Anon - Honey storage

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You accidently bump your butt against Hexferrys as the two of you clean the small storage space
  2. >Hexferry gives a squeak and then glares at you with a blush
  3. “Stop trying to feel me up!”
  4. >”I wasn’t feeling you up!”
  5. >You blush as well now and Hexferry scoffs at you and goes back to arranging the small boxes on her side
  6. >You are Moon Dust and you are not sure why Hexferry has been acting a bit weird around you lately
  7. >Hopefully you have not angered her in any way, but if that would be the case she should just say it outright instead of... whatever ahs been going on...
  8. >You glance towards eExferry and she just so happens to be doing the same thing
  9. >Your eyes meet and Hexferry quickly turns her head away
  10. “Stop ogling me you idiot!”
  11. >You turn to say something back at her but accidently pull on the belt that was connected to the shelf you were organizing
  12. >It comes down and you fall towards Hexferry
  13. >A few crashes and bangs, as well as squeaks later, you open your eyes and come face to face with Hexferry
  14. >Her eyes widen in shock as do yours and you try to get up
  15. >...only to find that you are pined down against her by all the junk that fell on you
  16. >Hexferrys face goes beet red and she starts to struggle beneath you in panic
  17. >And it soon dawns to her that you two are indeed stuck like this
  18. >Hexferry stares at you in more shock but then suddenly turns her head to the side very fast
  19. “S-stop looking at me...”
  21. >You turn your own head to the side now and stare at the wall opposite of the one which HExferry is staring at
  22. >”Y-yeah”
  23. >And then the two of you just stay still
  24. >The junk that fell on you got pinned just in the right way so it does not hurt you
  25. >”Hexferry, are you... you know, hurting?”
  26. >Hexferry stays silent for a small while
  27. “”
  28. >You feel thankful for that, even if she has been a bit annoyed at you lately you would not want her to get hurt like this
  29. >You suddenly become very aware of Hexferrys body
  30. >You can feel how her chest rises and falls with her breathing, and you can feel her soft heart beat
  31. >She’s warm... you start to blush deeper than you already were
  32. “How are we going to get free now...”
  33. >That’s a good question, this storage is at a very secluded location and the owner of it will most likely think you two went straight home if he does not see you again
  34. >”I don’t know...”
  35. >Hexferry tries to move again, but to no avail, except making you feel a bit more uncomfortable
  36. “Why must I be stuck here with you? I really d-dislike you you know...”
  37. >”I’m sorry...”
  38. “You’d better be you big idiot!”
  39. >Hexferry seems very angry
  40. >You start to feel sad now
  41. >It’s your fault this happened
  42. “B-being stuck like this with you is the worst...”
  43. >You feel a bit of moistness in your eyes
  44. “Honestly...”
  45. >Before you can help it a single deardrop slips down your cheek and falls
  46. >You feel really bad at this, Hexferry has not liked your company at all and now she’s going to be very crossed with you
  47. >Another tear falls
  48. “Moon Dust...?”
  49. >You realize you’re slightly crying
  51. >”I’m sorry Hexferry... You dislike being around me so much and I screwed up like this... I’m sorry I only annoy you!”
  52. >You try to fight against the feelings of sadness
  53. >A few more tears fall as you hold yourself back from fully crying
  54. >Suddenly you feel a pair of hooves press your head against something soft that smells good...
  55. >Hexferry is holding your head against her shoulder
  56. >”H-Hexferry?”
  57. >Hexferry says nothing and you stay there, tense and shocked
  58. >But soon enough your body relaxes and you let Hexferry hold you against her
  59. “I’m s-sorry...”
  60. >You lie there in surprise at this
  61. >”F-for what?”
  62. >There is a slight silence
  63. “F-for making you cry”
  64. >You sniff and then pull your face away from her shoulder and mane
  65. >She smells very nice...
  66. >You look at Hexferrys face
  67. >She’s blushing very hard now
  68. “I-it’s not like I hate you, actually I... sort of...”
  69. >You stare at Hexferry and wait for her to finish
  70. “N-never mind!”
  71. >And with that Hexferry looks at the wall again
  72. >You feel a bit happy now
  73. >Hexferry does not hate you
  74. >Before you can dwell any deeper on that you and Hexferry hear the door to the storage open
  75. “You young ones still here?”
  76. >The elderly mothpony who owns the general store spots the two on the floor
  77. “I see I came at a bad time, I’ll leave you two alone...”
  78. >The elderly moth starts to turn around but you and Hexferry yell for him to stay
  79. >After explaining the situation he helped you and Hexferry free
  80. >You do not know why but as Hexferry thanked the elderly mothpony she seemed like she was a bit annoyed to be saved
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