New year's session for 2021

Dec 15th, 2020
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  1. New year's session for 2021
  3. Required artifacts: Red crystal and silver tray
  5. Visit the temple by visualizing a greek style gazebo with pillars, walk inside and sit down by the round wooden table. You will find the inside of the temple to be bigger than the outside.
  6. If you do not have the artifacts, the silver tray can be found on the table, take one and it becomes your own copy. The red crystal can be received from Yuuka, the mascot and host of the temple.
  8. Preparation: Decide on your goals for 2021. Start with something concrete you want in your life, then translate it into a more abstract form which is easier to communicate. The goals you choose must be compatible with the values of the Sunflower.
  10. To initiate the session, place the silver tray on the table in front of you. Charge the tray with positive feelings and link to the person on your left, by passing the energy from your tray to their tray. When the circuit is formed, you will feel wind around your head.
  11. Place the red crystal on the tray. Charge the crystal until it sparkles. Now project the crystal into the middle of the table and let it merge with everyone else's crystals. They will form one large red crystal.
  12. I will then place my umbrella over the crystal and collect the energy under it. The umbrella will rise up like a hot air balloon as the energy increases.
  13. Now project your goals onto the silver tray, then from there to the large middle red crystal.
  14. Place any power artifacts of your choice on the silver tray. These will be used to power your goals. Charge the large crystal via the tray until the crystal floats up to the ceiling and disperses in all directions.
  15. The umbrella will then slowly come back down and I will take it back. The energy has been used to impose your goals onto the world. The red crystal will return to you. It's possible that something was created in the process, in this case it will appear as an artifact on your silver tray.
  16. Take back your power artifacts and put them away. Take anything that was created and activate it by using it once. Then delink and put the tray away. The session is now finished.
  18. Function: The silver tray will aid linking and focus and also work to filter out any incompatible energies or goals. The red crystal itself contains the values of the Sunflower and Gensokyo, and will in turn only accept compatible goals and energies. This results in a stronger syncing and refinement of the collective goals. The umbrella works to gather the energy of the abstracted goals and to impose this on the world system to make it reality.
  20. When to do this: Anytime before 2021. The red crystal operates outside of chronological time and you will always sync with the same session when performing these steps with intent for 2021. If you want to add something, you can revisit the session and perform the steps again, as long as it is still 2020.
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