OC and Force Ability Rules

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  1. OC and Force Ability rules
  3. 1. The force acts in everybody, regardless of force sensitivity. Your OC does not *have* to be force sensitive, they can be an ace pilot or a droid or a smuggler! A politician even. A little trash can that sits in the background and beeps and boops. All of these are acceptable. Just let one of the mods give it a quick looksee if you are uncertain.
  5. 2. Powerful OCs are totally fine, but be aware of how your characters may come across. The force is powerful, but jedi aren’t superheroes. You don’t learn moves, the force isn’t a video game MP bar, don’t treat it like that (ie: Force Unleashed style feats).
  7. 3. If you are using a force ability that is not super common (such as foresight, force healing, psychometry) don’t have your character special in another rare power. OCs cannot be chosen ones or significant nexuses in the force.
  9. 4. That being said, OCs from any canon era are permitted, just be clear about the era (if not the year) they are from in your bio (ie: prequel trilogy, original trilogy, sequel, clone wars, rebels).
  11. 5. If your character, OC or Canon, has mind powers, just be courteous when writing with other played characters.
  13. 6. As far as Mandalorians are concerned, just be considerate of the era. It will be far more challenging to write a canonically accurate Mandalorian post-original trilogy. This may require your character’s history  to be vague up until the events of The Mandalorian.
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