Asagumo: ....Shigure, so you also knew that Michishio was embarassed.
  197. >Asagumo: And here I figured that even fellow members of her class would be unable to notice.
  198. >Shigure: Is that so?
  200. >Shigure: It's just
  201. >Shigure: I noticed it from experience.
  202. >Asagumo: Huhu, | Is that so....Sigh/haaah
  203. >Shigure: Asagumo
  204. >Asagumo: Mm, nothing, | I was just talking to myself!
  205. >Asagumo: Pardon me, Shigure, | I have something I want to say to Michishio.
  207. >Asagumo: It's not always about talking about things
  208. >Asagumo: Sometimes it's about not saying those things.
  209. >Asagumo: For example, things like love...
  210. >Asagumo: Stuff like that.
  212. [Postface]
  213. >[Hello everyone, I'm four seasons. This will be my fifth Kantai Collection doujin. What did you think about the Nishimura FLeet + Asagumo-chan story this time around? If you read it carefully you'll notice that it revolves around Michishio. That is because Michishio is an irreplacable existence in my heart. The idea that the Nishimura Fleet would start off rockily and then be united by Mogami turned out fairly successfully. I'm pretty satisfied.]
  214. >[Asagumo-chan, Michishio and Shigure in a donut group with a bit of love. In my heart, Asagumo-chan gives off that image. I want to know everyone's impressions of Asagumo. Also, Shigure has a Gal-game protagonist kind of impression. My scripts lose every time to the cute doujin version, I can barely look at them afterwards. Thank you very much for reading this far, I hope to see you if we get the chance.]
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