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  1. Samaritan
  2. Belief in Others [Check/0/0-2] Support 2. After the check has resolved, you must make a madness check. If the check you supported was a failure, you make the madness check at -1, if it was a critical success, you get a +1.
  3. "Put your faith in others to be the best they can be and encourage them to do so, ignore the doubts in the back of your mind."
  5. Bless Them That Curse You [Check/1/0-1] This can only be used on an attack targeting you.
  6. Support 1.
  7. If the check is a success, the target breaks 3 parts of their choice.
  8. "You try to help everyone even those who hate you, sure that things will be made right in the end."
  10. There to Help [Rapid/2/Self] Move to the same zone as a sister. This does not count as a move maneuver.
  11. "Whenever someone is in need, you will be there. Distance is not a factor."
  13. Reassuring Soul [Auto/None/Self] Sisters in the same zone as you receive a +1 to madness and conversation checks.
  14. "Your kind presence reassures them, even if you don't do anything."
  16. Lend a Hand [Rapid/1/0] Repair two parts on a sister and break one of your own parts.
  17. "They need this more than you do."
  19. Even through Pain [Auto/None/Self] When you fail a madness check during the battle phase, you may use a support 2 on a sister's later check this round at range 0-1. This can only occur once per round.
  20. "Even when times are tough, you must strive to do good by others.
  22. Help the Down-trodden [Damage/0/0] Defend 3, as a cost for this maneuver, take one madness point. This cannot be used on yourself.
  23. "You must put your all into protecting them."
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