GeckoVerse - Ep. 1 (WIP)

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  2. The scene begins with Gecko in the kitchen, wearing dark grey pants and a bright orange, tucked T-shirt. Strapped to his front was also a vibrant orange apron. He’d been making pancakes for the last twenty or so minutes, having numerous doughy casualties along the way, all the horribly burnt and unrecognizable clumps on a thin paper plate to the side. His roomate, Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo, shambled his way from a bedroom which had mere curtains as its walls. It’s placement was certainly odd, just next to their half-broken front door, which had been primarily made of tape and screws, at this point. Clearly it’s been knocked down quite a few times…
  3. Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo slouched over the counter and slid his hand under the plate. He shoved it towards his own face at great speed, and his jaw unhinges much like that of a snake. He consumes both the pancakes, and the plate, in a single gulp. Gecko, the entire time, is staring concernedly, unsure if he should call 911. Before long, he’d inquire.
  5. “You do know those were the burnt ones right?” Gecko asked, glancing over at the plate to his other side, laced with 5 or 6 golden-brown fluffy disks of doughy joy.
  7. “...Oh.” Mumbled Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo, uncaring. He hadn’t tasted anything, bar the paper plate. And his below-pour eyesight didn’t exactly alert him they weren’t the best of the bunch.
  9. With that, the green Bat waltzed away from the counter top, and subsequently, Gecko. He sat down on their nearly shattered couch, landing with a “THUMP”, followed by several seconds of wooden frames creaking, and springs dying under sustained tension. It was a marvel it lasted this long, really. It was like a third family member. Just, one that was always buried face-first in their other family members’ asses.
  11. A few minutes pass, and Gecko finally sits down next to his green compadre, a plate full of perfectfully delicious pancakes, drenched in a Canadian’s Maple Blood. He began eating whilst the two half-mindedly flipped through channels, hearing several interesting stories along the way. Sleet in summer, Alien in a blue jumpsuit ravaging town, A Green maniac on the loose, and some missing cats. All and all, nothing superbly interesting. Eventually, Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo turned towards Gecko, and began converse.
  13. “Hey, I need you to drive me somewhere before work. It’s not to out of the way, don’t worry.” Said Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo, who knew very well that Gecko would, of course, agree.
  15. Gecko confirmed this knowledge with a quick reply, followed by another bite of his breakfast “Sure, I guess. If I may ask, where am I taking you…?” Gecko questioned, absolutely sure his roommate was schemely a dastardly deed as they spoke.
  17. “Just to a house.” Answered Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo vaguely, continuing to watch his favorite TV show, ‘CRATES’.
  19. Time passed, and they had both left the house, strapping into a dying, rusted-to-hell Pontiac that was dangerously out of date. It was stricken with terminal injuries, turning a ride on smooth roads into an Amusement Park level of turbulence. So, after seemingly driving vertically up a Climb-wall, the two had arrived at their first destination, a light blue, innocent seeming house. Quickly, strange object in hand, Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo sprinted out of the car towards the house, hearing what Gecko had just about made out to be a Pipe Bomb through the window of the unsuspecting building. He ran back as fast as he could, hopping in the Geckomobile, as his unintentional partner in crime took off.
  21. “AGAIN!? WHY AGAIN!? TELL ME FIRST, AT LEAST!” Cried Gecko, who had just realized once more he lives with a serial killer. Just before they turned off the Avenue, a loud shriek was heard, immediately cut off by a louder explosion. The voice didn’t seem attached to any particular sex, but it was certainly filled with agonizing terror. Gecko’s psychopathic companion seemed about as caring as Switzerland during any war, ever. Although, through the basic politeness he possessed, he took the time to respond to his unwilling partner in crime. So, looking over towards the decreasingly panicked driver, he spoke.
  23. “Yesterday I bought bread, remember?” Asked Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo, seemingly attempting to derail the conversation, much like a train car housing someone with a tendency to shorten names.
  25. “How is that AT ALL related to this, Edd-Wardo Decaprio Quanticimo!” Said Gecko, nervous and scared in turn. He wiped the sweat building at his brow, after nearly facing the wrath of his Roommate. While driving!
  27. The bat shot back an actual answer. “While I was checking out, this lady recognized me. She called be EDDY!” He said, clearing more aggravated as his sentence when on, gritting his teeth as the gradually shakier words vomited from his maw.
  29. Gecko let out a long winded, “Ooooooooh…” as the situation became clear to him. It was obvious, really. Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo absolutely despised being referred to in any other manner. Pronouns like ‘him’ and ‘them’ were fine. But no one should ever dare to CONSIDER abbreviating his full name. It’s all or nothing, with him. Should someone ever disrespect this policy, it would mean a swift and vicious death for the unfortunate asshole who had offended Edwardo Decaprio Quanticimo.
  31. One terrifyingly nonchalant conversation later, and the two are parked outside of their workplace. Gecko, one last time before entering the glass doors, gazed up towards the sign signifying the location’s brand.
  33. "STARCUCS"
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